Thursday, November 25, 2010

before 30s

mmm, so by next weekend, i gonna be 30.. may be lotsa my friends are already 30+... so i really don't feel anything...

so 1 more month to go...

Prayers :
1.) To continue to pray for my good friend
2.) To continue to pray for my family
3.) Pray for God's direction in my career, decision in housing purchase, my dad's house, rental houses... (wow, lot of houses related..mmmmmm)
4.) Pray for both my careers.. things He want me to learn


Things need to be done:
1.) find tenants for his apartment
2.) purchase some necessary items for his house.. hope God will guide us in spending the $$$...
3.) preparation for my "dang dang dang dang".. hopefully able to get things sorted out..smooth...
4.) my travel expenses reports + claimts.. ( susah la.. )
5.) my broadband claimt
6.) my income tax payment

Things optional but i am keen to do:
1.) to plant the vegetables
2.) to get wedged bean seed and plant it
3.) to get my old bicycle with basket working so that i can ride to eat + to go to market
4.) to get the Gas Tong for his house + cook the first meal in this house...(hahaha)
5.) to get my car painted ( ahhh.... RM1600 wor...lack of $$$$... or should i just paint the car top la.. )

Planning to be made:
1.) my 2011 planning in both my careers
2.) my 2011 resolutions
3.) review 2010 resolutions

mmmm, must commit all plans unto HIS MIGHTY hands!!! AMEN

Monday, November 22, 2010


I am quite down now, as i totally understand how someone felt after a break up.

A good friend of mine broke up lately...
and the incident reminded me of 2006... the year i broke up with my ex.
Things were pretty tough in the beginning....
and my emotion swing was horrible.
I can be up on the sky at this minute and totally collapse the next minute.
I did not eat for 3 days and lost 8KG within a week.
It was 4 years+ now but i could still remember the scene vividly.
I remembered how tough it was.
and the very first time i felt.........the HEART is an organ that can really HURT.
My heart was breaking... i finally realized ....... the true BROKEN HEART feeling.

n today... almost end of 2010.... i totally understand how he felt.
I prayed for him sincerely, hoping God will send many good supports to him in the moment of needs.
that God will walk this path with him..
Hoping God will guide him through his life.
Reveal His higher purpose for him.
Lead him in the path that He wants him to walk.
Hold him when he is sad and mend his broken heart.
Grant him wisdom to know what to do at moments where he really cannot decide.
Shape him into a stronger person.
In Jesus name, i pray. Amen.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Stuck in between stairs...

this is har's rossy.........
she is very scared to come down from stair case... hahaahhahahaa.....!!!! FUNNY


so i decided to take the pictures of his apartment before he shifted to new house... hehehehe....

the planting virus

So i spread the planting VIRUS to him.............
hahaha, and made him bought the limau tree.... cili padi dia sendiri beli.. hehehehee...

Nice furniture!

simply in love with these........Oh i love this SET of TEAK sofa man!!!...but the price is also scary!..... :(...

So... Rubber wood or Teak?
Rubber wood seems 5 times cheaper than Teak......
but of course...TEAK is a great investment i would say.....

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... bank bank.. i need a bank.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


刚和一个同事聊了好久。。。 一直以来,我们都在一起。
一起讨论不同的事情。。 分工。。 互相加油。。




刚巧,明天是假期。。。 该计划一下明年的事了。。。


加油了!!!! 就快30 岁的我。

Monday, November 15, 2010

moved in

ok! finally, after a busy weekend, my darling have shifted into his new house..

too bad i was not there to help him clean up... ehhehe, but actually i also dunno how to clean la..coz non of the stuffs are mine.. so i cannot help him arrange ma, right.. later he dunno where i put the stuffs then how la? ( hahahaha!! what a perfect excuse!)

Pretty BUSY in KL...
Even Busier in PG...

oh my my.................

I was quite upset with some people performance today. :(
Just hard to describe..but i just simply hate it when things are not following the right path.. :(
Just hope and pray things will be great.

Oh, A testimony.

Today as i was working in the field..intended to help ppl flash the evaluation radio back to the original firmware before they can proceed to upgrade... Suddenly , my Laptop just give me the failure message.
:( and i knew it's due to last weekend, i changed some of the settings when i was connected to my company network.

Desperate, i searched in my PC hoping to have the particular file to enable the function. But :( none!!!!!

And i knew, i gotta connect to my company network to download the file...
as usual, my colleague will have his broadband with him, BUT.........................!!! HE FORGOT TO BRING TODAY!
:(... Desperate......... i was thinking what else i could do............

and..all of a SUDDEN.. my PC was connected to a SECURED WI-FI network happened to be the same name as my bf's house connection..... and.. i, it works!... and quickly, i download the file..and YEAH! Bingo!!!! my flashing worked eventually!

after i downloaded the file, curious, i was wondering..what a co-incidence that my bf might have his password set same as the connection i connect here......... but when i try to reconnect just could not connect anymore!!!!!

wow........... for this reason i wanna GIVE THANKS to GOD!
HE always knows what we need even before we ask!!!
Thank God!!!!!!!

So this is my little testimony today.