Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Day of 2008

I guess as we grow older, we don't really feel like celebrating New Year!

28 now, next year..29... then........ 30!
wahseh! Will i have a naughty Russel by then? hahaa...

2008 been quite a "busy" year for me where i found myself..
adapting to housing loan payment...
adapting to "sucking" of $$$ from housing reno...
adapting to manage a group of engineers..
travelled with big bosses to sri lanka..
career change..
first on-site alone to bangkok..
adapting to a new relationship...

mmm, end up, they are so different compared to the goals i set! except the BIG LOVE i ve drawn. ahhaa~

So what about 2009??

1 thing i want to achieve is ORDERLINESS. To get organized. hopefully start with career goals, in managing finance, in my household. :)

making monkey faces

mm.. cute monkeys.. hhaaa

those boys were like monkey..
Spend 4 days together with them from 24-- 28...
after they gone back to UK.. kinda miss them..

haha, naughty boys.. but very nice to play with.

Mini RC Helicopter

Got this cool heli for RM89 in ipoh for the 2 little boys... hehee...
end up i was playing more compare to them.. such a cool toy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Close Deal--Small Room Housemate!

mm, how should i say???
I just want to thank God for He is always awesome.. His timing is always perfect.

It started like this... just after i blogged the previous "suspicious" house-hunter, this Mr Hiew called. He sounded like uncle also... I was stucked on the way back from work, somewhere around Intel, it was 640pm.

"Hello.. can i come earlier to take a look at the room?"
"arrr....... i am stucked in the jam.."
"mm how about 730pm?"
"emm, should be OK."
'"ok..see you then"

mmm, my heart was.... er........ then i looked up the sky...... the sun was quite bright.

"God.... please protect me from harm and danger..." "God... can you help me to find a good housemate?" "God.. help me.."

And when i got back, i saw my housemate walking out from the house. And i thought, Oh No! He is not at home.....err!
So i put my other hope on the other housemate, hoping there will be someone there with me when the new guy come look for the room.
arr!!! His shoe is NOT there! He is not yet back!!

arrr, does it mean i gonna be home-alone with stranger!!! oh no.
And i called my friend, who wanted to come sort of be my bodyguard.......ar, but he can only make it home at 845pm!!! oh no!!! and the guy is coming.......

ahhh!! my phone rang! he is downstair!!!

"God, i am trusting myself in your hand, guide me"..

and i saw him. mm, look like may be late 30s or early 40s.
so i started to talk to him... ask him where do he work, where he stay, why he look for room, etc etc....
and i was with him standing at the lift, waiting for the lift........

dang dang dang dang!!!!!!!!!!!!! my housemate(middle room) appeared! :D :D:D::DD::D:D:D:D:D
so i introduced my housemate to him. :D
and we talked in the house, show him the room, explained to him all the bla bla bla...........

**i also asked him is he married.. hehe, seems he is not. er.. will need to find out more in future perhaps.*

So he is a technical support person for plating.. from ipoh... usually travel a lot, supporting northern region.. etc etc..

So he pay me the deposit. And he want the house.

And before he go, he asked me..............

"Hey, do you know 1 guy from Sg Ara?"
"arr? why?.."
"because, you see.. this sms........... i was suppose to take a look at his house but the room is occupied. And he sms me your number asking me to call you"
WOW..... someone actually helped me.

mmmm......... So here's the end of my SMALL room- room mate hunting.
Future performance, i would have to see.

But 1 thing for sure..... God's timing is AWESOME>! Always.

Housemate Hunts continueeeeee

Wahseh, Yesterday there were these 2 strangers called!...

"Hello... are u Ms CHong?.. you have empty room right?.."
(hearing his tone, i assume he is malay..and i thought, ee, i am looking for chinese housemate...)
"yes i am.. but who are you?"
"I am looking for a room for my sister who work in e-gate in january.."
"oh..but... errrr?" (thinking, i am renting to chinese ...er)
notice my tone of voice, he passed his phone to his friend(who also sounded like uncle).
they guy spoke to me in Mandarin.. stated that his sis looking for room.

So i assume it is him who looking for room for his sis.

After that, my darling reminded me to beware of strangers coming to see house especially due to this poor economy and terrible security of the world.

around afternoon, the malay guy called again, stated he was the one calling me in the afternoon. Saying, actually his mum is chinese and his sister wanted the room. errr...... I start to get suspicious due to the words my darling said.

Then, around 5pm+, while i was driving.. the chinese guy called up..stated to me his sister looking for room.... will be working in seagate!!!

And i replied " eee, i thought you have call this afternoon???"
....he seems to be nervous a little and replied.." oh really? sorry sorry...................."

mm, i hope he will not call me again. Eeee! Not sure what they are up to!
And after i checked, both their numbers ended with the same 4-digits!

chinese uncle: 0164123269
malay uncle: 0124853269

I am calling my friendssss to standby for me if ever they call me tonight.
But i think i just gonna reject their visit!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Marriage Rededication

phewwwweeee!... pretty pretty!

3 leng chai.

