Monday, August 25, 2008


oo, so the annoucement goes out finally.......

"she is leaving the group in coming sept"

:) ehehehe~~
Yeah~~ Let's hope for the best.....

too many news rx today...............
break up lar..resignation... etc..
mmm.....hope all gonna be fine...

Friday, August 22, 2008

good site with plentiful of information :) enjoy

love quiz

mm, run through this webpage.. a good reflection of your love towards your partner.

wah the author score so high..
i only score total: 2084. Avg= 63.2... hahahaa......
wayyyy too much to improve........

Thursday, August 21, 2008

as i read further

i think she got quite a good blog too.

:) enjoy

Adversity Quotient AQ

Had a performance review with boss yesterday, and one question he asked.
"Where do you think you are now compare to last year?"

mmm, a good reflection to make.

I was not quite in a happy mood lately. Weird.. and i received the pdf article from KE about AQ.
And today, i take a look at it. some surfing on the internet.. and i found this..
the things she mentioned inside were so right.. especially about the summits, quitter/camper/climber.. I echoed with her when she mentioned about the feeling she got after successfuly conquered a mountain. especially tough one...

I need to remind myself to be like a climber...


find it hard to adjust.........
find it hard to accept..............
find it hard to not compare...
find it hard to decide.........


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wah.. Andrew is married! surf the facebook~...............
Noel's bro is married ady!
Hidup Navy! :D hehehee~
noel standing beside andrew.. hehe
wah, carrying his bride..not bad.hehe

the two "f"ing faces in NAVY.. hahahaha................... still remember they got scolded last time in navy... ahhahaa...

"F''ing faces... same like ur bro.. hahaha~ .......duh~~both also blur blur one.. Noel's marriage is also coming soon~~ saw his proposal to his gf the other day.. ehhee.. wah.. everybody is getting married now.. the next generation of Navy is coming soon.. hahaa


1.) My Mood: as if whole earth owe me $$.... >:/
2.) Why:
a. combination of emotions, rejections, sarcasism
b. lack of focus.. do not know what to do anymore after seeing phelps got the 8 golds..
c. low motivation at work
3.) Happy thing?
a. -> this is a super cook mum.... hahaa, nice blog about food!
b. yeah..leaving soon................ hahahaha~~ still celebrating...
c. thinking to take leave next coming friday... hahaa.. just to go for haircut/watever

due to the apple crumble (nicely baked by my CG member...)... i am skipping lunch again.. hahaha~ too full~

arrr............the Marathon is coming Nov 16..
87days to go......... and i ... hahaah..pathetically.......can only run 1KM... zzzz....
and i am 80% signing up for 25KM??!
hahaa........ ok lar, wat the heck...since i want to test out my shoe's it's the time :D

Except the michael phelps swimming week............. now.. i am in COUNTING down week......... haha, complicated mix feeling ~ ar..

dad said a day before yesterday, the flash flood kinda flood the front porch of my new house.. arr? hahaa~~

arr..whatever.. counting down the "BreakUp" day... yeah... finally move on to new group.. hahahaahahaa~~ Pursuit of Happiness......... YEAH~~~

little thing before the Feast at CG

hahaa, so we got a feast at CG last nite..

something happened to me!! ishh..
i rush back from work.. then..
chopped garlic.... sliced the button mushroom.... cracked some eggs into a bowl.... add chili powder.. then fried the garlic til crispy... add in button mushroom.... fried til a bit crispy... and add in eggs.. fried.. add in peanuts.... add in raisin..............WOW............yummy~~ smell GREAT! :D
tested a bit.. yummy~~

OK..! I am set to go to the CG with my specially made eggs for birthday celebration...

walked near my car...............

#$%#%#%#^$^#$@$@$.......................... i slipped the container off my hand.................

"........................" a moment of......... SILENT.. hahahahaa........
90% gone on the floor........... hahha................gua gua gua.............
So i picked the container up...... called my CGL... haha, and he asked me to get satay instead...:D

and there i go.. finished up the 10% left.. haha~

what a ... $^%$^%..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ryan Lochte

I think i quite like Ryan Lochte too.. I like his smile..
and from certain angle, he looks a bit like my friend.(ha, just a bit from side way)
anyway.. they are both swimmers.. :D cool~
Swimming World is exciting


And there you go, yesterday in the staff's meeting, my big boss annouce my leaving to the managers and technical staffs.

