Sunday, August 30, 2009

some Trip photos~~

i just noticed i did not post any pictures of my trips... hehehe~ sooooo many photosssss until the viewing of photos became a tedious task! haha~ anyway... here are some of our photos... in Cotswold..

Me and darling in front of the Sudeley Castle...

i asked him to post just like the statue... hahaa.. too many naked statue!! with very clear "xxx".. haha..

Wei Wei was trying to get to the camera... ahahhaa...
Nice trees!
I asked him to don't look into the camera... Model pic~ n asked me why... and give a monkey face..!

Nice flowers can be seen everywhere!! mmm, 1 thing i like about cotswold..
Christopher and me again.... seems like my photos with him is way more than my darling and i!

mm, comment about the whole trip?

I like to walk around london to see a lot of stuffs and shopped at the Portobello market!
Italy- Rome- nice with a lot of ancient buildingsssss.. nice!
Italy-Venice- very special island with very special feeling... how should i put it?? SPECIAL~~
Cotswold- family outing... mm, i think one thing about travelling with family is that we tend to wait for each other..tend to waste a lot of time here and there... but 1 thing for sure.. you will NEVER get hungry..!! . Overall the trip turned out to be bored at times.. luckily.. have 2 kids to play with~ and i like the last 2 days where we did some outdoors running + boating + lakeside BBQ in a very nice holiday home!!!!

wayyy too much photosss.... (you might see some in my facebook~)

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Jazarel said...

looks like a great trip