Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shopping Weekend!

Spend a lot last weekend!
Fixed my air cond- got the air filter, the fan motor and fill the gas-- RM290
Fixed my hair- hahaha.. Yeah..Fixed.. :P RM205 -expensive!
Fixed my attire--hahaa, bought some attire= RM232....
ewa ewa..
Then, last saturday was a memorable day.

Our Navy Senior, So and Leow, married! :D
Manage to meet up with Navy seniors, intake 5. :D
Also met up with Wei Ling, yeah~ The feeling of meeting up with navy is just cool :) Perhaps get too used to them.. haahhahaa.........

Wei Ling, Pn So, Tuan Leow, me(with new hair) + KE.. My ka chuak friend.. :P

My coursemate= she is prenant 7 months!!!!!

Navy girls.. memang macam itu one la.......wahahahahhahaha!!!

haha Intake 5, Intake 7, Intake 8............. Intake 6 missing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday..April 19

Got back from customer site a day before yesterday.
Ha! Can't believe i am way so tired.

Kinda moody lately.
Many things running through my mind.

Read this.
Instead of saying, “I’m worried,” stop and say, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” Then add, “So I’m worried to death!”

Why worry when you can pray?

Trust Jesus, He’ll be your stay;

Don’t be a “doubting Thomas,” rest fully on His promise.

Why worry when you can pray?


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sat's nite insight

Last nite message by Pr Peter, talking about,

Are you building for eternity?
With what are you building it with?
Can your work pass through the test of fire?

1 sentence strike me.

"A lot of movements, but no improvement"

Sometimes, find myself stucked in a situation like that, where i am crazily going after many things in my life... do plenty of stuffs..... and in the end, when i am back and be still, i just found out that.. eee.. there's no improvement at all!!!..

Hope everyone be able to live their purpose, a purposeful and fruitful life. :)

Unlimited Potential

In the office now, tomorrow going to customer's site for verifying their problem. Kinda... errr.. not sure how to describe. 1st time to customer site. err.. Guess this is the "1st time" feeling? where you are so looking forward, and yet, scared to face it.. and etc etc.....

Ha! Read this Article.

Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.
What might God want to accomplish through you in your lifetime? As a businessperson, you may yet have your greatest contribution to society. Such was the case of Cyrus McCormick, born in 1809. Raised on a farm by an inventor father, Cyrus McCormick sought to invent a mechanical reaper to harvest wheat. His father's attempts at inventing a successful machine had failed until Cyrus, at 22, created one that worked. McCormick had to overcome many setbacks including the loss of his patent 14 years after his first invention. This opened up competition. Then, in 1837 he went bankrupt due to the bank panic of 1837. However, these setbacks did not prevent McCormick from achieving his goals.
He expanded his market by trying to sell his machine to European farmers in 1851. A long series of honors compensated for the lack of recognition and praise from his American compatriots. By 1856, he was not only a world figure but his factory produced more than 4,000 reapers a year.
McCormick was a committed believer. He lived during the time of D.L. Moody and gave $10,000 to Moody to start the Chicago YMCA in 1869. That building burned along with his Chicago factory in 1871. By this time, McCormick was over 60 and wealthy enough to retire. Before his death in 1884, he had given $100,000 to help open Moody Bible Institute. His son, Cyrus Jr., was to become the first chairman of the school's board. Cyrus McCormick was a devoted Christian who passed his faith on to his son who later met up with J. Pierpoint Morgan to become the first president of a combined reaper firm, the famed International Harvester Corporation. [John Woodbridge, ed., More Than Conquerors (Chicago, Illinois: Moody Press, 1992), 328-331.]
What might God want to accomplish through your life? Surely you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Questions to ponder:
What is your purpose and are you moving in that direction?

I lately found myself struggling in the WORLD and the SPIRITUAL site.
Sometimes, i had the thinking that, ya, someone need to be missionary, pastor, etc, doing godly work, then only he is pleasing God.

But in actual, went to training last time, and Pastor said, Secular work is equally important. In the bible, not all people are doing spiritual work. Some are fisherman, some are businessman, some are teacher..etc.

Find your calling, what you were called to be, what is your strength and ability, what is your passion.. And go for it. :D


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Have you ever.....
-> felt so keen to share your experiences to others around you, but after you did it, you just felt bad?
-> felt so keen to voice out your thoughts, but after you did it, you just felt you have create the defensiveness in others?
-> felt so enthusiatic to organisze some activities, but after you voice it out, you just get pour cold water instead of the thrill that you expect they should felt?

And your inner thoughts tell you...
--> "Why they like that one!!!!!!....well, i just can't please everyone!!!!!!"
--> "so hurt, nobody even understand me"
--> "Why are you so arrogant? you should have keep quiet instead of sharing"
--> "really, you should just keep quiet, low profile..."
--> "ppl are self centered, they just care about you when you earn success......."
--> "So disappointed with life.. i am just seems always face rejection...."
... so on and on....

