Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reallign my direction

Yesterday in church, It was a great message.
Moving from joy and amazement to GREAT JOY.
Eternal Life begin from now, the life on earth.
Do not be so anxiously waiting for Eternal Life in Heaven and Missed out the life on Earth. Because God is combining Heaven and Earth. I agreed!

1 thing that strikes my mind was, checking the direction that i am moving in.
I guess, i have not been praying for this as i was last time.
I hope i will take this up seriously once again, praying for His direction for my life.

2008, an exponential year, i hope we will soar in the right direction that He has for us.
I thank God for truly a great 2007.
For the many friendships He has blessed me with.
For the healing of sadness in my heart regarding my past relationship.
For the new house that my sis and i bought.
For some of the good relationships that i treasure.
For the directions He has given me.
For the many impacts that He left in my heart through the many trips i made.
For the vietnam trip.
For the increased of faith and love.

I truly Thank God for such a wonderful 2007. ;)


Another thing i learned is:

Is our relationship encourages us to walk closer with God?


Boy Meets Girl

I was reading this book yesterday, by Joshua Harris.
His 2nd book on dating i guess, his first book was "I Kissed Dating Goodbye".

Only on 1st Chapter and i guess, 1 thing i learned.
Before we even consider a relationship, ask yourself whether are you ready for marriage.
I guess, i agreed that relationship should start with a marriage in mind.

It also pictured relationship suppose to be like course meals. And we need to enjoy each course slowly and patiently. This is call having Wisdom in relationship.
We observed the character of a person, in group, in church, in his down time, etc.
And we must be cautious on what we shared to the person.
Sharing deeper things (past relationship, etc) to another person when we do not really know him create a false sense of closeness which then rush the relationship into another level when it is not having the right foundation.

It's like putting all the course meals in a blending machine and blend them all and drink with straw! YUCKSSSSSSSSSSSs!!!!!!!!!

I guess this is a great book that i will take my time continue reading. ;)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Old vs New

- you get comfortable with it.
-you get familiar with it.
-give you trouble
-draining your energy

-excited about it
-a lot yet to discover
-adding features

hahahaa... New is better, isn't it?

my phone rosak:(

my phone rosak.....
keep dialing 121212122121212221212112 when i flipped open the cover. :~

asking repair RM80.. but i just don't trust the guy la...!
so, i guess i am getting NOKIA 6300!! heheehehehe~~

YEAH!!! Yippee to my new one!!! bye bye the old............ time to let go liao...ahhahahaa

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

In Love

My heart is pounding with excitement......
I am anticipating...........

ha! i guess i am in love......... with.......?
dunno. hahahaa~~ perhaps the ability of self generating love.... haahahha~~

or ... soaking in His love? wah..

I love this colourful dish.

Nice lo especially the chicken..the prawn..the fried vege......arrr..everything!


I suddenly felt soooooo blessed for 2007 birthday!

received so many presents..cakes.. and so many dinner treats!
wow! Can't believe even on Dec 24, christmas eve, i was still being treated for Birthday. Ha!!!

Did some crazy thing on eve as well!!
such as... ask that somebody!!!! grrrrrrrrr@@@@@@

And went to tj bungah for party...and of course...... who will miss the beach count down! haahaha...So nice! A nice christmas eve, A wonderful Christmas i had. Praise God.

Such a cool phone!!!!!!!

I got a chance to play with my friend's!
I am so fascinate about it!!
It just so...splendid!

His new Civic was so cool!! wow!!!!

so 2nd time i went to sushi king.......... (~2years)....
Ha! It's not so tasteless after all!! :D

Monday, December 24, 2007

Alien Tai Lou

today, my tai lou behave in such a way that he is so alien to me!!
And new name he shall have.. --> ALIEN!!

Unidentified object.

Nasib Baik after lunch.....i able to adapt back!! haahaha..

Not bad! Like bro, like sis!

Chicken Pox Vaccination

Oooo..after so long i intended to have one, finally.............. got 1 injection today for RM95!! heheehhe~~~

Nurse say immune system will slowly build up wor.... Hope it buildup faster la..hehehe~

Thursday, December 20, 2007


My tai lou brought me to pet shop & Koi shop yesterday...(i suppose to look for my puffer fish-->refer below ) hehheehehhehe~~

@Koi shop
What is Koi?

