Sunday, September 27, 2009

mm, at least something done

So went to charity run this morning.. around 7km.. i suspect i run around 40+mins... only the first 500 got medal... and haha!! i DID NOT get it..zzz

i was walking n running on the way back.. Glad that my darling ran also! :D so supportive.. heeh

After Run. I have a list of things to do:
1.) CHeck out the medical check up + PAP SMEAR package...--> apa lar, close shop..zz
2.) Fix my clock --> Yeah!! RM18, got it fix!! 3 months waranty!
3.) My hair dryer--> ish! dunno Y.......... suddenly smoke just come out...-> pending for darling to fix for me.
4.) Wisdom tooth--> went Xray my wisdom tooth, Doc said if it is causing trouble, and always pain, it is best that i pluck it off.. due to my tooth grow at the very end of my jaw.. and block by the bone.. i need to go through a minor operation.. migth cost at least RM400.... sob!! $$$$$$$$$$... not so much about the money though.. but are you sure, you are paying to SUFFER? arr!! i need to prepare my heart for this!!!
5.) Clean up my living room--> got the curtain hang up!! yeah!! NICE

Then we went to watch the Ugly Truth.. ahah! quite a funny show.

n went to SAKAE!! wow.. RM66.. sometimes, i think, things are getting more n more expensive out there... wahseh.. RM66 may be i can buy 3KG prawns and eat already... still left with some $$..haaha..

anyway! great weekend. :D Hope my cough faster recover........................................

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hair Cut

Finally, I GOT A HAIR CUT!!

CUT OFF my SAMSENG-alike hair......... !!

yeah!! back to short nice shoulder length... :D

Cleaning the MESS>..

Wanted to clean up my room today..... ( not so messy la.. ahaha)...
Just want to fold the shirts...

and i started with getting rid of the old clothes in the living room...........
then.. as i clean up the old clothes.. i might as well clean up the living room..the "rubbish" beside the refrigerator.. separated out those belong to my sis and mine... (it's been 1 year i pend this aside... still yet to move all her stuffs for her...) SISTER< please give me ur troley!!!...

and.. i took off the curtains for wash..... hahaa, 5 years staying in this house.. this is the 2nd time i wash the curtains.. ahaha, of course, the curtains only washed by me so far..... ahhaa.. IMAGINE the DUST!!!!...........

and i wipe the table.... rearrange the kitchen utensils.....

WOW~~ now, everything is nice.. at least better than before!! :D

Lesson learned: JUST DO IT!!!!!................. Don't postpone... drag... !!

Yet To do by this year:
1.) Medical Check up.. especially the ladies one..grrr!!! i dreaded this..!!
2.) my wisdom tooth......---> check again see if need to pluck off... :(
3.) Car --> paint my car's top, change my meter, change my dashboard, change the suspension ( wow, $$$$$ )
4.) Repair my heater --> $$$ again.

Go go Go!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cough Cough Cough

I been having bad cough lately...

Started with sore throat..
then...cough a little, fever a little...flu a little

Quickly went to see chinese doctor which i used to recover quite fast after eating the medicine..
eee! medicine finished........... cough still there.

then i lost my voice...

and my mum bought me another chinese medicine which also i used to eat and recover pretty fast... weird.. almost finish the medicine, no effect. :(

My phlegm is still in green color today.

So i went to Clinic today............ Doc gave me a quite strong medicine......

#%#% and.. i am quite dizzy now............. duh~~~

Hopefully.. i can recover soon. Amen~~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Growing Up

I realized.... growing up is not a really fun thing as i thought it would be....

Been through different heartaches...
different obstacles in life...
different encounters...
different lessons we have learned..

As i look back.. i missed the Q2-Q3 2006 i guess..
those fun time..
first flight to Hong Kong alone..
first time i got myself a tanned skin..
first time i pierced my ears..
first time i got my eye brow trimmed..
first time i got my OWD license...
first time i felt appreciated & respected by a great friend..
first time i really let go of my old self and regained confident..
everything was so exciting for me during that time...

i missed those time..
i missed those people i spent my time with...
Great is i took a lot of pictures.. :) and i gotta see all of them tonight.

:) Yess!!! i need to treasure my time now.. because, i know, 1 day, i will miss 2009...... :)


-i need forgiveness for making mistakes too...

-i need a pad on the shoulder, an encouragement "you can do it too"...

-i need attention too..

-i just need to know that i am greatly loved.

