Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our recorded time

NameKE (MAS)Net Start:06:13:31Category:Half Marathon 21kmNet Time:02:15:19Position:534Finish Timing:02:15:49.17
Name:CY (MAS)Net Start:06:13:30Category:Half Marathon 21kmNet Time:02:21:01Position:088Finish Timing:02:21:30.49
Name:CH (MAS)Net Start:06:13:32Category:Half Marathon 21kmNet Time:02:29:31Position:165Finish Timing:02:30:02.46
Name:HY (KOR)Net Start:06:58:05Category:10k Run 10kmNet Time:01:14:08Position:194Finish Timing:01:14:08.70
Name:CJ (MAS)Net Start:06:14:10Category:Half Marathon 21kmNet Time:02:32:19Position:991Finish Timing:02:33:28.35

Name:PSNet Start:06:14:12Category:Half Marathon 21kmNet Time:02:15:36Position:067Finish Timing:02:16:47.96
Name:CS (MAS)Net Start:06:13:01Category:Half Marathon 21kmNet Time:01:54:46Position:140Finish Timing:01:54:46.71
Name:D (MAS)Net Start:06:14:38Category:Half Marathon 21kmNet Time:01:48:26Position:099Finish Timing:01:50:03.49

Past vs NOW




Ta da... 4 pairs of new balance 1063!! voilaaaa!

Sleepy faces.. before run

Once again.. Theory VS Actual...

My Actual recorded time: 2: 21: 16...
I suppose to do 2: 14:01, am i not??

hehee... Try again next Run coming sunday.. Ipoh International Run.. With my ASICS GeL-KAYANO perhaps!

Comparison...NB looks thicker compare to kayano..

go go go!! PS asked me to target for 2:10:00 coming Ipoh International Run.. wahseh... I will be happy if i can hit 2:13:00.. yeah~~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My 21KM projected time..aiseh!

look at this.... based on last night run 00:22:43 for 4K...
I suppose to complete the 21KM in 2:14:01... WAHSEH!! (ya i know... Actual vs Projected.. sounds like physics class now.. hahaa)

And my FULL marathon should be 4:42:39! WOW!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

marked a happy day

today.. my former US big boss is here in Penang...

n... SURPRISINGLY.. he DROPPED by my cube and talk to me...

ha, just a 10mins chat.. but, it's enough to light up my day.. hehehehe :P

New Love

haha, i think he is quite cute.. :P Korean Badminton player.. :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Are you honest to your friend?

When you don't like a person, will you tell him/her?
When you know something they did is not right, will you tell him/her?

Often i am in dilemma when i am in this type of situation. I am just not good in "decorating" my sentence and hint.

Further more, my facial expression usually betray me! grrr..!

That really got me into trouble. I need to learn from Roger Federer, as cool as a cat.

How to?

I have been in some disappointment lately.

Due to some expectation over some friends.. and expectation always let us down.
Due to some self-rejection i felt in myself.. whenever i speak.. i feel that i am hurting someone.
I feel bad.
I need to change.


Decide to change?
Take deep breathe before speak?
Love God like crazy and break free from this bondage? ( this is what i learned from the Korean Pastor Daniel Kim yesterday)

mmm.. I need to change. It's not easy, i know. God, please help me.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Haze was terrible yesterday!!! until the sun is also missing from the sky...........

FInally, i got this book for me to refer.... Pretty decided on Italy... mmm...

cook a korean mee for dinner........ + the one and only Hot Dog from my fridge...

2 left over potatoes... made for breakfast.. heeh

it's tough...

wow, i just realized it's tough to plan for a good EUROPE trip.

I read in his blog about Paris... http://www.kennysia.com/archives/2008/11/champs-elysees.php
I read about some other places he visited in Europe...Ireland... United Kingdom itself..etc..

Due to the fact that all PICTURES with those LANDMARKS are almost the same.. it actually does not thrilled me at all! Surprisingly!...

What do i want actually?

mmmm............... If there's no TIME constraint... If there's no $$$ constraint... If there's no SAFETY constraint........

Here are the list i want to do in Europe:
1.) I want to be able to run a few half marathons there. (yeap, i am not ready for a FULL yet)
2.) I wish to hike and camp in some of the magnificent mountains..
3.) I wish to ski
4.) I wish to taste different types of local cuisines... best is all la.. :P
5.) I wish to visit many many old castles...
6.) I wish to find out some NEW places.. (Eiffel tower is cool..but everyone seem to have a picture with it.. and you can even photoshop it.. err.. )

I think still........back to SQUARE 1.. i still prefer BLUE + GREEN.. Nature!
May be that explained why i was not so excited for my last HONG KONG trip...... while i was contented with a 4d3N Gunung Tahan hike.

mmmm....... I need to decide where to go....... arr...! It's tough!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ugliest ever... haaha

Now only i know... Actually the "Sushi Sheet" cannot simply keep... it ll turned SOFT>!!! hahaa..
After a 6km run.......... Here's the result of sushi-making from a HUNGRY stomach.. ahahha! I am glad i still be able to finish most of them and keep 3 for this morning breakfast.. !! hahaa, they do taste yummier this morning. :P

物以稀为贵! ha!

*note! the only consistent soup i made... see the 2 bowl?? ahahha..because just need to pour hot water into the ready-made packet... :P
n did i tell you? My cawanmushi FAILED miserably again!! too watery!! ish!!!>.. failing 2 out of 3times..........WHY!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i am planning.......

