Wednesday, June 02, 2010


oh come on.....i finally surrender and visited a doctor today.
My colleague sent me there just now. It was very KIND of him...( i forced him)
haha.... so due to that, he missed the date with his potential-gf... hahaa..

So this is the first time doctor asked me to MC tomorrow and i rejected.
i told him.."i am here to work".
and he looked at me eye wide-opened.

well this morning when i was listening to the HITzFM... it reminded me to appreciate my life.
To be joyful and just have fun.
I have been watchful over my life and i have been asking myself which direction should i go.
I have been wanting to give up something and something else happened which hold me back.

The thought of just letting it go keep going through my mind each time.
well, again........ i am LOST...... + i am finally SICK.

:D life goes on... not bad... Sick and sleep in a nice Hotel room.

So let's see how's tomorrow goes............... i hope HE will reveal to me HIS direction for my life.... :D

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