And, this morning, just as i was thinking that way... praying to God.. walking out my door.. A sudden thought hit me.
"Where is the perseverance?"

and soon...... "It's normal that you felt that way, you just have to keep moving on, keep pressing forward, instead of sitting there and grumble about the rejection, hurt by it..dwell in it.."

right after.. when i was driving.. "The response you sense from others, often are correct. It is just the reality"
--> "Why they like that one!!!!!!....well, i just can't please everyone!!!!!!" --> YES, for SURE, you can't!!
"so hurt, nobody even understand me"--> YES, they just don't understand you!!! Everyone is different.
"Why are you so arrogant? you should have keep quiet instead of sharing"--> YES, you are just being arrogant sometimes, boasting about your achievement that you desperately wish that people will admire.. And YES, sometimes, you should just keep QUIET!!!
"really, you should just keep quiet, low profile..." --> YES!! You should!!
"ppl are self centered, they just care about you when you earn success......."--> YES, this is a FACT too!!
"So disappointed with life.. i am just seems always face rejection...."--> YES, indeed, you feel it.

and, as i drive further................
> "you felt that, because people are different. You get comfortable with those that having the same character with you, and you just get resentment when you are with those that are not behaving the same way you expect them to behave. Well, take heart, they just felt the same about you too! It is when you are out of your comfort zone that you grow the most. The same comfort zone when you thought about your career, your life..etc.. You are facing the same OUT-OF-COMFORT-ZONE feeling you are feeling when you mix with different type of people........."
> "You need to understand.. the same thought of yours that wish that people should behave the same way you expected, are in their mind too! "
> "You need to change? to become more like them?"
> " ah.. NO!!!......i don't want to be like them."
> "be flexible...... You don't need to be like them, you just need to learn, to be able to understand that they are feeling the same way you do, that they are expecting the reaction that they expected"
> "be quiet at times, be gentle at times, be talkative at times, be sensitive at times, be aggreative at times, be confident at times, joke at times, be humorous at times, ......."
> "express all the feelings......... just choose the right one at the right open to learn..."

and it come to a conclusion..

something to ponder each day i guess. ;)

Monday, April 09, 2007


1.) Challenge beats advancement.
The Lesson: "In any career, the most important thing is always to be moving to more challenging work, and that doesn't always mean moving up," says Betsy Collard, director of program development at Palo Alto's Career Action Center. "If you aren't stretched, you're dying on the vine."

2.) Turmoil can be enriching.
The Lesson: "People should realize that some of the best career opportunities are gained from moving over," says Betsy Collard. "If you don't, you lose out on the opportunity for growth and change that a different perspective brings."

3.) To make yourself marketable, look for opportunities to learn.
The Lesson: "To turn a bad situation into an opportunity, slow down," advises Collard. "Think about when and how you do your best work. Taking stock of where you stand can be a healing process. It can also be a pivotal opportunity to find work that's more in keeping with who you really are."

4.) Losing your role can help you find your way.
The Lesson:"There's nothing like the discomfort of losing your role to make you reevaluate what's really important at work and in life," observes Collard. "When an assignment comes to an end, it should be viewed as a chance to move on to a new challenge."

Annapurna, Nepal

Last Year, 2006 OCT, i intended to go back to Nepal at OCT 2007 for Annapurna Hike.

Found out this.

Wow~ Who knows, it might become true!!
Need 15 days leave.

My Tahan Trip is April 29-May 2?

Let's see......Nepal in 2008?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cool Guy

Met this guy..
Nice skin colour!
Cool body..

hahaa~~ So just share with ladies out there.. :P kekekeke~

My CG Leader keep telling me........ "PLSSSS.... Check the CHARACTER of a person..! "

Date with her

Went dating with my good friend just now. So long never catch up!!

So told her, i gonna pick her up and she will decide where to eat.

Japanese Restaurant she suggested.

Eat chat... she is a mummy now.. but still an attractive one. hahaa~~

and then..Finally.. i got the bill pay.. and before send her off, i handed her the teddy flower i specially get for her from Qbay last weekend.

"Wow.. you are such a romantic person"..

yeah!! Bingo! Hardwork pay.. :p ~~~~ :P Seems like i am cool in picking up girls too.............. hahahhaaa......... :P

Perhentian March 29-April 1, 2007

Petang, 2 of us took some posting photos at Coral view.. A cool place!! expensive too! :D

haha, cool pic.. :P

3 of us... 4 of us........ Sanya, KE, Vynn, me

only KE and i took AWOD.. March 29-April 1, 2007.

The rest are taking Wreck Speciality.

My 2007 AWOD Buddy

This year..Buddy with KE. :D
It's great that after this diving trip, we got some revelation. :)
We be able to open up our mind. Yeah, Praise God.
Also, we come to a conclusion that.. haha.. we are just like the "Ka Chuak".. haha, y?... u gotta think.. :P

Cool pic taken.....

see the beetle? .. terbalik already..
In Life, sometimes we might turn turtle, fall from a higher place, but once again,
Strength is the ability to bounce back once you are beaten down. :)
May we all remember this. Yeah~


My CG members.. kekeke~~
saw the leng lui next to me? kekkeeke.........

Saturday, April 07, 2007


So encouraged by the Book of Ruth. :)

Ruth stayed loyal and loving to her mother in-law, Naomi.
Ruth 1:16 But Ruth replied, "Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God."

Also admire Boaz. A man of integrity.

Ruth 3:18 Then Naomi said, "Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today."

:) May we continue to remember Him each day.

Ruth story summarizes this. We begin with no hope and are rebellious aliens with no part in the kingdom of God. Then as we risk everything by putting our faith in Christ, God saves us, forgive us, rebuilds our lives, and gives us blessings that will last through eternity. Boaz's redeeming of Ruth is a picture of Christ redeeming us.

Today is Easter!! :D The day He has overcome death and risen! :D Yeahhhhhhhh~~~~

I like them

yea.. i like both of them!

No 1... He is...
Passionate for God
Matured and responsible
sensitive and observant
direct and assertive
know the direction that he wants to move to
mm... and finally.. he got a cute smile. :)

No 2.. mmm.. this one is.. just gotta know him for 2 days only.. came to PCC for Easter Sunday preaching... based on his 2 messages preached... haha.. i just like him! :D
Really X 100 passionate for God
Dramatic life
Funny and yet very confidently boasting about Christ..
He just got the energy to move the whole santuary!!!! AWESOME!!!!! :D
mm.. and finally.. he got a really cute smile too!! :) "her..her..her..her.. " hahahahahaha.,...