Koi (鯉, Koi) or more specifically nishikigoi (錦鯉, nishikigoi) , literally "brocaded carp"), are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp Cyprinus carpio.

hahaa.. it's japanese carp fish. Learned some new words yesterday huh?
Sold for RM1k-2k for a huge one~ wow..
He loves this gold one i guess. Cyprinus Carpio. 1 thing i noticed...--> Their mouths are huge!!!! >.<
@the pet shop, 1 thing stunned me, who on earth want to rare a toad??
come to think of it, it's cool too..!! And i should have one in the future.. hahahahha!!

ok, back, my puffer fish!!! :D I used to have one when i was in Johor... and right after i moved up to Penang, it was dead. :( and i cried terribly!!! :( Coz i love the fish so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So adorable!!!
So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely present

Last Monday, first time in so long, i was anticipating to go to work.

"hey, when are you coming back to office? i placed something on your desk..Not sure it's still there or not."

Love the present so much.....~~~ :D

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Belated birthday present

wow. Tomorrow first time going to TAO hopefully.

Birthday present. :) A delayed birthday present.
It's great to have friend like that, isn't it?


Love of Money

I read this in the passage of 1 Timothy 6:5-10..

-- men of corrupt mind, who hae been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain. but Godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap an into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Money is not the root of all evil. But the LOVE of money definitely is.
I agreed!

Many times, i reminded myself, not to sacrifice my righteousness due to money, But to use money as a medium to bless others. MOney is a powerful tool. And this passage clearly remind me that, whoever want to get rich, beware of falling into temptation and many harmful things.

Reminder is good. :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

my Tai Lou

Newly recruit tai lou of mine.. ehehehe~~

I admire him coz he reads a lot!! :D
Squash was cool......heard his tennis also not bad!! wah!!!!!!
i am crazy for tennis!!! :D
Wah his sister went to Annapurna before!!!!!!!!!..
This guy is cool and highly rated by his cell group people......... haah~~
Lucky i recruit become my tai lou ady!! yipee~~

Yeah~~ So blessed............

Friday, December 07, 2007

2007 Summary + 2008 resolutions

Done the review for 2007 during the last CG.

I have previously attached 2007 resolutions on my wall.
1.) Career:
-Fly--> i had visitted Indonesia + KL a few times in my customer visit. Somehow, the 2 indonesia trips impacted me a lot and gave me a vision. :) (rating: Good)
- Humble--> I am blessed to have a wonderful big boss that always there to advise me in my life. Had a great dinner with him the other day and whatever he said, it's in my heart. :) (rating: Good)
-Career move--> blessed to be able to experience as a group leader for 4 engineers. A bit under pressured at first but i guess i learned something through out the process. (rating: Good)

2.) Church:
-tithing-committed to give a 10% or more tithe. I am glad i did it! :) oops, still have nov and dec to go. (rating: Good)
-ministry- joined 2 ministries. Kitchen- a great one. Crowning glory(Senior citizen)--> this has impacted my life too as i listen to those elderly people conversation. It's great that some relationships been build up too. (rating: Good)
-Mission- been to Vietnam. And this trip somehow bring blessings to me. God has used me for a miracle too, i guess. ;) Praise God. (rating: Good)
-Bible reading plan-committed to follow PCC bible reading plan in 1 year. I guess i skipped some chapters though. But i learned a lot from this, the book of solomon impacted me, as well as Jobs. (rating: Acceptable)
-characters- i am determined to be more christ like. Some of my weaknesses such as impatient, speak harshly, still in the process of improving. I guess this is an on going process. 1 main thing i focus on this year were to multiply my talents. :) (rating: Acceptable)

3.) Physical
-Slim down- determined to slim down. Early of the year i guess i was 53KG. I guess i am maintaining at 50-51KG now. quite ok. (rating: Acceptable)
-Exercise- determined to excersice. Such as jogging(completed marathon in 3 hours.), hike Gunung Tahan, 4D3N, went perhentian to take AOWD. (rating: Good)
-Healthy food- determined to eat more healthy food. But dunno Y currently down with low blood pressure, marked 96/60. (rating: acceptable)

4.) Knowledge:
-financial-did some investment plan with unit trust and saving plan with insurance company. Pick up financial knowledge as well. (rating: Good)
-Books- read some interesting books and learned quite a lot. (Revival rather than surviving, John C Maxwell books, Ants book, etc) (rating: Good)
-control spending: determined to reduce spending on shoppping and buying unneccessary stuffs. Don't really buy a lot Bought a house?! (rating: Acceptable)

5.) Family
-outing-planned to bring parents for one outing overseas. Alamak!! i did not do this!! (rating: Poor)
-Family relationships-somehow, this year, i am glad that my brother is back with us. And my relationship with sister also improved as she is staying with me. but with dad and mum, still yet to improved.(rating:Acceptable)

2007 was a year of rebuilding for me. Rebuilding myself spiritually, emotionally and physically. I am glad that my relationship with Him is getting better each day and i hope that Our relationship will continue to grow.

