Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10more days to go for 2011

i have been trying to strategize on how on leave starting 23Dec til Jan 3.
Been very very busy here...

Been trying to talk to my direct boss, my project boss, my coverage boss...
Been teaching the juniors on how to do their stuffs..
Been arranging the team coming from Penang to flash the radio again..
Been writing reports and presentation slides...

busy, busy, busy.

And my PM called my direct boss, asking him to stop my holiday.
i notice things get settle after a while.

when people hear the news, they will reject it, try to defend it.. maintain the status quo...
perhaps this is due to our "inertia" theory, things tend to want to maintain at its same stage.
moving car will try to continue its movement when someone try to halt it.
static car will try to maintain it's static position when someone try to push it.


When i try to go on holiday, ppl will try to stop me.
after a while, after the inertia stage is break through, they tend to accept it.
and then, after a while.... they will be troubled by other issues and forget it. :D

good thing about inertia, vs Impulse.

impulse = m(vf- vi)= kg ( m/s - m/s) = (kg m)/s

the shorter the time, the higher the impulse.
In lay man term, the shorter the time given, the higher the impact it creates.
So, to reduce to impact, i endure a longer time.....................

and YESSS!!!

at the end of the day.. my Project Director walked over to my place..
" See everybody on Thursday!!!.....and oh, CY, see you in 2011 ! "

:D simply means...." I got my HOLIDAY!!!!!!!! woo hoo!"

Sunday, December 19, 2010


wow..2 months after my trip, finally, i downloaded this photo from my camera!
the Rod Laver Arena!!!!

Toyota Vios 1.5L

i test drive Toyota Vios last weekend and ..........
my conclusion is...

well, perhaps i am not getting it.

I want a car which give me..
1.) Solid feeling
2.) Concentrated engine ( meaning once i press the gas, i need to feel the power is concentrated..not necessary need to be a very expensive car, i got the feeling when i drove my sis's myVi...too bad, myVi is not "man" enough.. i want a macho car, whom can protect me..hehee)
3.) needless to say... a "Macho" + "handsome" outlook
4.) mm, it can be cute too. ( such as Smart for two-brabus)


Christmas is around the corner

Christmas is just around the corner!!

Check out the ginger bread houses build by kids!!!
wow, aren't they beautiful??

Lego Exhibition..

How cool is that???

Saw some Ferrari... wow.. Rich n the famous!

our New Proton Inspira

mm, i was quite impressed with this new Proton.
Online browse show me the price is around... RM78,999 – RM91,999.
mmm, may be worth a test drive?

Thursday, December 02, 2010


i was very frustrated last night...
ngam to my darling the whole night...
and scolded him.. ( poor thing)

1 funny thing..........
when i said "U don't understand my situation and don't understand me larrr!!!"
"U dunno what i want.."

he was quiet.

and i said.."Ok, u tell me what i want?"

... and he said. " u just wanna fatt lan cha"... (translate into: release of anger and get pampered)

ha.. and i smiled. :)
He is cute. He started to know my pattern. mmm

some thoughts

today, i got scolded out of something which is not my fault. :(
i endured.

and lawyer called up to ask for some gar-rants transfer or something...
which means..... $$ mmm

got caught up for another issue..and then thing was messed up when i am not around. :(

and saw the funny bloody weird emails flying around............ Weird!

but i had a great dinner tonight.
Something perhaps i should constantly played in my mind.....instead of all those negative stuffs!

:) Happy birthday soon.. :D

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The good thing about him

The good thing about someone whom i got to know better lately.

1.) He appreciates you when you have done something
2.) He will fight for you when you are in trouble
3.) He will send helpers when you need extra hands
4.) He praises when it's adequate
5.) He is sometimes funny



i was quite busy the whole time...
especially today.. too many failures...too many phone calls... too many questionssss....

and my anger just hit the max when my boss called. :(

I am just confused on my direction.
I was about to decide on something and then thing turn the other way...
I started to like this thing that i am currently doing..but i also know it can't be long.
I am pretty sure i like something about this job that i am currently doing, but i know that thing won't last forever.

What i asked for:
- To be able to stay focus
- To be able to expose to outside world
- To be able to expose to project

and i got them all. God is good.

