Sunday, May 29, 2011


church camp ......
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Saturday, May 28, 2011


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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dinner 26may

Hehe... Tomyam prawns.... N vege
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dinner again...

Miss the bawal emas so much.. So I went to tesco...but.. Fuyo... No small fish, but left with 1kg one.. So I bought it anyway... Rm15.15 per fish. Upon steaming... I felt it's way too big for 2 ppl consumption..(my darling ll kill me for steaming such big fish).. So... Ta da... Chop into half... Yummy... Plus some left over bitter ghaut n meat ball, I made a soup..
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Monday, May 23, 2011

My office view

So... Few pics from my current workplace.... Nature vs human technology.....
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Fried little fishes... N salted egg bitter ghaut.... Kick start new beginning!!!!
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another path

So, i went to office this morning n have f-f with my big boss and direct boss.
Well.. basically..... i was not quite listening to what big boss said.. as i only hear a thousand reasons why it's good for me to transfer to new team directly.

I said " YES".

I said "YES" to my marriage in 2010 Feb and even though things were not as smooth as i imagined, but this is a decision i have yet to regret. Haha!

So, i hope this "YES" will not bring any regrets to me... and of course i hope this "YES" will direct me closer to the path God always wanted me to go.
I am just a person who needs a little PUSH sometimes... ( just as i need someone to PUSH me down from the 3rd floor into a 5m swimming pool back in my navy time)

So.. I will be in my new team, reporting to new boss soon.

Go Go Go!!!

I contacted a few house agents just now to sell my dad's house. I am hopeful that we will get to sell out by this year. Amen!!!! " Sell Sell Sell!!!! "

I previously executing my PLAN A..... but due to some changes, i am executing my PLAN B now... Plan B is just enhancement from PLAN A, where i added a little excitement... thing which i always wanted to do........

Way to Go!!!

I saw this saying during my visit to Income Tax department the other day.
" He who would like to have something he never had, will have to do something well, that he has not done yet"

Good Saying... have certain wisdom in it and really makes me think.

20-30s ---> I ve learn quite a lot of things through out this decade of my life. From being a student to an employee. From being in a relationship to break up to entering into a relationship and got married. From production works to RND and then to customer support. From being a non christian to experience God's love and power and believe in Him wholeheartedly. I am still learning, enhancing, and constantly seeking.

I hope i will embark into a wonderful next decade of my life.


First curry fish... Cook by me.. Din quite taste the same as mum's.....
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Used to vs Now

I suddenly recalled.....

I used to believe in myself, believe that i can achieve something great..
I dream of building a city.
I dream of shaping a society.
I believe that i will bring great impact to the world in my own special way.
I used to think that i have hidden potentials....

i often feel lost.
I often have the needs to isolate myself.
I often cry in the room myself.
I feel stuck.
I feel i am not flowing in the right direction which i should be.
I am low in energy.

I need to WAKE UP.
I need to shed off the DUSTS on my shoulder and Rise UP once again.
Lately i have been feeling that something is happening in my life.
I am being shaken out of my comfort zone.
Again and again, i make it through.
I believe the same thing this time.
I will rise up Stronger.
I will run and not be weary.
I will flap my wings and fly.

:) Way to go!

May 21,2011

So there is rumour saying that May 21, 2012 is the end of world. Haiz apa lar.. i always do not believe in such thing..because i believe in Bible.
Bible mentioned clearly that NO ONE knows about the END except God himself.

Anyway... today i changed the Hyundai Santa Fe into original Ford Ranger.
And i keep driving just now.....keep driving............
in my mind, i want to go up to a mountain and sit there........ look at the world......have a talk to myself..... Have some peace of mind..........feel the nature.....reallign my direction.... Well, those were just my imaginations.. I am lying on my bed now.... Doing online test again!

So the result.... Let me see ....


温情,有同情心,反应敏捷,有责任感。非常关注别人的情绪、需要和动机。善于发现他人的潜能,并希望能帮助他们实现。能够成为个人或群体成长和进步的催化剂。忠诚,对赞美和批评都能做出积极地回应。友善、好 社交。在团体中能很好地帮助他人,并有鼓舞他人的领导能力。

