ok let's see what i get from this website..



  • Things that people frequently compliment or praise me about: energetic, creative, funny
  • Things that people ask me to help with or do for them: move things, calculate something, organize outing
  • Things people have told me that I ought to get paid for doing: organize something
  • Things I’ve always thought were my “hidden talents”: influencing others


  • Things I enjoy most: new thing, sea, nature, fresh water, fresh air, greens
  • Things I would still do even if I won the lottery: run a bed n breakfast somewhere at NZ
  • Things I have always wanted to do: backpacks in NZ, hike the himalaya, fish the salmon, ...
  • Things I do in my spare time: read books, close to nature


  • Things that I’ve overcome that others struggle with: facing the fear of rejection, getting organized finacially, ran the 42km
  • Things that bother me deeply: lost in life direction
  • Things that I know I could do a better way: career choice
  • Things I could do to make the world a better place: impact others by my good actions or words
  • Things I am inspired to do: keep overcoming obstacles, achieve my goal


  • Things that I have done as a job, volunteer, or through general life experience: electronics engineer, system support engineer, customer support, test engineer, life insurance agent, mission trip, conquer the mountains, navy officer, karate black belt
  • Things that I have education or training to do: engineering, finance, running
  • Things I could do based on whom I know: hiking, backpacking, running a business, organizing an event, set up my company
  • Things I could do based on equipment, facilities, property, or other possessions I own: cycling, running, picking people with my car, errr......
mmmm, then?