Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Read the whole book of Philipians last night.
Shared my experiences in Nepal last night too.

I finally felt what Paul felt in Philipians!! :~

I had a desire last night.. which i committed to His hand.

"Pakailah sesuai dengan rencanamu..................."

at the edge once again..

I felt i am at the edge of a important decision that i am going to make.

Once again,
A choice to make.
A risk to take.
A direction to choose.
A prayer for direction needed.

I hope He will reveal His will for me end of the month.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. Proverbs 3:5-7

Monday, October 30, 2006

Ku tetap Cinta Yesus Selamanya

Ku Mahu cinta Yesus selamanya..
Ku mahu cinta yesus selamanya..
Meskipun bagai silih berganti dalam hidupku..
Ku tetap cinta yesus selamanya..

Ya abba bapa..
ini aku anakmu..
Layakkanlah seluruh hidupku.......

Ya abba bapa..
ini aku anakmu..
Pakailah sesuai dengan rencanamu.........

Hear My prayer, Lord........... :~

What's next?

Challenged by this question after the Nepal Trip.. "What's next?"..


Many things took place at the Nepal trip.. It was an awesome one! Saw many things.. includes deliverance, encounter with Maoist, roadblock, children gambling around, street performance, children ministry, lead childrens into sinners prayers, children ministry, lay hand on people to pray.. A lot!! It was awesome!!!...

Nepal is a place full of needs.. Saw the people there, they just live day by day.. and yet, we were so luxurious over here and complained.. Electricity can just suddenly cut off.. water supply were scarce.. some were quite dirty.. Road were not properly tar.. youngsters wandering around the streets, day dreaming without doing anything... people were in needs!!..

:) mm.. direction.. decision..... future....... I uphold all these into His Mighty Hand.

SuMei and i.. Nepal flag..

Beautiful Lakeside at Pokhara..

wonderful mountain behind..Annarpurna..

Took around 3K++ photos altogether.... so i picked 3 of them.. hahaha~~ enough.. :D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To Nepal

445am- bangun..
5am- orang datang pick aku ..
530am- pick another team mate..
before 6am.. reach Penang international Airport..

I am flying to Nepal~ finally...... :)

Time to change life~~ yeah......
Time to experience a different level of faith... yeah..


Ahem... U guys wait for me to come back nah~

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Prayer Answered... and then.. ada bonus lagik!!

wah~~ Can you all believe it??.. Been praying and have sleepless night on the bus to Gunung Irau back in early Oct.. I told God.. "God, can you help me to settle my housemate issue before i go to Nepal?.. My Mind keep wandering around.. worrying.... "

And then...... 2nd days.. Many called to come and take a look at my house..
But, none of them replied..

And then... someone called. "Hey, Is ur house's room still available?".. "ohh.. ya..." ".. I want to move in.." "huh?? wat? U don't even see the room yet???!!".. "i already got rough idea.. i confirm want to move in.."..


So anticipating his arrival yesterday.... He decided to move in........ And Mayang and i help him out..

Wah~ So now... I got a new housemate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yessss!!!

And... errr.... ahem.......... The bonus part is..... He is pretty handsome! :D kekeekkekekeke~~~

Praise God..... yahoooooooooooo...........

PS: prayer request.. tolong ku pray for my housemate relationship.. help us to build up strong relationship and support to one another.. :) Hope things will be running fine for him to adjust into our house too. :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

An apartment

went to a friend's apartment yesterday.. wah~~.. cantik gilak!
The view was awesome.. just the pool lacked a bit.. keke~~
But the Gym, function room, environment, house.. all.. mm.. perfect!..

So he is getting married soon........ Congrates!!!

** and i was joking... I want to stay with my In-Laws in the future.. wahahahhaha~~~ more happening... :P


I made a decision.. to choose B.. from my old old blog..

And now, in B.. i am way way way..better~

n somehow, some supported me in B, some ask me to turn back to A.. wat??!!

somehow..somewhat... i feel that "signal" is asking me to choose "B".

Let me just stick with "B" and if i am on the wrong track, He will turn me back. :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Questions again..

"Hey.. so.. u and your XX...?"
"wat?.. me and him? pls........" reclarification i made..
"R u not jealous?"..
"huh? Jealous?? For wat??...... "..


"U ever consider XX?"
.... again~~...............
"nah..not my type..........."
"Y not?...."
"not my type..."


Apple/Orange?.. ~ then i choose Lemon... hahahaa...~~


mm.. Seems like 2006 is a transition year for me..

Since just did Check Point 2 with boss just now.. Let me do my own checkpoint here..

1.) Single life... so far so good.. up and down, but learned quite a lot.. great progress..
2.) Work wise.. mm.. seems ok only.. still searching for my passion..and awaiting for His direction..
3.) Travel wise.. mm.. quite fun.. been to places like HatYai, Hong Kong, Macau, Water rafting, Lang tengah.... Took Open Water Dive.. mm..
4.) Spiritual wise.. mm.. been closer to God.. Hope will continue to be close...
5.) Relationship with people.. mm.. so far so good... getting more and more new friends..
6.) Housemate wise.. Change housemate.. in transition..
7.) CG wise.. mmm.. been great.... :D

2007 Plan..
mmm........ Still praying... Got some major plans coming up!.. mm

finding housemate

mm.. so discuss with my housemate.. make a deal that he ll pay til OCT.. no need to wait til we find housemate.. not quite fair for him also~

So.. It's a choice time again!
A.) i Pay RM185 extra..
B.) Share half half with my housemates.. (housemate tak mau!)
C.) Find new housemate(must pray hard)
D.) Reduce rental from House Owner til we find..(mmmm?.. perhaps can consider?)
E.) Move out lor.......

mmm.... Wonder how is it gonna be?

I just need a place with Swimming Pool~~~............. That's it.. :D kkekekek~~~