Tuesday, December 01, 2009

1 Dec

a long day...
Morning was in LGL hospital for checkup... went for ultrasound...glad that all things were ok.
I really felt that i have peace of mind due to i have Him who is always with me..and i know that in any adversity, i can trust Him alone.

Afternoon i was at work...

Evening i was helping my friends for some issues.. and it was raining.

and i went to CG. Birthday Celebration...for myself and star..but star was absent..so we did a conference call birthday song for her. kekeke..

Then my darling called me coz he lost his car remote somewhere...

Reach home close to 12am...

I was quite discouraged with some of the people today.
I was hurt by some words today.

Just as i reached my bed and wanted to switch on my laptop to write this blog........... PSALMS 31 keep flashing through my mind... So i flipped to Psalms 31. .. with the thinking... If it's from God, then He will knows exactly what i have been through and what i am thinking right now.

So, Psalms 31........ The title strikes me instantly!
The Lord a fortress in Adversity.

So it was from the Lord.
I am encouraged. :D
The Lord is my ROCK and my FORTRESS.

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