Next.. I am not sure where to go..What to do next.
So much so i wanted to continue and cling on to the status now............
but........... :( I am just confused..... What's best for me.

I wanted to stay.. I knew i can grow better here.
I knew i have learned a big deal here.
I knew i have found my passion.
I knew i have build some good reputation.
I knew this seems like the BEST situation for me to be in.

Perhaps, i am afraid of the unknown.
Fear of the unknown.
The Future.
The next Direction.

:( I need Him.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

before 30s

mmm, so by next weekend, i gonna be 30.. may be lotsa my friends are already 30+... so i really don't feel anything...

so 1 more month to go...

Prayers :
1.) To continue to pray for my good friend
2.) To continue to pray for my family
3.) Pray for God's direction in my career, decision in housing purchase, my dad's house, rental houses... (wow, lot of houses related..mmmmmm)
4.) Pray for both my careers.. things He want me to learn


Things need to be done:
1.) find tenants for his apartment
2.) purchase some necessary items for his house.. hope God will guide us in spending the $$$...
3.) preparation for my "dang dang dang dang".. hopefully able to get things sorted out..smooth...
4.) my travel expenses reports + claimts.. ( susah la.. )
5.) my broadband claimt
6.) my income tax payment

Things optional but i am keen to do:
1.) to plant the vegetables
2.) to get wedged bean seed and plant it
3.) to get my old bicycle with basket working so that i can ride to eat + to go to market
4.) to get the Gas Tong for his house + cook the first meal in this house...(hahaha)
5.) to get my car painted ( ahhh.... RM1600 wor...lack of $$$$... or should i just paint the car top la.. )

Planning to be made:
1.) my 2011 planning in both my careers
2.) my 2011 resolutions
3.) review 2010 resolutions

mmmm, must commit all plans unto HIS MIGHTY hands!!! AMEN

Monday, November 22, 2010


I am quite down now, as i totally understand how someone felt after a break up.

A good friend of mine broke up lately...
and the incident reminded me of 2006... the year i broke up with my ex.
Things were pretty tough in the beginning....
and my emotion swing was horrible.
I can be up on the sky at this minute and totally collapse the next minute.
I did not eat for 3 days and lost 8KG within a week.
It was 4 years+ now but i could still remember the scene vividly.
I remembered how tough it was.
and the very first time i felt.........the HEART is an organ that can really HURT.
My heart was breaking... i finally realized ....... the true BROKEN HEART feeling.

n today... almost end of 2010.... i totally understand how he felt.
I prayed for him sincerely, hoping God will send many good supports to him in the moment of needs.
that God will walk this path with him..
Hoping God will guide him through his life.
Reveal His higher purpose for him.
Lead him in the path that He wants him to walk.
Hold him when he is sad and mend his broken heart.
Grant him wisdom to know what to do at moments where he really cannot decide.
Shape him into a stronger person.
In Jesus name, i pray. Amen.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Stuck in between stairs...

this is har's rossy.........
she is very scared to come down from stair case... hahaahhahahaa.....!!!! FUNNY


so i decided to take the pictures of his apartment before he shifted to new house... hehehehe....

the planting virus

So i spread the planting VIRUS to him.............
hahaha, and made him bought the limau tree.... cili padi dia sendiri beli.. hehehehee...

Nice furniture!

simply in love with these........Oh i love this SET of TEAK sofa man!!!...but the price is also scary!..... :(...

So... Rubber wood or Teak?
Rubber wood seems 5 times cheaper than Teak......
but of course...TEAK is a great investment i would say.....

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... bank bank.. i need a bank.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


刚和一个同事聊了好久。。。 一直以来,我们都在一起。
一起讨论不同的事情。。 分工。。 互相加油。。




刚巧,明天是假期。。。 该计划一下明年的事了。。。


加油了!!!! 就快30 岁的我。

Monday, November 15, 2010

moved in

ok! finally, after a busy weekend, my darling have shifted into his new house..

too bad i was not there to help him clean up... ehhehe, but actually i also dunno how to clean la..coz non of the stuffs are mine.. so i cannot help him arrange ma, right.. later he dunno where i put the stuffs then how la? ( hahahaha!! what a perfect excuse!)