He asked" so what are you going to do?"
i said.."dunno".....

I am merely speechless. I think, when i have decided to end a relationship, there's nothing much that i want to say anymore. I can choose to bad mouth, i can choose to rationalize, i can choose to do a lot of things..... but, strengthless, i just choose to be silent, and counting the days.

I cried on the way of driving home..while i am reminded of the song...
"when the oceans rise and thunder roars, i will soar with you above the storms... "
I cried. I was reminded of my last breakup... where i cried many days amazed at, no matter how i have wronged God, He still loves me and guided me..through out all.
And i thought......... "Yupe, i guess human only improve by love... changed by love... "

my immediate boss choose to annouce it coming monday. He withdrew the annoucement which suppose to happen last week (which i am not very agreeable on his reason).. ( my heart: $#%#$%#$$@#$@$@##%$#%)... I am giving up.

Silent-- A moment when we choose to give up.
Silent-- A choice to take when all you got to say is just something hurtful
Silent-- When saying much won't help anymore..
Silent-- A moment for self reflection.

And, i am choosing to be SILENT.

face of achievement after you try your very best

Phelps screaming for his victory after winning by only 0.01s in 100m Butterfly!
hahaa, my heart stopped by 0.01s too.....

Pics which i love..

Sunday, August 17, 2008


gan chiong... hahaa.. i think the whole world is nervous for him too.... if he make his 8.. yeah..and he did it!! yahoOoooooooooooo....................
haha young phelps...

So it's Over.. Records are set... Medals were taken..

:D it was an incredible weekend for me.
Phelps won total 8 golds, 7 World Record + 1 Olympic Records. :)

Just do a google search and the news is everywhere.. :D

it started with amazement over his achievement..
and then.. as usual...
comparing him with spitz... by no of medals..reason of water that makes him swim faster... swim suit technology..etc etc..........

i just got fed up with all these.. comparison.........

Can't we just be happy with someone else achievement and congratulates them?
....................... speechless.............................

I hate those who like to comment and don't really achieve anything.... :$
I hate those who put down others' achievements, where they don't even dare to try/ not even qualified to do so......

haha.. HATE................................ya.. HATE!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bob Bowman-Phelps's coach
mm, well, i am still in this phelps's obsession...

I truly believe for every great athlete, there will be a GREAT coach behind them.
And i guess i am right.

Q. How about Bob Bowman, your coach. Could you have done this without him?:
MP: "No. I've said this all along. I don't think I would be where I am today with any other coach. From the intelligence - he's so intelligent in the sport, and he cares so much about every one of his athletes. He's very thorough. It's in every aspect. If I'm feeling the slightest bit injured or a pain or something, he says check it out. He's always on top of things. I'm fortunate enough to have a coach like him who is always there by my side through anything. We've been through a lot the last four years. He's still there and we're going to work together for the next four."

choose the Words wisely

mmm, this morning i also had a conviction suddenly... that i need to learn to filter the words i speak...

some words are better left unsaid...
honesty sometimes create a wound that is so deep and it leaves scars...

mmm...... hope i be able to control my tongue..
learn to see the joy i get from keeping silent.

Must pray for this.. amen amen,


This was such a heart-stopping relay final that i have ever watched!

Bravo, American Team!

Phelps 4th and 5th..

So, he got his 4th and 5th gold with world records.. wow...........
3 more to go.....and i will be praying for him. :)
I just felt we need excellent sport achievement to be set as a legendary then a lot of people will upgrade into that level..... mm..

and i gotta read this......... wow, this is from the invisible background thing.. mm.. the life of phelps.

Some highlights to remind myself to learn from him:
1.) -His ability to focus and refusal to acknowledge exhaustion are legendary. "He starts doing everything really precise," says teammate Erik Vendt, "and that just builds up until the event."