- i just need some time to forgive someone completely.

- i just need to breakthrough.


so i am sick....

and today, i think i disappoint some ppl...
1.) those friends from KL....
i told them i gonna go eat with them.. but i think i just cannot....
hardly talk.. could not eat anything beside "cheng cheng" one....
they asked me for hiking up Penang Hill too... ar? how could i do that?

2.) SBW
my aiyah tai lou.... he arranged a training for me.. but i ffk him last min.

arh! i think this sickness comes at a very bad timing. :(

SORRY SORRY SORRY...............
SORRY everyone!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a day started with....

I woke up on 4:15am yesterday.
Anticipated to watch Roger Federer, how will he beats Del Potro (someone who beat Nadal 6-2, 6-2, 6-2) on the semifinal.
8:30am....I was stunned.
My beloved-Roger Federer was beaten too. 6-3, 6-7, 6-4, 6-7, 2-6... :(
Heavy hearten, i went to office, rewinding the double fault on the fourth set tie breaker..."he should have scored.... why........"
I was upset.
I then felt misunderstood by some people.
I then explained.
I then felt rejected.
I then felt bad.
I then had bad sore throat.
and i drove back... broken.

After 2 cups of lime + honey..
After 1 cup of panadol soluble...
I, forced myself into the bed at 8pm.
My heart was broken, repeatedly thinking of the discussion over the lunch time in the afternoon, the sense of rejection, the many disappointment i felt.. the Roger Federer-should-not-have-lost emotion............

I then came across a book on my book shelf... "Porridge for the Believer- Reggie Lee".
I remembered whom i have trusted.
I remembered His love.
I remembered His promises of never leave me nor forsake me.
I then flipped the book.

Chapter 22: Gossip, Presumptuousness & Taking Offence.
Gossips- taking things negative about another person, spreading information about another without approval. It is the art of saying "nothing" in a way that leaves "nothing unsaid". Gossip is that which no ones claims to like but which everybody enjoy.
( i was stunned....... I was being convicted... )

Esclesiates 7:21,22
Also do no take to heart everything people say,
Lest you hear your servant cursing you.
For many times, also, your own heart has known
That even you have cursed others.
(how true....... i had took what others said into my heart...... and i knew too that i have cursed others too.... )

-This is a real killer, big time and small time. One cannot count the damage it can do and most of the time we are not aware we are presumptuous in things very small but it can still cause major problems. Consider the following true incidents:
a.) During WWII, the Americans were warned about impending Japanese Invasion. They presumed that the Jepanese couldn't fly from Japan and bomb Pearl Harbour. That moment of error caused many American lives and a place in history.

b.) A helpful man who used to give lifts to Christians including some women was sighted by some nosy people who instead of checking out, reported it to his wife and had the relationship of this couple been not strong, it would have easily caused problems.

c.) At face value, sometimes you can form an opinion of a person without knowing him/her. Based on these presumptions, we behave accordingly to our "beliefs". If the presumptions are negative, a bad mental picture of the person is formed. Unless, you are willing to put aside the mental picture and make the move to know him, this can continue for years and the moment any controversy arises, you will be too quick to judge.

Taking Offence
A pastor might preach a message "hurtful" to your ears, a tactless person might say something that might hit you below the belt or it is just a misunderstanding sometimes of wrong choice of words and you have taken offence. Many people I know, left church over such trivial matters like pastors preaching too much on tithes and offerings, taking offence can cause a relationship to grow cold too if you refuse to communicate with the offenders.

Anything you hear that is not pleasing to your ears can dwell in your thoughts. (yes, i completely agreed)
Forgiveness is a key word to erase it while your maturity in CHrist can see it as a small graze that does you no harm. ( FORGIVENESS............ a conviction once again!! )

I was convicted for being presumptuous, gossips and taking offence.
That day, I learned FORGIVENESS before i sleep.

Monday, September 14, 2009


MIX of emotion...

happy that Nadal was defeated last night...
Happy that Federer got through...
not happy with the final time today...>4am....
not happy with the 2things happened last week..#$%#$#$^^#!#$!$@%#@%#$.... can't pretend to be happy... can i? zzz!!! grrrrrrrrr
Happy to catch up with aw...
Happy that Cllister won the women single..US open 2009.. ! great mother!!
Not happy that CGL leaving me to another CG.... zzzzz........
Not happy that keep having dizziness this week...
Happy that i got some biscuits from taiwan from boss...

mmm, a mixture of 2 diff emotions.......