2 leng lui

2 girlfriends... HAHAHAHa

oh, finally...........He is married!

eating chocolate!

ex uni-mate


Christmas Tree

hehee.. Christmas Tree for CHRISTMAS..!

Merry Christmas.....

messy room..

walow folding shirtssssss

so many thingsss....

finally~~ after 2 days of cleaning up......... :D

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

housemates hunt continue..

wow, after i good girl last night..read bible + pray.. tell God, God i need housemates............

today, there are 2 people come look at the room. :)
I quite like both of them actually.

Hopefully either of them will agree to move in.
Gotta continue pray.

hehe, meanwhile i am also praying should i acquire another property.. somewhere around 100K.. mmmm i remember the BJ one used to sold only at 75K!! ar, why lar i don acquire it??!
mm let's see.

hehe, gotta read about the promise to God...

"Transferring the Title Deed to God"..signed on 24 Aug 2008
I hereby grant to the Lord my God myself and all of my money and possessions and all else i Have ever thought of as mine, even my family. From this point onwards i will think of them as his to do with as he wishes. I will do my utmost to prayerfully consider how he wishes me to invest his assets to further his kingdom. In doing so, i realize i will surrender certain temporary earthly treasures and gain in exchange eternal treasures, as well as increased perspective and decreased anxiety.

hehehe... Amen.

Monday, December 15, 2008

3 leng lui.. haha

hahaa... admiring the yummy cheesecake..............


wah, my darling brought me to this place... so nice.. ehee... teahouse on the way to cameron..

housemates hunt

mmm, so i asking the whole world pray for my housemate...

ya, finally today got a bit of hope.. 2 person called up to ask for the room.
ya..must continue to pray ya.. thank you all for praying for me.

Last nite i was tidying up my room..... thinking.... wahseh,if i need to move, wah, a lot of stuffs to move man!!! hahahaa, and i forgot... the TV & washing machine are moving with me too!!!

everyday my office white-man asked me to move to sunnyville.. =.="""""

CG farewell for Amy...

So, CYA3 had a farewell for AMy..(sob sob)... and celebrate the baptism of Nge seng.. hehee...
and we went to Ingolf.
First time i visited the restaurant. Heard so many times about it.
Geoff asked us to order mixed grill...........WALOW, so big portion!!! hahaa.. kinda fun though. :P

look at the food!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Har made me cheesecake for my birthday.. so nice.. hehee... it's yummy too!

Star Walk 2008

second time to star walk...
ar.. my "alarm clock" late ...."ring" at 6.55am.......
reporting time= 6-645am.. duh!

Determined........ we went for the walk too. Yeah, not bad, half way meet them.. hahahaa....got a leng chai to snap photo for us.. hehe.

ar, my hair, why so messy? haha

Looking for housemates

ar.. need prayer request again.

1.) Housemate for small room.
My housemate after realized my house owner want to raise the rental( not yet effective pun), he directly go and find another house.. sob..................
so.. he is moving out end of this month....
i hope i can find a new housemate soon for his room..

2.) housemate for middle room
so this boy is a trainee for 3 months, i kasian him so i rent to him lor.... though only 3 months.
so he is moving out by end of january.

it seems that i need prayer for these 2 rooms....... mm..
Or should i just get another apartment?
I been searching for apartment like 100K-130k.
Not sure is it a wise decision.

Star ask me just move to sunnyville lar.. wahseh!
Or follow the ruth and boaz style??? hahahahahaa..............wahseh!

Faint. Enough of joke.

Please help me to pray for housemates k. :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hahaa...midnight birthday craze...

so this year 28th birthday.. 3 of us gathered...added 1 camera man..and with great cameraman(ahem)... come great picture... hahahaa.............. so.. we were having fun at the balcony..making noise at 1am+++ arrrhh.. no wonder la my housemate want to move out!!!!! now i found the rootcause.... :P

more n more negative

found out i am becoming more and more negative as i grow up...

i guess it must be due to the "perception" i had on others based on experience.

for example, when i look at...
1.) someone.. ar.. so arrogant and proud with her own son......... but not so proud with her daughter.. err? 重男轻女?
2.) someone... always want to minimize other ppl's achievement......... ...zz
3.) someone... so dying for attention.........
4.) someone....... so fake!!!
5.) someone.... so bloody stingy and calculative........
6.) someone.... so money-minded.........

etc etc...........oh no, i am being poison..and my heart has grow cold........

goodness...... i better repair my heart........ my mind............
bleach my brain???

Thursday, December 04, 2008



尤其是。。 www.redsdiary.blogspot.com.

write in mandarin a bit weird.. haha, perhaps due to i read a lot of mandarin blog lately. :P

1 more hour to my birthday.
Happy Birthday.. hhahaa..
28years old ady lorrr......
wah! can't believe it.. hahaa.. 28 should have 1 kid right? mmm.. Russel is a good name. hahaa.
"Russel... come come..come to mummy..."



