Monday, October 29, 2007

Noble Man

Wah.. read about this article today.

“See, a king will reign in righteousness and rulers will rule with justice. Each man will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land. Then the eyes of those who see will no longer be closed, and the ears of those who hear will listen. The mind of the rash will know and understand, and the stammering tongue will be fluent and clear. No longer will the fool be called noble nor the scoundrel be highly respected. For the fool speaks folly, his mind is busy with evil: He practices ungodliness and spreads error concerning the LORD; the hungry he leaves empty and from the thirsty he withholds water. The scoundrel's methods are wicked, he makes up evil schemes to destroy the poor with lies, even when the plea of the needy is just. But the noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands.” (Isaiah 32:1-8 NIV)

An intentional man makes his purposes known. He tells you what he’s doing, and where he’s leading. He is clear about where he wants the relationship to go. When he’s not clear, when he’s not saying anything, when he’s enjoying the friendship but not moving forward – he’s not being intentional. Period.

Amen to that. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Many things happen Yesterday... we have a lot of yesterday...
summarize into only 2 categories= GOOD vs BAD

we can choose to retain that GOOD memories........
and refuse to let the BAD one affects our today. :)

As TODAY is what we have now....... :)

Give Thanks~

Just as i felt quite depressed with.... (whatever)

i suddenly remember the action i should take.

Be grateful of what you already have.

And this morning on my way to work, i start to give thanks to God...
I thank God for many things that i already have... honestly, i found it quite hard to say even a few things..but as i start to give, friendships, relationships, financial providence, life lessons, etc etc....... i found more and more to give thanks to. :)

and i realized that.... indeed, i am blessed with many talents.... And yeah, thanks to my dear to always admire and encourage me in every way............ TQ DEAR!!! :D

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wishes come true

today..want to wish myself....
May my dreams come true~~ yeah~
May my wishes come true~~ yeah~

haahhhaaah~~ Amen first:D
Last nite practising the children song........... so funny~ So nice~

Dear u also JIA YOU larr.. ok??? Think positive~~~
POSITIVE.. for all things happen for GOOD ma~~ :D

See the Swimming Pool?.. so nice to have a house by the pool and the sea.....
Teringat.. i said, i want to have a BLUE BUNGALOW by the BLUE SEA and have a BLUE JETSKI~ yeah~ kekekekekekekekek~~

Thursday, October 11, 2007

4 C


fu yo~~~.... 4C found........then........... kekekeeke...... ok nah... just ask the Lord's blessing~~~
Seek Parental Blessingss... then........... dang dang dang dang........

hhahaha~~ Dunno Y lately ppl ask me pray for LIfe partner??
mm.. So ok la.................. Lord, give me the one that is after Your heart...... Amen!! :D
And make me the one that is after your heart too......

ooo, so everybody is getting married huh?

saw my dear blog about her best friends getting married.. ooo...

kekeke~ lai, let me wish u also la..
hope u faster find the PRINCE CHARMING~~ :D

no worries ya.... As u seek, He will provide..yeah~ :D
u 2008... i 2009 la.... kekekke...
AMen first :P

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I am Amazed by You.

I am Amazed by You, Lord, for..
-your guidance through my life
-your continuous teaching to me that, words have power
-Faith really counts
-the peace i have while i am resting in your arms
-the vision you gave me
-the character building, experiences along my life

I simply amazed.....and I love You. :)