Pretty BUSY in KL...
Even Busier in PG...

oh my my.................

I was quite upset with some people performance today. :(
Just hard to describe..but i just simply hate it when things are not following the right path.. :(
Just hope and pray things will be great.

Oh, A testimony.

Today as i was working in the field..intended to help ppl flash the evaluation radio back to the original firmware before they can proceed to upgrade... Suddenly , my Laptop just give me the failure message.
:( and i knew it's due to last weekend, i changed some of the settings when i was connected to my company network.

Desperate, i searched in my PC hoping to have the particular file to enable the function. But :( none!!!!!

And i knew, i gotta connect to my company network to download the file...
as usual, my colleague will have his broadband with him, BUT.........................!!! HE FORGOT TO BRING TODAY!
:(... Desperate......... i was thinking what else i could do............

and..all of a SUDDEN.. my PC was connected to a SECURED WI-FI network happened to be the same name as my bf's house connection..... and.. i tried..google, it works!... and quickly, i download the file..and YEAH! Bingo!!!! my flashing worked eventually!

after i downloaded the file, curious, i was wondering..what a co-incidence that my bf might have his password set same as the connection i connect here......... but when i try to reconnect again....it just could not connect anymore!!!!!

wow........... for this reason i wanna GIVE THANKS to GOD!
HE always knows what we need even before we ask!!!
Thank God!!!!!!!

So this is my little testimony today.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Harvest!!!

I was wondering why is my complexion suddenly darken, despite the NO-RUN, NO-OUTDOOR months... and i realized!

I helped him to trim his jambu tree last weekend!

Neighbor asked us to trim the tree and make sure it is always low..else it will be too hard to take care...
half way:
I intended to make it into a "BOX" shape..! but! WALOW! trimming the tree is not an easy job!
upon finding out the fruits were not quite TASTY...we decided to fertilize the tree~~ with organic fertilizer.. hehehe..and...

Today: 30 OCT 2010.. after rain.....

Ta da!!! hehehe... RED !!! and still ripening!! hehehe, we just could not wait.. :PRed Jambu Air... + Hardworking Worker........

and you get.... a HAPPY customer! hahaa


and i bought a ROJAK sauce!! ... and end up...............eat in CH's house.. hahahaa, no body rampas with me not so nice ma.. hahahaa.. So CH is so lucky!!! to taste our "FIRST HARVEST"

ooooo..side line:
i also planted many other things..

1.) Papaya Tree
2.) Custard Apple (too small, you can't see the tree)
3.) Otak Otak leave.. hehee..yeah, that's the one surrounded by the bricks
4.) Aloe Vera..given by mum
5.) lemon grass by previous owner.

many more to come.. hahahaa

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where to Travel next?

mm, been thinking of a HOLIDAY lately..........

but WHERE to GO?

I want a 2 weeks HOLIDAY.
Choices came across my mind...

1.) Korea
2.) Taiwan
3.) China..somewhere scenic
4.) Hanoi
5.) Sabah

Longer Holiday... as in 1-2months
1.) Europe
2.) US
3.) NZ
4.) Aus

How about working OVERSEAS??? mmmmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, September 30, 2010


以为, 过了好多天.. 但, 从上一次blog, 才13天而已.

1.) issue 已经很接近rootcause.
2.) 美国人也回去了.
3.) 昨天,他们也duplicate 到了..
4.) 今天,PG 也duplicate 到了...
那, 3 各地方,一起gather information, 好接近了!yes!

我, 好开心,因为, 7 个星期的努力...终于有了一大步的进展.
那九月二十三日, check out 以后, 最后一分钟, 放弃bf, 放弃 team building, cancel 机票的决定..
那每个weekends 的工作...
那每晚和管昕的con call....
那每一天, 不放弃的继续rootcause...
那每一刻, 一直在思考的我...

今天,我.................. 终于觉得, 我真得很累了.
不是因为, 我放弃了..
更不是因为, 事情一直还在进展中.