-Even Phelps battled mood swings in Athens, once bickering with Bowman about how quickly he needed to board the shuttle to the pool. Later, after he won gold, Phelps was so overwhelmed that Bowman had to drag him to the warmdown pool. No matter how experienced Phelps may be, he still can be overwhelmed by the mental stimulation of the Olympics.
(i personally felt he has a very good coach.)
2.) In Athens, Bowman didn't sleep the night before the 100 butterfly, worried the frenzy had caught up with his star. It seems the media onslaught, the wait for the shuttle and a random drug test forced him off his schedule. But Phelps won anyway, even after trailing with 25 meters left. Others become distracted when their routines are thrown off. Concentration blown, they race opponents or fear or expectations. Phelps' greatest gift is his ability to compartmentalize, to focus on what he's doing and race only himself.
(this is something that i wish i could have done better each time. I find it hard to separate emotion to things i should focus. When i break up, i screw up in my work too... when i am unhappy, my work sucks, my relationship sucks... everythiing gone down to drain..errr....... Focus, Compartmentalize. mmm.. and race only myself)

3.) He loves doubt. Craves it. Phelps scours newspapers for challenges he can cut out and paste on his wall. Before Athens, he hung a poster of Ian Crocker above his bed so he could stare into his rival's eyes every night. When retired Aussie legend Ian Thorpe said he didn't think anyone could win eight races at a single Olympics, Phelps memorized the quote to motivate him for Beijing. His target times for these Games are scribbled on a piece of paper that he won't show even his mom. "I want to do something that's never been done," he says. "That's what's on that paper."
(mm, i am giving this a thought, write down the things you want to achieve in a paper and just keep it to yourself.I agree at times that if we shared, we will tend to get support.. however, there are times too that it is better to just to keep to ourselves.. mmm, a lot of cold blanket out there... READy to kill your dreams..... put on the armor! )

4.)Phelps will make errors. During trials, he took a double breath in one race, had a substandard turn in a second and struggled through the first lap in a third. But he won anyway. That's the thing about Phelps: He always finds a way to touch first. In the past four years, he's won every major race except the 200 free in Athens, where he finished third to Ian Thorpe. In 2007, he broke Thorpe's world record. Bowman likes to quote a saying: "When the time to perform has come, time to prepare has passed." And nobody prepares like Phelps.

:) Must learn the good things from him. :)
Pray he will win all the 8 golds. :D Legendary Swimmer!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Love of a Champion's Mum

hha, i wonder if i will become one too.. :P hahahaa



I am checking the olympics swimming 4X200m freestyle relay tonight and i don't see Phelps name....weird?? !

And i gotta learn this from the news..

"Phelps said his strategy in this race was to get out early into open water, where his competition couldn't see him as easily.
"Being in Lane 6, I knew the guys in the middle of the pool would have a hard time seeing me, so I wanted to jump out in the first 100 to 150 and gain enough ground to hang on," Phelps said."

no wonder he did so badly in the heats... but suddenly a body length ahead of the 1st runner up in the final................... ooooooooOOooooo

Monday, August 11, 2008


i had a conviction today and i asked for some prayers...

so that i can overcome it..
to be able to win the race that God wants me to run...
and to make Him smile. :)

Phelps wins gold in Men's 200m Freestyle with new world record time

3rd Gold Medal for Phelps!! :D
I was bugging SK this morning to check if there's TV on at his office...
yess! And.. quietly.. i watched.....Michael Phelps... Gracefully pace towards the 3rd Gold Medal.. !! :D

"The Men's 200m Freestyle final was held at the National Aquatics Center on day four of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 12, 2008 in Beijing, China. Michael Phelps of the United States finished the race in first place in a time of 1:42.96 to win the gold medal, setting a new world record in the process. Park Tae-hwan of Republic of Korea won the silver medal. The bronze medal went to American Peter Vanderkaay."

True TeamWork

A story from Daily Bread about SPORT.....

True Teamwork
They [train] to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable crown. —1 Corinthians 9:25
Sports brings out the best and the worst in people. The news media often focus on the worst. Those who comfort players with “It’s not whether you win or lose that counts; it’s how you play the game” seldom make world news. But once in a while they do.After a baseball team from Georgia defeated a team from Japan in the Little League World Series, one reporter wrote: “The boys from Warner Robins left a lasting impression of their inner character for the world to see. They proved again, it’s not whether you win or lose that counts. It is, how you play the game.” ( and it makes me think of Roger Federer..)