Finally.. i am sitting down to start planning for my upcoming london +europe trip.
Decided to visit Europe for the 1st week finally..
and then have family vacation to Cotswold on second week.

:D Many suggestions have been given to me..such as...

mmm.. hopefully, by God grace, i am able to plan a nice trip... Cheap + NIce + Memorable!!

It's my first time to Europe, and theoretically, as someone who want to utilize every seconds she has..yearning for some marathons+ hiking trip... travelling with someone who has been there before... mmm.. it does sound like it's not so EASY for me to plan a BALANCE trip. haha~ well.. as my darling always tend to accomodate me..(TQ!!).. let's pray for me to be able to plan a NICE-FOR-BOTH trip. :D

Gotta know a lot of these sites!...Ha! I was really surprise by all the information shared by these sites!! CouchSurfing? mmm, i learned a new term tonite!




As the search just begin....
and it shall continue with more concrete plan by end of the week, hopefully....

Praying for Pound to drop a bit also..~ hehee

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Half marathon?

So, in which half marathon i am in now?

1.) 2007- Ran my first 21km half marathon at Penang Bridge.
2.) 2008- Ran my 2nd 25km half marathon at Penang Bridge.
3.) 2009- Ran my 3rd 21km New Balance Klang Half marathon in Setia Alam, Klang

4.) June 28, 2009- signed up for Standard chartered KL Half marathon, 21km
5.) July 5, 2009- considering should i signed up for Ipoh Half marathon, 21km. (

mmm...Should i??
since they are just 1 week apart.... if i cannot run full 21km.. i just walk la hor??

Go go go!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

KL Trip 2-11june 2009

Transiting in KLIA now.. let me write a summary of the trip..

1.) Running in Gym can be quite interesting.
-not sure since when i pick up running, since last 2007 bridge run with my nike air and got my knee hurt?.. the reason i like to be on business trip= Hotel's gym! yeah~

2.) Riding in the Gym can be quite interesting as well..

3.) Eating 6 times japanese food can be quite fun.. (yeah! low fat, simple, nice, yeah!)

4.) I can run a 2:33 half marathon. hahaa, still pretty happy for myself.. (though others can run WAYYY faster... who cares.. :P )

5.) God's timing is always perfect!
- little thing such as= buying a New Balance 1063, with 30% discount... yeah!
-little thing such as= having no access card to enter the building and i know HE will open the door for me... yeah! indeed.

6.) WOW, many strong n fit girls around me, which i got some of them added to my facebook account! yeah!

7.) facebook = the 1 thing i logged in each time there's an internet connection.

8.) My darling called me everyday........ wahseh~~ I used to complaint he is a passive man.. haha..

9.) LRT, Monorail, etc are so convenient!!!

10.) I just need to get to know some ppl better and things will turned out to be quite fun..

Ok~ Top 10. :D yeah babe.. i am still waiting for my Korea Business Trip.. hahaa.. boss boss..........

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


met up with pilot....for taiwanese desert..

met up with sweet girl.... whom invited me to join the NB klang half marathon...

got myself a 30% discount on NB1063...Rm300 at NB klang half marathon registration.. got myself MAN version coz 2 of my friend got the female version NB1063 .. I don want 3 pair of ORANGE shoes around when we run together..!!

Group of us!
Their record time..
1:55, 1:56, 2:10? (6th position in women category), 2:15 (9th position in women category), and me... 2:33 ( 16th position in women category)
And yeah! story bout my number... They gave me A181 at first... A= men category!! (ish)
And i got it changed during the race day... to D050....... and yeah!! the number got me a lucky HAMPER!! ehhe.. So.. No Trophy..but with Medal.. yeah right..at least i got something which i can eat..
:D Yeah!! and some achievement for me...

1.) Personal best time for 21km.. Improved from bridge run 2007 3 hours to 2:33. yeah!
2.) still can walk and run on the next day!! ahahhaa

Thursday, June 04, 2009

some thoughts..

I was watching Night at the Museum 2 last night with RT..(despite the front row seat, mm, which was not so bad as i imagined..)
mm..A nice show. Hilarious at some scene.. ha! i love the angels.. hahaa..
I love the scene where Amelia flew Larry outside the museum too..such a romantic scene..
I love the passion which Amelia shown..and told Larry.
I admire Amelia's character.

The romantic scene caught me into thinking.
sometimes, we just need to be DEEPLY in love with someone, despite only a short period of hours /days..

It's been sometime i don't feel the "passion" in my heart.........

And there you find someone, standing and praying to God last night..
Ya, He simply knows my thoughts.


RT is climbing fast!!!

Just 1 day, RT is running 20KM!!!!!!...and that makes him No 2 in my daily mile!!!

PS is another crazy girl who run everyday!!!!!!!

And here i am, trying to make full use of the Le Meridien Gym!!.. go go go!!

Monday, June 01, 2009


it was a 7.4km run..and it's worth it.. hehehe..~~ I have always love leader who can run! They are full of some characteristics!! Endurance, Persistence, a Do-er! Yeah~~! that's the type of leader i always respect!!

KOSE mask

Bought this mask... RM75.. :D
I used the artistry mask first... then... Kose Mask...

wah! look at the amount of white heads i got!!!!!!!!