星期一, 大老板一到, " 你,可以回去了"...美国老板:" 谢谢你的努力".
星期二,大老板:" 就这么简单的testing吗?..那,回PG作吧!"... 美国人还没做到,槟城,也还没duplicate到.
星期三, 没放弃的我们, 找到了另一个因素. 大老板:"这很logic!"...美国人:" 我们照着你所说的,也做到了!!! 好开心!! "
星期四, PG 也做到了..... KL的大老板..:" 真谢谢你..".... 大老板:"那, 你不用作了,可以回去PG 再做.".....

我, 失望了.....
我, 彷徨了...
我, 安静了...
我, 流泪了...
我, 累了....

不是,我不想回去... ( 或许,现在,我根本就不要回去了)
我只觉得,我那一天,cancel 机票的决定, 那是为了什么?????

在没有人能够duplicate到 issue 时, 我只是,想尽全力, 让大家能够得到多一些data...让事情不中断...让大家能够继续努力,向rootcause麦进一步...

今天,我不喜欢老板一直催我.... 那, 还是一样的... 我只想找到rootcause, 而你到底concern 什么???????? you r just making me losing my FOCUS!!!.......

:( 累了...................
lost focus的我......... :(

Friday, September 17, 2010



那年底的马拉松,我也没去算算。。。 到底还有几个星期。。完全没练到。。。哈!

爬山鞋也买了。。 但,报名失败。。 是有点失望。
然后,再跟大伙儿 一起跑site 吧。
也不知道,有些事。。。 mmmm....

Monday, September 06, 2010



人的妒忌心。。。往往都会造成很多无奈的事。 :(



一个人,跟一些喜欢的人在一起, 旅行。。

Saturday, September 04, 2010


simply love this song..

Waiting for his arrival.......
I just think that my next weekend gonna be different with his presence!
I got a partner at work... after work...! yes!!
I have someone to discuss stuffs with..to go to gym with..to eat with... at least for 1 week!
I am so thankful he is back!

Time for some Praise Report, thank God that..
1.) i managed to rest the whole day yesterday!
2.) He is coming back!

Hope that i ve a great week ahead!! and most importantly.. at least have some solution for the HOT issue i am dealing with now... :D


Flooding in the steamboat pot...
it's suppose to be tomyam at 1 side, soya bean at another side.. ha!

and what makes this crab deserve a pic? it's because the Project Manager queue up and took them for me..! haaha.. a long queue it was.

wooden shade

loving this shade..



明天。。。 去了美国两个月的他。。 终于回来了!!

Friday, September 03, 2010

a fact?

found out something from the con call with US just now...mmm

It seems that..
"WE ( the non-US) love to fly out from our country..especially if the request is for us to fly to US.."

"they ( the US citizen) do not like to fly to Asia"

mmm............ May be if i were from the US, i will think the same.
-the long hours of flights
- the super HOT weather here
- the language
- the uncertainty
- the inconvenience at some place
- the image that we have got from the MEDIA bout Asia..

hahaa..~~ just my personal opinion.

Monday, August 30, 2010

i need a break!

Ok, i have been working..working...n working........

So last night, 10pm, i decided to just SLEEP!!!
and walla! this morning, 2 people called to ask for update!
( hey come on.. i need a break! it's a public holiday i told him.. hahaa)

i am hoping i can solve this currently HOT issue... settle some stuffs with my colleague......... and YES!! Back to PG !! lotsa loose ends to catch up there...!!!

Yay! Pray for WISDOM..how to SOLVE this issue, man!

Master Plan

hahaa.. That's the master plan for my darling's garden...
Green= Already there!!
RED= PLAN.. need approval i guess.. hahaha

Now i need some wedged beans seed!

Nice Folding tool

I am really excited about this tool!! Never regret buying it, as of now...... hahaa, i am turning into some AUNTY- preparing to do the housework once i get married!! hahaha...oh come on!! :P

RM20 for this!! see the MAGIC it does for your CUPBOARD!!
I am sure i will get my darling be excited about folding shirt too!!
or perhaps my "grand-slam-tennis-to-be-champion" future children! haaha

This was bought overseas by the sales girl...

The instruction...

once assembled! Pretty EASY......as the name called.."EASY FOLDER"

Trying out with my shirt....

Left done, now right....look, got extra coming out at the sleeve.....well.......NVM.....let's deal with it!
ta da! gone..!!!

