Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moon cake

Little moon cake baking with mum...

Inside is the sambal her bi... Tasts quite nice... But.. The oven suddenly.. No electric

Zzzzz... Keke.. To be continued tmr
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buy buy..

Ok.. Since my mood is down.. So.. Decided to go out shopping ... So.. Bought a skirt.. 3 cartoon shirts.... N now...went to Ace hardware.. N bought the plant diy... N seeds... Growing things cheer me up.

Check out the basil seeds... Wahhh... "banyak" lo... I screwed up the last package of seeds.. Guess there were 50+++ of them n none grow.... Now... I got only around 10seeds??..... Mmmmmm

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Monday, August 29, 2011

end aug

so it's end Aug now and it's hari raya first day.

I cleaned up the house yesterday and shifted the TV to another position, which i felt it's better now. But.... hubby just don't like the way it is because of his speaker position. :( He wanted to shift it back....haiz!!

I wanted to repaint the wall to a new color. To add some "feel" to the house. But he rejected the idea as well. :(

Sometimes, 2 persons live in 1 house, is a bit tough. U tend to need to compromise each other n end up, nothing is being done. Unless, you do it when the other person not around and persuaded him when he comes back. 先斩后奏。

My heart is constantly aching lately, which must be due to the passing away of my colleague. I still cried whenever i think of him. Our time together in Sri Lanka, in Penang, in KL, in Australia , countless emails, phone calls, conference calls. I asked for his advise last time before i shifted to this new group (well, i meant the group before i join the current project team.) He watched me grow up. He knew my plans. He said he will live passed 2012 but this is a promise he did not keep. :( I am not sure where is He now. I am not sure at the last moment has he accepted Christ. I am not sure the books we send to him and his wife bring some lights to their house. And talking about that........i hope the card which we are sending to his wife will breathe hope into her life. She must felt awfully painful in her heart. I only experienced once serious break up in my entire life and that's the first time i knew, heart can be broken and ache intensely. This pain of hers must be multiplied by millionssss compared to my pain.

I am also lately, very low motivation at work, in life, in everything i do. I don't see a reason. I don't see why. I feel that i am just dragging my time on earth, consuming what the mother earth provided, messing up the house and tidy up again, leaving carbon footprints .... I was told that i am created for a purpose. But well, i guess i am LOST. I am always lost, ain't i? I read from someone's FB message that, we need to constantly progress in order not to be stagnant. Well, i guess i am stagnant at this moment, and i do not know where to progress. Earn more $$??? Go that overseas trip??? Fight for some incentive? ................. Perhaps this happen when we focus TOO MUCH on ourselves. "WHAT CAN WE GET OUR OF LIFE?" ........... So, "WHAT CAN I GIVE OUT OF MY LIFE?".......... I am asking.............

What can i really give?
Whose life will i impact?
Who will need my cares and loves?
Who need me??

I saw an old aunty selling pen by the highway during raining hour, and i felt a compassion towards her. My heart is weak and vulnerable lately. I do not know why.

I wish to move forward with greater hope once again.
I wish to pursue dreams.
I wish to know that, i brightens up some lives.

Perhaps, i suddenly realized, i need to feel the "sense of significance".

Thursday, August 25, 2011






Wednesday, August 24, 2011

sad news

2 sad news for me today.

my Aus colleague passed away last nite. :(
I just sms him few days ago.
I just wrote him an email few days ago and wish him well.
now i have an email that will never be replied. :(
I thought he told me he will go through 2012.

2nd one.
Penang is empty.
KL is empty.
Malaysia is empty.
Emptiness hits me.

I cried all the way from somewhere Grik to Penang just now.
I do not know exactly for which reasons i cried.
I must have mixed up my emotion totally.


Sunday, August 14, 2011



Thursday, August 11, 2011




Friday, August 05, 2011


More produces at my garden.... Chevk out the widged beans, N the egg plant tree at 2july..... Now..5 aug... The egg plant tree is a proud mother of 2....
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Blue sky day

It's a beautiful day at bkt genting yestersay.... Took few pics with my customer on the way downhill...
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First mango harvest

So.. My mango tree which was planted by our previous owner...the kahwin type.. Came with 2 tiny fruits when it was around 50cm..n contributed to me liking the house... Grew to about 130cm today.. Finally flowered n gave birth to 6 mangoes... Hehe.. 1 was cutted by us when we first plucked it 2weeks ago..2 in the midst covering by my brown rice (tradiotionally believed to make mango ripen faster) .... 3.. Cutted from the tree last nite before our departure to ipoh... So... Now.. They r on the table of my in-laws.... Awaiting for the right time to cut..... Pretty sweet mango I would say..... Thanks n very proud of my mango tree mummy.
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Thursday, August 04, 2011


Tada.... Fried vege.. N steam miched meat... I think I put too many eggs... Hahaaa
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a cup of herba tea

Had quite a hectic day.... Made a nice cup of herba tea ... Yes!
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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Korean bbq...celebrating 3 months marriage... N I already got the date wrong... Hahaaaa....
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Tempek customer brought me to eat this at balik pulau market... It's coconut meat n plain flour... Quite diff with our pancake...
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Pretty tired today... Weird is I m spending a lot of time idling at fb... N listening to online music... At the bed now.... Pretty bored... I can feel the muscles r building up at my thighs... Off day for cycling today....

Tmr thurs... Time really flies.....

I sometimes feel that eventhough I m on off day... My brain is constantly searching for something to achieve... Since when I m like this...

Miss my uni time... Miss her.. Miss my navy time... Mmmmmmm...

Go to sleep!!!!
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So my neighbor's car satria got stolen last night.. I think we need to upgrade our cctv coverage n resolution..mmm...
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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Asam fish

Looks like I m progressing in spicy cooking...
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Monday, August 01, 2011


Self out pic.... My face byk meaty laaaaaa....
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