Friday, February 13, 2009


pissed off with the tetra big boss again and here i am .............before another call..taken up this survey found in the susan's blog.

So i am an OWL!

APPROACH: Spontaneous/Practical

DESCRIPTION: The Owl recognizes ideas and new directions in their early stages and develops the means to promote or advance them. When presented with an idea,they think of how to get it implemented,using insightful planning based on past experiences and successful methods. The Owl may initially respond to ideas with skepticism,but will let accepted norms and their feelings guide them.

They derive satisfaction from instilling a sense of purpose in the team, and promoting that purpose with single-mindedness and determination. Their actions are directed to achieving objectives by the most direct,efficient means,and they are not inclined to let rules and boundaries discourage them.

The Owl is able to focus on many things at once,and may move from one subject to another. They enjoy respect and influence.

CONTRIBUTION: Energetically promoting team objectives. Recognizing the value of a new idea or trend,and actively carrying it forward.

WEAKNESESS: If left alone or working only with someone with a strong Conceptual Approach, the Owl may move ahead to implement concepts that aren't completely thought through, ignoring danger signs and realistic barriers to successful implementation.

INSTINCT: Choosing the highest priority ideas, and moving swiftly to see them implemented.

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