I NEED ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Easy escape?

I been learning a lot from some trials.. and i notice that the longer u r in that trial, the stronger faith you will developed.

I always remember this verse in the bible:

James 1: 2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

I just pray that my closed one will learn about this. That is why, i am praying for a wise decision and problem handling.

God please guide me.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


My heart is troubled.
I hardly smile today. so i went to church.

Church message by Pr Isaac taught me about this..
Hebrew:11:13All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance. And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth

They did not receive the things promised... mmm... It reminds us again that His thought is always highest than ours.

I am seeking a direction from Him.
I am seeking help.
I often feel disappointed with some people.
I seems to be stronger this time, and i know the steps to take better than last time...

Disappointments only reminds me that i need to learn something out from it.
Heartache only make me a stronger person next time.
Negligence from others helps me to reflect and be self-aware...
Challenges only equipped me with better survival skills...
after i am hit down by circumstances, i will only cry for a while, pray and continue on my journey..
I will not blame, but to take the next steps to handle the situation thrown to me.
I desire to fight the enemy and to walk in His path..

mm, looking at the situation this time, i just realized, i have grown, haven't I?

Praise God.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


can i make it for 80laps swim later?

i need more adrenalin..!!!!

go go go...

Sambal-korean mee Revision 2

mm, so since moonie is a small eater... i have some left over from the other day after our meeting.

and today~~ mmm... it's time for me to upgrade it... and ta da!!! Here's the pic!!
(added potato, eggs..and more prawnsss..of course)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Meeting with Moonie...

hehee.. so after moonie disappear from M... something is missing la for me...
like when i got something to share.. ar, not sure who to IM to...

and yeah, today finally met up with moonie.. ehhee...
and i expressed my "experience" to her..
i told her my frustrations...
i cooked for her.. the belacan-korean mee... with prawn..hahaa.. (err... surprisingly... turn out quite ok lar.. at least still can be eaten.. :P )
and i baked baby potatoes for her.... with my long-abandon oven.

mmmm... moonie~ wish you a new journey in your career life !! :D

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

another Federer nightsssss.....

so the US open 2009 is here!!

:D due to the US time and also my house do not have ASTRO ...of course not even the 816 LIVE channel... zzz...i am separated from my beloved Roger Federer... mmm..

of course my love towards him remains!!!!

Federer is the best... Go for your 16th Slams title! yeah~~ :D
Sky is the ONLY limit... yeah babe.. :D

go go go! my coolest player!


I always being reminded of the word "consistency"...

and now.. from "consistency".. to .."what have you done in 1 day?"

What is your future 3days plans?
What is it that keep going through your mind again and again?
What do you picture yourself as?


I am still feeling happy for something today.. :)
I felt great !


Tuesday, September 01, 2009


**read this from a forwarded email..found that it is very meaningful~

「妳是白癡呀!明明寫買一? e一,妳還只拿一個。」更狠的還有:
「妹妹,今天怎麼只有! 妳一個人?」我問。

是嗎?小小年紀居然可以這麼豁達,真是不可? 鞂部A




不料她卻對我說: 「可是我現在只想吃一支就好,另外一支就送給別人好了。」說完對我揮揮手便走了。




Home Cook

Just used around RM34 to purchase the following items... ahha, so hot for home cook!!

hot dog... vitagen(less sugar), sushi (eaten!! so not in picture), dragon fruits x 2, garlic paste, sambal belacan paste, onions.... hehehe~~

*baby potatoes was in the first purchase...

And the other day "happening" purchase the black pepper xxx( not sure how to describe).. where you can just rotate the bottle and get some coarse black pepper as end product..hmmm...

and of course! Some Quick Cook penne!! My Favourite!!
oh! and with some king prawns too!! hehehe~~

So how many meals i can cook here?? mmmmmm........................


mmm.. a day with the instructor remember ONLY my name for half of the day...... (wah, quite special feeling right? ) haahahha attention-seeker i am!! :P

a day with me having light headache....
a day where my explanation seems tak boleh jalan.....
a day with me tired learning CCNA..... ping here and there.. telnet here and there....
a day with me checking my balance sheet and found that....... eeeee.... even though i seems like negative negative monthly.. but yet.. it seems that my total saving> planned saving?? ( wow...)

a day with my friends called up and businesses?? double businesses?

mmm, anyway~~ what i simply want to say is..............

God is always faithful and awesome!!! muakssss!!!!