Monday, December 28, 2009

end of the year

wahseh.. just blogged 1 Dec and now, it's 28 Dec!!
28days has gone... what have i done?

mm, what have i done..... see if i can write 28 of them...mmm
1.) a few hours ago, i cleaned up my room.! throw out 1 bag of papers....zzz...
a lot of books more to go.... seems like my room is full of books...!! boxes... shoes... mmm, tomorrow continue part 2.

old uni time stuffs!!!... lotsa love letters.. hehehee
managed to squeeze 2 boxes into 1...haha

2.) wrote out my weekly time table for 2010... ! hurray.
throughout 2009, i find out 1 thing about myself..that's lack of discipline..and like to procrastinate.
2010, i am seeking change.. to complete the task by day.. as the chinese saying goes.. today matters, today complete.. 今日事,今日毕。

3.) went to kl from Dec 9 til dec 24! well, 16days over there.
-went to ipoh to meet up with FH's siblings+family.. ahhaa

in front of pavilion..

4.) went to ipoh again for christmas celebration! had a proper christmas long table meal..wahseh!
first time i ate christmas pudding.. :P cute!!! FH's nephew..

christmas pudding..( the black thing)

christmas cake..

5.) ate good stuffs in KL.. hahaa~
went to this taiwan restaurant in KLCC for 3 times..!! haha

6.) received different type of presents...
lipstick, book, shirts, lotions, lip butter, bathing stuffs.. :D

7.) give away different type of presents...
robots, science stuffs, flower, shirts, ...

8.) attended 1 customer issue...

9.) drove a RANGER... ahaha.. such a huge car man..!

10.) met up with kor..

11.) met up with mayang...

12.) dailyin out with KL colleague..

13.) got a freaking expensive hair cut RM55... by some non-professional!! grr...!

14.) bought 2 nice pants with my darling...

15.) went to PCC for christmas celebration..

16.) kor asked me to cut down on sugar..but i keep failing..

hahaha~~ zzzz...!!

17.) bought wheat grass as vege supplement...

18.) attempt kellogs 2 weeks challenge....

19.) attend my cousin wedding on dec 6......

20.) found my old school stuffs from uni... haaha, interesting letters i found.. :P i wrote to many people before!

21.) bought 1 new fish with darling... Rescue his almost die fish.......!! got him to buy a separator for the killer fish!! @%@%#.. :D glad the fish survive..+ got a new partner.. hehee

22.) finally decided to part with my CLEO+READER DIGEST magazine..which has been lying there for years!!

23.) signed up for Adidas Sundown Marathon coming May 29, 2010 in Singapore....+ bought the air ticket as well!! hehehe

24.) swam in Le meridien pool finally.... ahhaa

25.) finally, i am getting sick of japanese food!!! only ate once through out December....!

26.) Brad called up for Christmas... haha, a bit weird, but kinda lovely....

27.) got a christmas present from jackie....

28.) got a pair of korean chopsticks!!! :D so cool!!!!

yeah~~ and....let me write out 29....(for the sake of celebrating 29years old!)
29.) CJ got me a pack of korean chopsticks!! heehhee... yet to get it.. but i am very excited.. :D

yeah~ that's it!!! :D

2010!! Go Go Go, Girl!!!....

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ChaiHar said...

fuyo.. so contented.... btw, nice hairstyle...