Right now, i am praying for my 2008 resolutions. :)
I am sure He will reveal to me as i persist. Amen!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Prayer Request

Many sick right after the vietnam trip.
some even got admitted to Hospital.
Some got asthma.
some got fever.

some like me just got low blood pressure. :(
marked 96/60.
Kinda dizzy this morning........
see Doctor, he said this thing come n goes......... emmm???

Need prayers...................

Friendship from vietnam trip

Since the vietnam trip, i guess i have build quite a number of friendship.
People are concern about me, i just felt so blessed.

received many sms from friends, which is quite unexpected one.
And i just give thanks for His everlasting love towards me.

Somehow, this trip did impact some people strongly.
and this trip does bring me a lot of friendships..

I am greatly blessed. :)
I truly thank Him for that.

Mix Feeling~

This morning woke up, something crossed my mind.
Is God so forgiving that we start taking Him for granted?

Whenever i sin, i knew that He still loves me.
Whenever i sin, i knew that He will forgives me and welcome me back to His arm.

and i suddenly thought.. Am i taking His grace for granted???

I hope He will guide me into the path of obedience.
I hope He will ammend the things which i have done wrong.
I hope He will guide me to the right path.
I know He would.

And this morning, i just sat down and quietly seek Him.
What is repentence? I asked myself.

From my memory, it should be that you turn 180degree and never do the same thing again.
And i guess, i just failed Him.

I gotta Arise and keep building. :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


finally, got to see someone last nite... miss him too much suddenly.. hahaha, dunno y feel too long no see him........

yeah, so i told him.. "hai yoh.......miss u so much lo............"

good huh me? :P

Happy Birthday To me!

so far.. only half day, i ady get so many wishes huh.. hehehee..
somemore got 2 cakes!!

1 orange one.. fu yo~~~~ coz of hunger, i ate quite a lot.. hahaha.. mana tau............. 2nd session~~~~

my darling moon make me cake lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~ walow........12am we all eat cake .. hahahahhahaha~~ so niceeeeeeeee, chocolate + chesse!!!!!!!!!
soemmore the eagle chocolate she made........fu yo!!! i am really impressed and so thankful for such a darling in my life~~~~

photos..have to wait for that notty star to upload for me.. kekekekeke~~~

so this year.. Star and Sun, we wish our dream for 2008 and 2009 come true lar ya!! kekekekekekekekeke~~~~

Mrs XXX?? hehehehehehehhe~~~ Almost want to laugh..............................
hhhahaa..blessed birthday.. Praise God for his Awesome love!!!!!! muakssss~~

Monday, December 03, 2007

Wild Life!!

Nice bees photo i took!!! heheehheheh~~
heavy snake!!!!

oh, who dare to drink this?


heehheee....... God is awesome la!! hehehehe~

For all the things i do, i know He always in control~~

So wish to go on a volunteer trip.. mmm...
still, i miss Nepal so much~~ mmmmmmmm~~

I am a vietnamese

s go

haha, nice and awesome pants i bought!!

Mr & Mrs Chong

hahahahahaa~~~ newly wed........

what a narrow escape again!

hehe, what a narrow escape again!!

27 nov 2007..flew to vietnam by MAS...
drank wine in the KL-vietnam trip.....

sekali when reach there.........the dizzy feeling came back and almost fainted when i stand up. :(
i hold lin's hand and told her...... i am dizzy.......
and, the next thing i know, i could not stand anymore..but to sit down.
and i got wheeled chair out..........

and.......period pain visitted me..(never had i pain like this before!!)..
and wheeled chair all the way out............. i could feel my hand is cold............
my stomach was extremely pain.. til i hold P hand and cried................ :~

everybody was looking at me..........

got wheeled chair to toilet also........
and then, got an injection at my butt...........errr...............

That moment, i thought.."oh no.......cannot married at 2009 already..!!"
hehehe~~ now, lucky..alive back~~ heehhee~~~ thank God!! :D

First pho24..eating the vietnamese beef noodle..hehehehehe~~