Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Harvest!!!

I was wondering why is my complexion suddenly darken, despite the NO-RUN, NO-OUTDOOR months... and i realized!

I helped him to trim his jambu tree last weekend!

Neighbor asked us to trim the tree and make sure it is always low..else it will be too hard to take care...
half way:
I intended to make it into a "BOX" shape..! but! WALOW! trimming the tree is not an easy job!
upon finding out the fruits were not quite TASTY...we decided to fertilize the tree~~ with organic fertilizer.. hehehe..and...

Today: 30 OCT 2010.. after rain.....

Ta da!!! hehehe... RED !!! and still ripening!! hehehe, we just could not wait.. :PRed Jambu Air... + Hardworking Worker........

and you get.... a HAPPY customer! hahaa


and i bought a ROJAK sauce!! ... and end in CH's house.. hahahaa, no body rampas with me not so nice ma.. hahahaa.. So CH is so lucky!!! to taste our "FIRST HARVEST"

ooooo..side line:
i also planted many other things..

1.) Papaya Tree
2.) Custard Apple (too small, you can't see the tree)
3.) Otak Otak leave.. hehee..yeah, that's the one surrounded by the bricks
4.) Aloe Vera..given by mum
5.) lemon grass by previous owner.

many more to come.. hahahaa

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where to Travel next?

mm, been thinking of a HOLIDAY lately..........

but WHERE to GO?

I want a 2 weeks HOLIDAY.
Choices came across my mind...

1.) Korea
2.) Taiwan
3.) China..somewhere scenic
4.) Hanoi
5.) Sabah

Longer Holiday... as in 1-2months
1.) Europe
2.) US
3.) NZ
4.) Aus

How about working OVERSEAS??? mmmmmmmmmmmm