When the losing players broke down in tears, the winning team members stopped their victory celebration to console them. “I just hated to see them cry,” said pitcher Kendall Scott, “and I just wanted to let them know that I care.” Some referred to the moment as “sportsmanship at its best.”

It was indeed heartwarming, but it points out that sports—even at its best—is an imperfect metaphor for Christianity. In sports, someone always loses. But when someone is won to Christ, the only loser is Satan.For Christians, true teamwork is not about defeating opponents; it’s about recruiting them to join our team (1 Cor. 9:19-22). — Julie Ackerman Link

Lord, too often I view as my enemies those who don’t know You. Help me love them as You love them. Help me gently share Your truth with them. Help me see them as part of Your great mission field. Amen.
Tact is the knack of winning a point without making an enemy

the date has been FINALize now...

mmm........... so, I am moving to my 3rd job................ finally~~~

after so much considerations, so much much attempts through out the past years.....
i could not believe.......... it's so easy..."you are accepted and the date is...xxxxxx".... I am finally leaving the group........
journey into a new hope to search for my once lost passion......
the passion to build big things.... to travel around... to meet different commision projects...

mm, the question of the RIGHT RACE keep running through my mind...........
Am i on the right track???

Man in the Mirror

mmm.. i am 4 chapters through the book for men.. "Man in the Mirror". Heard many friends said this is a good book for men... Curious..... i decided to take a glance... mmm.......

So in the first 4 chapters.. what makes me remember is the question where we should be asking ourselves..

"Are we running the right race?.. are we running in the race where we will complete our mission on earth OR are we running in a race where we will never be satisfy?"

it made me recalled...............
the time when my salary were 2k.. wow.. that's a lot to me, man!!
but now.. i guess it is not enough anymore....
the time when i first had my car from my's superb!! i can drive around finally!!
but now.. it seems that i am eyeing on new car....
the time when i was just a test it was really cool to be engineer!!!
but now............ yucks.... depression on monday...... dragging my feet to work......

mmm, i am asking myself............... Am i running the right Race?
mmm, i need to adjust definitely...


i think i am totally obsessed with Michael Phelps...
Keep thinking of him... when is his next race... will he win?
how he do in the race?
etc etc......

So his today's schedule...
10:16 Men's 200m Freestyle Final
11:10 Men's 200m Butterfly Semifinal 2
20:03 Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay - Heat 2

ha, hopefully can catch first 2 matches in office...~~ And most important... May Phelps win the 200m Freestyle Final~~!! Go for World Record, Phelps!!! Yeah~~

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not Forgetting..............

My favourite... Roger Federer!!!!!!!!!!

Date of Birth:
Aug 8 1981
Height(cm/ft in):
185cm / 6'1"
80 kg / 176 lbs
Place of Birth:
Basel (Switzerland)
Oberwil (Switzerland)
Men's Doubles Men's Singles

Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice (Australia) celebrates winning Women's 400m Individual Medley

Date of Birth:
Jun 17 1988
Height(cm/ft in):
176cm / 5'9"
67 kg / 148 lbs
Place of Birth:
Brisbane (Australia)
Brisbane (Australia)

Hehehe.. this is another Leng Lui that i like.. hehe~~


My weekend was spent with Phelps.. ( On TV, of course)..

Purposely set my alarm clock at 10am sunday Morning to watch Phelps won his 1st Gold was proven to be WORTHY.

My heart was beating abnormally fast, i was trembling.....

the news reported..

"Every Games has its man, or woman. With due respect to the archers, shooters and beach volleyball babes, Phelps is circling in a different orbit, a global player obliterating substantial opponents in a sport of significance.
His world-record swim in the 400 metres individual medley front of George W Bush and the president's extended family, well briefed if nothing else, was another emphatic demonstration of his preternatural affinity with H2O. Phelps does not need testing for drugs but an outboard motor. " (hhaaa..)

"As the American anthem echoed around the arena before its abrupt end Phelps licked nervously at his lips. A glimpse of mother Debbie and his sister in the stand moistened his eyes. The presence of the President, the love of whom is unconditional, added to the emotional count. "

yep yep!!.. i almost broke into tears too........