ENFJ型的人热爱人类,他们认为人的感情是最重要的。而且他们很自然地关心别人,以热情的态度对待生命,感受与个人相关的所有事物。由于他们很理想化,按照自己的价值观生活,因此ENFJ型的人对于他们所尊重和敬 佩的人、事业和机构非常忠诚。他们精力充沛、满腔热情、富有责任感、勤勤勤恳恳、锲而不舍。 ENFJ型的人具有自我批评的自然倾向。然而,他们对他人的情感具有责任心,所以ENFJ型的人很少在公共场合批评人。他们 敏锐地意识到什么是(或不是)合适的行为。他们彬彬有礼、富有魅力、讨人喜欢、深谙社会。ENFJ型的人具有平和的性格与忍耐力,他们长于外交,擅长在自己的周围激发幽默感。他们是天然的领导者,受人欢迎而有魅 力。他们常常得利于自己口头表达的天份,愿意成为出色的传播工作者。 ENFJ型的人在自已对情况感受的基础上做决定,而不是基于事实本身。他们对显而易见的事物之外的可能性,以及这些可能性以怎样的方式影响他人 感兴趣。 ENFJ型的人天生具有条理性,他们喜欢一种有安排的世界,并且希望别人也是如此。即使其他人正在做决定,他们还是喜欢把问题解决了。 ENFJ型的人富有同情心和理解力,愿意培养和支持他人。他们能很好地 理解别人,有责任感和关心他人。由于他们是理想主义者,因此他们通常能看到别人身上的优点。



· 人力资源培训主任
· 销售经理
· 小企业经理
· 程序设计员
· 生态旅游业专家
· 广告客户经理
· 公关专业人士
· 协调人
· 交流总裁
· 作家/记者
· 非营利机构总裁
· 杂志编辑
· 电视制片人
· 市场专员
· 社会工作者
· 人力资源管理
· 职业指导顾问
· 心理咨询工作者
· 大学教师(人文学科类)
· 教育学、心理学研究人员
· 撰稿人
· 节目主持人(新闻、采访类)
· 公共关系专家
· 社会活动家
· 文艺工作者
· 平面设计师
· 画家
· 音乐家

wah wah, say til i am so good........

i am basically just seeking a career direction in my life.
I previously executing Plan A, but now due to something which about to happen, i am shifting to Plan B............... gogogogogogoog!!! This tests give me some idea which area i should involved in...... Interesting....Interesting............ Seems like it suggests me to follow exactly the end of my Plan A and Plan B..... i just wonder............


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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心情不好.。。。 非常的坏。

今天, 我妈上facebook了。。
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Fried left over rice with long beans.. Hubby said feels like eating long bean rice... It is ma... Apa larr.. Then he bought leeks n salmon... So.. Ta da... Tonight's dinner.

Salmon rm10
Leek 2+
Long bean 3
Chic thigh 2+
Total.. Around rm18

Good. Cooking increases my creATivity... N reduces my ' blueness'
Way to go.... My bike has been tuned.. N the stem has been shorten.. Good to go... Waiting for har's bike.... Then we can 游街together!!
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

New babe

Keke.... My hubby bought a bike for me last night!! 2nd hand.. Close to brand new. The seller decided to focus on his mtb... So.. Tada!! The bike is mine now...triathlon gogogo
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Friday, May 13, 2011


今天。。ABC soup n fried eggs with otak2 vege from garden.
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

我, 就只是这样过一生吗?
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Fried tom yam bihun

Keke.. So today I fried tom yam bi hun....

Bi hun around 50sen
Cabbage rm1
Dried prawn rm1
Bawang..few sen
Mackarel fish (half bottle)around rm2
Altogether RM 4.50 for 2 ppl...

Jimat.. Healthy... N yet.. Yummy!!! Self praise..haha..

我必须存钱!!! 加油吧
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day3 extended

So.. I suddenly decided to continue...
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A bit lazy today..went tesco for shopping ... So , here's my work. To be continued....
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Dinner 3

Ok.. Today had a fight with both immediate n big boss... I felt that I m independent enough to work on the issue myself but they keep wanna interupt n giv me direction n expect me to follow.... I just completely pissed off.......!! N oh no... Tmr I "earned" a one to one talk with my immediate boss... 自己找来的。。。。。

nvm... Suppose to talk bout dinner I cook. Oh yes.. Today my ex's wife giv bitrth to a bb girl...

Ok.. Dinner.. I forget to take picture... Maybe due to I onlycook some left over stuffs I bought.

1.fried rice
-Left over rice
-4eggs (2mix into rice, 2fried)
-a bit of ikan bilis

2. Stir fry cucumber n minched meat
-minched meat..half packet fr yesterday

Mmmm.altogeter this dinner for 2 is.around..RM5?

Pretty cheap... N I love simple cooking.. My hubby no choice but I forced him to eat n say nice thing.. Hahaaa
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Continue my craft due to no cg.. Keke
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Dinner again

Hahaa... So I cook dinner again... Alamak.. Tou fu broken to 2 when I try to tuang out from the container...minched meat tou fu n fry wedged bean with ikan bilis n egg... Now I curi makan first coz my darling late....he mau pack curry lagi..
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Monday, May 09, 2011

Little project

Soon. A little cabinet is out....
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Hehe... So.. Inspire by my mum's cooking.... Today I cook dinner for my darling...
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