Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 is going fast...

i think 2009 is going fast.....

And it seems that 2009 been quite a good year thus far.
reconciliation, new relationshipssss( ask my buddy n that star), new jobsss..despite the seems-getting-worse economy downturn.

Wow, by the end of 2009, i hope i have achieved the goals i set for myself this year. :D
Let's count the good things that will happen in 2009... 1 by 1 yeah.. recording....

-CNY, into new house! yeah!
-seems to have great bunch of colleagues! yeah!

-got nintendo Wii to play! yeah!
-got surprise roses for valentines! yeah!
-finally set a date for Bali Trip! yeah!

and hopefully the lists go on and on.... heheehe

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