Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OK, i am again LOST in my current main job.

I cried this morning without anyone knowing.
I almost cried just now too.

:( emotional you may call it, but i am LOST.
I wanted a LEAP but many things tie me down.
I wanted a CHANGE but again the same things tie me down.

I searched and found this online.


How can I find direction in my life and career. The cause of my unhapiness is my current career. I am searching for another career but I am scared to make the jump as I have good pay and compensation at my current job. How do I make the leap?

Dear Earl,
Thanks for writing. Right now your direction should be to simplify your life--cut back expenses as much as possible and save all the money you can so you will be ready when the opportunity comes for your career change. A career change will probably mean your income may decrease for awhile until you make your mark in the new field. Or you may have to accept lower wages to have a job that you enjoy more.
If you are in debt, ignore the irritations of your job as TEMPORARY building blocks to your goal of decreasing your debt (or increasing your savings if you're not in debt). Like a body-builder uses weights to increase his strength and reach his goals, consider the unpleasant aspects of your job as the weights to improve your finances (become financially free) and to be able to try more pleasant jobs in the future. Anticipation is half the fun of improving your situation, and when the change happens, you will appreciate it more for remembering how you "suffered" to get to your improvement.
Besides improving your financial position to give you more freedom to choose, you should be reading, listening, practicing and noticing information that would improve your job marketability and/or help you start your own business. The golden rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) is so important because it's hard to succeed in most areas unless you come across well with people. Try to find something positive about each person you see or talk to and you may find interesting opportunities for change in your future.
If you don't go to church, it would be helpful to start looking for one. Besides being a place to connect socially and career-wise, a church should encourage you to look to your Source for direction now and forever. Our Creator loved us enough to become one of us. He lived a perfect life, then gave His life to pay for our sins that separate us from Him (then He came back to life on the third day). If we will entrust our lives to His direction, trusting His way is better than ours (He is smarter than us and He knows the future) than He will help us fulfill all the potential with which He created us. A daily habit of reading His Word that He provided and preserved for us at great cost, is very worthwhile.
People all over the world would give anything to be an American with our freedoms and opportunities. A daily counting of our blessings helps to put things in a positive perspective. Helping someone less fortunate will make your temporary situation more bearable also.
Timing is important. Get prepared for your leap (as mentioned above) and learn where you should go, then it won't be so traumatic, even though all changes are difficult.
Your willingness to reach out to others will help you succeed.
Priscilla Lyons

OK< i need to start with SIMPLIFY MY LIFE............... come on, God, can you please help me?????????????????

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