4 X 100m Individial Medley --> YES! GOLD for Phelps! With a World Record : 4:03.84 (Formal WR=4:05.25 set by himself)

4 x 100m freestyle relay (Monday, 4.30am) --> YES!GOLD for Phelps! With a World Record : 3:08.24 (Formal WR=3:12.23--> 4 s Faster!!! WOW...................... i was shouting in the office!!! so as Phelps... He was shouting!!!!! Yelling his best!!)

200m freestyle (Tuesday, 3am)

200m butterfly (Wednesday, 3.15)

4 x 200m freestyle relay (Wednesday, 4.15)

200m medley (Friday 3.45am)

100m butterfly (Saturday, 3am)

4 x 100m medley relay (Sunday, 3.50am)

1.) News on His 1st Gold

(BEIJING, August 10) -- Michael Phelps (USA) made a blistering start to his quest to win eight gold medals at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at the National Aquatics Center on Sunday when the 23-year-old smashed the world record in winning the Men's 400m Individual Medley.
Phelps was the defending Olympic champion, world record holder and world champion going into the event, and had everything to lose with determined Hungarian Laszlo Cseh and Ryan Lochte (USA) chasing him home.
Phelps broke his own world record by a massive 1.41 seconds finishing in a time of 4min 03.84sec.
Phelps took the field out fast and was always well in front of world record pace. Cseh and Lochte were able to cut Phelps' lead momentarily during the backstroke and breaststroke legs, but Phelps increased his advantage on the final freestyle leg.
The fastest qualifier from the heats, Phelps defended his Athens 2004 title in style in his first event of a busy program in Beijing. This comprehensive victory will send shivers through the rest of his competitors due to swim against him in the coming days.
Cseh swam a great last freestyle leg to win the silver medal in a European Record 4:06.16, relegating Lochte to the bronze medal in 4:08.09.
Lochte, the Silver medalist from the 2007 world championships, will be bitterly disappointed that he not only was unable to challenge Phelps but dropped to third behind the Hungarian.
It is the perfect start for Phelps, the man known as the 'Baltimore Bullet', as he aims for a perfect eight Gold medals to break Mark Spitz's (USA) record of seven gold medals at a summer Olympic Games.

2.) News on His 2nd Gold

"(BEIJING, August 11) -- Michael Phelps, with teammates Garrett Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones, and Jason Lezak took the gold medal in the Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay and smashed the world record for the second time in a row.
The team's winning time of 3:08.24 replaces yesterday's prelim record of 3:12.23 set by Jones, and teammates Nathan Adrian, Ben Wildman-Tobriner, and Matt Grevers.
The win brings Phelps' second gold in his aim for a perfect eight gold medals to break Mark Spitz's (USA) record of seven gold medals at a summer Olympic Games.
The French quartet of Amaury Leveaux, Fabien Gilot, Frederick Bousquet and Alain Bernard finished second with a time of 3:08.32. The Australian team Eamon Sullivan, Andrew Lauterstein, Ashley Callus and Matt Targett swam in third at 3:09.91.
"It was unbelievable! Jason (Lezak) finished the race better than we could have asked for. In the last 50 (meters), I was like, this is going to be a really close race. At the end, as you could see I was pretty excited, I was very emotional," Phelps said following the race."

Other names: PHELPS II, Michael
Born: 30 June 1985
Birthplace: Baltimore (USA)
Nationality: USA
Sport: Aquatics
Sydney 2000
Athens 2004
Olympic medals:
Gold: 6
Bronze: 2

(hahaha, i am totally CRAZY about this guy!!)

So, would he fullfill his dream to grab 8 golds?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Should I register for this?

I guess i been under pressured then eat quite a lot lately... like today lunch wack 1 ice cream... then.. just now eat japanese food...liao eat durian..............hahhaa......nutsss.!! then walked up the staircase 32 floors together with my new CGL.. hahahaa..........wat the.....#%#%#%#$% crazy things.. hahaa, something which i am passionate about.. haha, we spend time on the 35th floor ate the talk.. hahaa.. quite nice... :D sometimes go out relax really make me forget about my unhappiness and dissatisfaction over many things... mmm.. and i saw Kor's email......callling for................