原以为。。。 弄完白果就没事了。。。。。 但,心里的不服。。还在哪儿。。

ish! 好看不顺眼。。 那只顾把工作做完。。 不管结果到底对不对 的态度!
好气! 真的好气!!

got called to help out programming radios again, and i totally disagree!
1st, i don't really like the idea having development team reprogram production radios for shipping.
2nd, i don't like the manager who don't dare to voice up and do the RIGHT thing just because his manager give him the order..
3rd, i don't like the way he is not listening to our concerns and instruct all the engineers, to help him out.. instruct! "Hello???!!...... aren't you asking for help??? "

i tried to be patient with him at first.
1st, he made me stand there as if his servant, doing nothing..waiting for him to call me just to help him program/soldering..... hello??? i am not a technician...
2nd, when i ask him some question for thinking, he raised his voice....... hello???? can't you listen to my concern??
3rd, he keep calling to ask me do the programming for him, just because he don't have the programming tool installed in his computer.. hello????? cant you just install and get it up running???

i am loosing my mind today......... Pre-Birthday!


Thursday, November 27, 2008


***adopted from her blog..http://redsdiary.blogspot.com/2007/12/blog-post_17.html*** hahahaa...


how true. :P





nice blog.

only for chinese reader. :P

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


詞: 方文山 
Ci : Fang Wen Shan
Lyrics : Vincent Fang

Qu : Zhou Jie Lun
Melody : Jay Chou

Verse 1:

qiáng jiǎo yíng fēng dì chú jú
Corner of the wall sits a daisy swaying in the wind

mò lì huā kāi de xiāng qì
Scents of blossomed jasmines

bì shàng yǎn huí dào guò qù
Closing my eyes, I returned to the past

huà fēn jiè xiàn de zuò yǐ
The desks and chairs marked our territories

xià kè què kào zài yī qǐ
But when classes end we’d reconcile again

wǒ jiù shì lí bù kāi nǐ
I simply cannot part ways with you

yī lù chéng zhe liū huá tī
While we are sitting on the slide

wǒ men shuō hǎo zǒu dào dǐ
We agreed to walk till the end

yǐ wei cóng cǐ jiù fēn lí
Believing that we will be parting from hence

yòng hēi bǎn shàng de rì qī
I used the date on the blackboard

dào shǔ zhǎo nǐt
o countdown to finding you

màn màn qīng xī
Slowly it became clear

yuán lái sī niàn nǐ shì jiā le táng de xiāo xī
that yearning for you is but a sugar-coated message

wǒ yòng qiān bǐ
With a pencil

huà de hén zǐ xì sù miáo nà niān tiān qì
drew a detailed sketch of that year’s weather

蟬鳴的夏季 我想遇見你
cán mǐng de xià jì wǒ xiǎng yù jiàn nǐ
In that very summer with chirping crickets, I long to meet you*


那童年的希望是一台 時光機
nà tóng nián de xī wàng shì yī tái shí guāng jī
My childhood wish is for a time machine

我可以一路開心到底 都不換氣
wǒ kě yǐ yī lù kāi xīn dào dǐ dōu bù huàn qì
That I can be continually happy without skipping a breath

戴竹蜻蜓 穿過那森林
dài zhú qīng tíng chuān guò nà sēn lín
Wearing a taketombo, I’d fly past the forest

打開了任意門找到你 一起旅行
dǎ kāi le rèn yì mén zhǎo dào nǐ yī qǐ lǚ xíng
Opening a dokodemo door, I'd locate you for our travels together

nà tóng nián de xī wàng shì yī tái shí guāng jī
My childhood wish is for a time machine

你我翻滾過來的榻榻米 味道熟悉
nǐ wǒ fān gǔn guò de tà tà mǐ wèi dào shú xī
The familiar scent of the tatami mat we both once rolled on

所有回憶 在小叮噹口袋裡
suǒ yǒu huí yì zài xiǎo dīng dāng kǒu dài lǐ
All our memories are in Doraemon’s pocket

yī qǐ dàng qiū qiān de mò qì
Our chemistry while playing on the swings

zài fēng zhōng chí xù zhe tián mì
Continuing our sweet romance in the winds

#Verse 2:

yǒu xiē huà zóng lái bù jí
Some words I kept missing the opportunity to say

yī zhí dōu fàng zài xīn dǐ
Thus I kept them deep in my heart

xiǎng yào jiāng nǐ kàn zǐ xì
I had hoped to observe you closely

dàn cuò shēn ér guò de nǐ
but you passed me by unknowingly

yǐ jīng lí qù
and left

在風中持續著甜蜜 x2
zài fēng zhōng chí xù zhe tián mì
Continuing our sweet romance in the winds

哦 在風中持續著甜蜜
o~ zài fēng zhōng chí xù zhe tián mì
Oh~ Continuing our sweet romance in the winds



时光飞逝。。 过去的热情。。 后来的距离。。 如今的离开。。

When i am too free in tech symp...

*ar, my hair look like aunty! so i got a hair cut right after.... hahaa

It has served its purpose this year

:) so i completed the 25km in 3 hours 20mins with it.
slightly faster than last year speed. yupe. slightly.

Having Fun..

my bunch of crazy colleagues..especially that white white one...

leng chai boss..
the white white one...
haha, act cute.
cute dad
me is CANON..
leng chai boss too..
great picture..
leng chai photographer