Thursday, June 14, 2012

last day

oh finally, today is my last day at work with M...
i thank god for all the things and those appreciation show by some ppl i least expected.
i really thanks to my project team people especially the bosses for showing me their sincerity and appreciation... they really touched my heart...
But also, i think someitmes expectation does create disappointment.
well, look at the bright side..............~~ hehehee...

lately i have been also pondering over something.
i think time really will cause a feeling to fade and...
action really will leave some impact in ppl's heart.

anyway, my last day finally and hope i will embark in my new career and new life smoothly.
Way to go!!!

PS: i met the CFA teacher at the airport the other day...... hahaa, sometmes i thought, is this mean that i need to go for the class starting 1st july??? mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Monday, June 11, 2012


just as my pg boss rejected my travel to KL for my region appreciation dinner + sort of farewell with the team........... he copied all the big managers from SG and this issue really .....haiz!

at first, i thought of not going to KL anymore..since he rejected my travel.
and suddenly, my KL PM, director and a consultant, they use their own $$$ and bought me an air ticket and also a night stay at my usual LM hotel. wow, i am really touched by this act. They really wants me to be there... and i think they are not so happy with my pg management as well.

my EPM told me about this news actually and i am so surprised that they use their personal $$$ just to buy me this trip... vs my PG management.............. i really don wanna expect anythiing from them, but the other day when i went to office to collect my stuffs........... my immediate big boss brought me out to eat simple road side stuff and he was trying to check if i resign because i am shifting to another location.......while my ex boss ask me i am doing any business and see if he is interested............

and they continue to tell me how tough it is to start a business.. to maintain a business, to not get cheated...etc..all the negative thing............  well, i am someone who REFUSE to listen to all these always especially the advise coming from someone who did not even start a business. I don't listen to those ppl who don really went through the things they SAID only and NOT DONE before.

I am really thankful for the appreciation which show by my KL people.
Even though i don quite feel that i am that close with them but they really show enthusiasm in appreciating me.
so today is the day i realize.......

Stinginess VS Generosity

Half Heartedness VS Enthusiasm

I thank God for this type of response from my KL project team as well.
I really appreciate the time i spent in this project, especially for the exposure, the hotel stays,all the good food i ate,  the different type of job scope, the team work, the "belonging" to the team last time even though i was not in their team yet.....
I am really sad to have make such a decision to leave the team, but i just feel it's the right time for me to move on.

Life is Great !