Coral Reef Conservations Project
Date: 9th to 12th October 2008
Venue: Watercolours Resort, Perhentian Island
Maximum entry: 20 pax, first come first serve
Registration closing date: 8th September 2008 or when I have 20 divers registered
Package: RM650
Package includes
- twin sharing accommodation at Watercolours Resort
- return ferry transfers to resort
- 2 buffet breakfast and 3 buffet lunch
- 6 boat dives
- Coral Reef Ecology workshop (classroom and practical training. the full course itself is RM220 !)
Package excludes
- equipment rental
- dinner
- transport to jetty (I'm planning to buy 20 bus tickets from KL to Kuala Besut. But you can also opt to arrange for your own transport)
Optional price
- additional dive RM55
- night dive surcharge RM30
- underwater torch rental RM15 including batteries
- full set equipment rental RM150 for the trip

mmmmm........should i register???????????????? May be budget is...
650 -package...
150-equipment rental
100- night dives 2 nights+ torchlight
1K lor.. and dinner i pack my oat go la.. money.. :P
ngam ngam 1K lo............ good deal right??? encourage myself a bit... hahaha...... :D
Let's see...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


last nite talk to my "darling"..

though sometimes very kek sei with him...
impatient with his reaction...
pek chek with his response...

but sometimes.. he seems to be able to give good advise.. hahaa... bravo bravo...
so i must appreciate good points more lar hor... since human is imperfect.. ahhaa~~


i was asking myself this come always unhappy one ar??
besides when i go hiking la... diving la..camping la..sleeping la.... or when i am in the midst of doing something i like... then i am ok.. haha..

remember pastor sam used to mention... Happy vs Joy....
Happy because somethiing HAPPEN... something must HAPPEN to make you happy...
but if we seek for JOY.. JOY is in the sequence of putting Jesus first..then Others and then Yourself... J.O.Y... mmmm...

so lunch time go n wack 1 mongolia ice cream.. yummy~~ haaha.. life still have to go on.......... be happy lo... Olympic is coming... I gotta see my Michael Phelps swimming... He is aiming for 8 gold medals.. yeah!!

Monday, August 04, 2008


felt not quite happy today...
felt my boundary is being crossed over... :(

i just tolerate and focus on what i can do...
though i wanted to scold back.... or react......... i told myself... be patient lar.. focus on what is the right thing to do and do it........... don't waste my precious time to try to get equal............

hhaa, star said i am becoming more patient..
i sometimes wonder... is becoming more patient or simply giving up? hahaha...

the next SEASON of my life

I felt i am entering into another SEASON of my life...

Previous 5 years, i was always in a leadership position..
i led young engineers in various projects, evaluations...
until i formed my own groups of senior and junior engineers...

And the lesson learned were below:
1.) A leader need to be visionary--> need to provide direction to the group and guide them towards that direction
2.) A leader need to listen & flexible--> need to learn how to listen to people, manage with different leadership style because people are often in different stages when given a task.. either directing, coaching, encouraging and let them self managed...
3.) A leader need to exercise boldness--> need to stand up for what is right and work with group on leading changes in the group. Need to Walk the Talk.
4.) A leader need to be willing to get the hand dirty--> meaning put aside sometime to spend with engineers, understand them, not only their work but their background.. put ourselves in their shoes..etc

still learning but the biggest= WALK THE TALK...
you teach about behaviors.. you have to behave yourself first..
you talked about improve technical skills, you have to improve yourself first...

I guess i have learned something from a hardway... face rejection, face self-denial, face anger and disappointment with upper management, confrontation, etc.. but i guess, along the way, God guided me and protected me........... And still given me many opportunities and answered a lot of my personal desires... such as travelling, leading a group, etc..

Today, i am heading towards another direction.............
The SEASON of "VISIONARY LEADERSHIP" in my life is over.......
I guess it is a time for me to learn........ what is HUMILITY...........What is call starting from ZERO... what is call SUBMISSIVE... what is call "SERVANT LEADERSHIP".

I truly thank God for His continuous guidance in my life.....
I hope as i am moving towards another SEASON of my life... I will pray for those i leave behind so that they can achieve a greater level of achievement/revealation... And my bad characters will be improved... and i will learn a different lesson in life. Amen.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Handsome Big Boss in action

Before the game begin... pretend pretend first.. haha..

Then.. ok starttttt.............. come on.....!!! use ur strength...
More more........... please move the needle............... why static in middle one?? equal strength???

try harder............

And thre.... me.. admiring the 2 atheletic bosses.. :)