Press it hard...Ta da!!! Nicely folded shirt!

EQUAL size!!
I am just LOVING this tool a lot!!! As i am a don-like-to-fold-shirt-lady.


wow. i dreamed of MP passing me some ice cream last night.
must have been due to the Durian packing we had done.. Have i ever told you, when u packed durian in the fridge..take out the next day.........those just taste like GREAT ice cream! (that's what my darling said)

Happy Merdeka!

Something caught me into thinking this morning.........

I am still wondering........ Why are we treating westerners super nice while slightly look down at our own people?

but things are DIFF in the US or UK...
They are treating their own kinds super nice...........

Should we change our way of treating our own citizens? come on!!!!

Happy Merdeka, Everyone!
Love this add from DIGI!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

not that into........

just finished watching the show.. "He is just not that into you"...

hahaa.. pretty nice show.. i am loving it! some of the thing they said are just so true!

"when he is not calling, he is NOT gonna call!"
i just remember i used to spend this hours looking at the HP hoping that he called....!! hahaha.. SILLY me!!!!!!! well Lucky i figured out early. :P

"when he is not marrying you, he is NOT gonna marry you"
well, this is true too...if u r in a long term relationship............. especially in the level of the intimacy you are having......i seriously think that..YES, this is RIGHT Again... he gets what he wanted even before marriage...so why bother marrying??

"A man will do whatever it takes to get to know the women he loves".
This is super duper true! Even a SHY guy will know how to get your hp number or how to get your attention.

hahaa..okok, so this is the WAKE-UP-CALLS for women..!

Now..these are the for the men...

1.) When she agreed to go out with you.....probably she has nothing to do at the moment... may be she just want to be friends...
2.) When she is not going out with you..... even after several calls, well, SHE IS DEFINITELY NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!
3.) When she is NOT reading your blog or your facebook page........ SHE IS OBVIOUSLY NOT interested in you!
4.) When she is not picking up your calls, come on! GIVE HER A BREAK!
5.) When she just rushing her dinner with you, you gotta WAKE UP..! She is NOT interested in ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!
6.) When she is trying hard to LAUGH at your jokes....oh COME ON! STOP joking!
7.) When she is always BUSY, REJECTING you, STOP STALKING her!!!! n BACK OFF!!

well, it really takes "EXPERIENCES" to know all these!!
and it TAKES lotsa DETERMINATION to stop THINKING of someone.
But, yeah, 1 thing for SURE, YOU WILL GET OVER IT!!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010



他问:“Are you happy with the arrangement?"
我说:" NO, i am not"

哇。太老实了。。。。 但,或许是这样,事情,竟然通过了。。。竟然同意了。。 也实行了。。。
有时我回想,难道,真要来这一招吗?? :(


有些事。。也好像。。 或许,这样比较好吧。。
表面上的萧洒。。。 就这样,不管了吗?
我真的不知道了。。 一步一步吧。。。


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


加油了!! :D

Monday, August 23, 2010

with HIM all things are possible

with so many things going on...
so many things lagging behind...
so many things which is unsure...

today, i am reminded that, with HIM, all things are possible!!!!
I shall commit all my worries unto His mighty hand!


Sunday, August 22, 2010


刚从新加玻来,明天飞回新加玻, 后天去印度。。在回美国。。
他告诉我, 一年,他大概飞30Kmiles... 哇!
biological clock confused.
airline 和 hotel 都已经是maximum privilege.

后来,给了我一张name card.
他,是HP 的 VP.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


幸好有su叫我一些excel的function.. yes! Finally.. done the analysis!

My progress has been slow.. :(

Dry Kitchen reno

well, yes i am still typing my never ending data............and my darling send me these!! hehee.. look! Ta da!! simply LOVE this!!


In Progress: Without Handles...

Ta da!!!! COMPLETED FINALLY!!!! They changed the handles for me at the bottom too.. yay!



傍晚了,今天的计划,还停留在20% 而已.
很简单的data key in 而已.


他一直call 来.我开始有点不耐烦.
但,想一想, 或许我不该不耐烦吧.. 他可是一个人,需要我的支持.


为何,scan copy to excel converter 存在吗? i desperately need 1!!