Sunday, February 13, 2011


Finally.. 2 weeks CNY holiday... bye bye... habis jugak :(
tomorrow will start working again... hoiyoh!!!!

Went shopping for Ring today...
check out quite a few of rings, but end up, i think i prefer the TOMEI dreams collection.. White Gold with 1 single 0.1 carat diamond in the middle.... simple and elegant.
:( But.. his mum said don't get that one lor...
i think i gonna ask my darling go n get it this week.. hahahahaa....
Since i like it so much..

Wanted to buy a watch as well..but... could not see one that's great.

Wanted to send my car for painting as well..but 2k lorrrrrrr... sob!!!
End up too busy and did not go.

Good THing...
Managed to visit CH and PC.. kekekeke.. Navy Reunion.

And today!!! yeap!!! the reason for posting......
is because this morning, was my wedding photos selection!!!!
i think it's QUITE easy for me to choose those photos...because i look so CHUBBY in a lot of pics!!!!
I wanted to delete a lot of the pics.. but my darling insists he wants them.
I guess.. usually......... things work the other way round for other couple...
usually Women will want all the picssssssss..... and Man will keep counting the $$$$$$$$$.... hahahaha, completely opposite!!

Anyway, Hope the confirmation of guests list can be done ASAP..
And next march will discuss about.
1.) Helpers list
2.) Childhood photos presentation.. ekkekee... CH..kekekekkee
3.) The rest of the stuffssssss....

Most of the things done by my darling... coz... he more YIM CHIM compared to me.. ahhaha, SURPRISINGLY!.. i am WAYYYYY too CHIN CHAI!!!!

:D Anyway....... 2 more months to go..... fu yo...

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