Wednesday, April 06, 2011


So i would like to make a self-interview here.............

1.) How do you feel today?
-tired... well, i just back to my apartment to clean up a bit...and to estimate what do i need to hourly maid to do on coming Friday.. Mop the floor..fixed the washing machine... n throw some rubbish... physically tired...mentally..

2.) How do you feel knowing that your wedding is next Saturday?
Fear of the future.
Hope it will pass by quickly.
Hope things turned out alright...

3.) What is your expectation towards you future husband?
I hope that
He will take care of the family
work together with me to go through life circumstances
respect my decisions in various things... such as child bearing, career...
do not limit my freedom.
Take care of house finances.
Share the house chores with me... for exp: cooking, cleaning up the house...
Hope to have 1 year once family outing (just us alone... or our children next time)

4.) What type of family do you like to see yourself in?
-close bonding
- Enjoyable, adventurous, openness and honesty among family members.
- Seek after God.
- Financial doing fine. If possible, i would like my children to study overseas ( AUS or UK) starting from 13years old. And if so, i would like to migrate.

mmm... tq ms chong for the interview....we hope that you have a great marriage ahead!!!

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