Sunday, August 29, 2010

not that into........

just finished watching the show.. "He is just not that into you"...

hahaa.. pretty nice show.. i am loving it! some of the thing they said are just so true!

"when he is not calling, he is NOT gonna call!"
i just remember i used to spend this hours looking at the HP hoping that he called....!! hahaha.. SILLY me!!!!!!! well Lucky i figured out early. :P

"when he is not marrying you, he is NOT gonna marry you"
well, this is true too...if u r in a long term relationship............. especially in the level of the intimacy you are having......i seriously think that..YES, this is RIGHT Again... he gets what he wanted even before why bother marrying??

"A man will do whatever it takes to get to know the women he loves".
This is super duper true! Even a SHY guy will know how to get your hp number or how to get your attention.

hahaa..okok, so this is the WAKE-UP-CALLS for women..!

Now..these are the for the men...

1.) When she agreed to go out with you.....probably she has nothing to do at the moment... may be she just want to be friends...
2.) When she is not going out with you..... even after several calls, well, SHE IS DEFINITELY NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!
3.) When she is NOT reading your blog or your facebook page........ SHE IS OBVIOUSLY NOT interested in you!
4.) When she is not picking up your calls, come on! GIVE HER A BREAK!
5.) When she just rushing her dinner with you, you gotta WAKE UP..! She is NOT interested in ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!
6.) When she is trying hard to LAUGH at your jokes....oh COME ON! STOP joking!
7.) When she is always BUSY, REJECTING you, STOP STALKING her!!!! n BACK OFF!!

well, it really takes "EXPERIENCES" to know all these!!
and it TAKES lotsa DETERMINATION to stop THINKING of someone.
But, yeah, 1 thing for SURE, YOU WILL GET OVER IT!!!


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BeeAnne said...

I watched that movie as well. Awesome film! Love your blog but I don't read.... Well asian. Hahaha