Monday, February 28, 2011




一之以来, 我都很容易喜欢和欣赏某些人。




Saturday, February 26, 2011



刚刚看过自己二月的开销。。 惊人。。 已经五位数了。。
1。)智慧牙 710
2。)facial stuff 360
3。)HPV 200 + 50
4。)结婚照 + 其他 308+680
5。)读书贷款 3917
6。)新手机 400
7。)房屋税 346。6
总共: 7971。60

其他的拉拉杂杂。。。。。 wahhhh

2。)蜜月。。。 本来想要去纽西兰。。。现在。。又想去欧洲。。
3。)HPV injection * 2

又想去test drive 一些车子。。。

mmmm........ 在今年, 我好像要用很多钱。。。


我要快点还清我的房贷!!! hahahahaha.... 加油!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Study Loan

Since 1998.. i was on study loan...for my study.
Completed my study in 2001...and start paying back RM21,389.00 since July 2001...

0% interest..(thanks for our JPA..!)
til today.. Finally!!!!

I am only RM87 away from completed my study loan! Hurray!!! Amen Amen!!!

So 1 more loan with my name which i am stuck in.... and my dad's loan (wow, so hero.. zzz)...
come on... faster clear them..then HURRAY!!! I need to figure out how to clear them fast.
Been reviewing my salary lately..found out that i am wayyy too low due to i am too loyal to my current company... hahhaa, all my friends been jumping company and salary keep increasing.... another friend keep traveling overseas and we rate her 1st among us.. richest. kekee

3oyears old n going to be 31years old end of the year... and i find out that i am STUCKED with $$$$$$......... PRAY PRAY that rabbit year bring me good luck... Pray my wedding ONG ONG me...and of course...pray that God help me settle my issue.. kekekee...

3 of my colleagues resigned.
who's next? another one asked me.. hahahaa...

mm, i wonder.

Pre-CNY wisdom toothache---> right face swollen for 3 days

Post-CNY, wisdom teeth removal.. RM400 for bottom, RM200 for top, RM110 for xray + medicine pre-surgery

A brilliant smile from me....
n 1XRAY + 2 teeth for remembrance!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

last year ang pow

oh last year of collecting ang pow..

got altogether RM528 up to now...

hahaa, go KL minta more ... kekekeke

surprisingly, get around 5 ang pows from KL bosses and friends.
+ RM 41

Total : RM 569 for 2011 ang pow.. mm


Finally.. 2 weeks CNY holiday... bye bye... habis jugak :(
tomorrow will start working again... hoiyoh!!!!

Went shopping for Ring today...
check out quite a few of rings, but end up, i think i prefer the TOMEI dreams collection.. White Gold with 1 single 0.1 carat diamond in the middle.... simple and elegant.
:( But.. his mum said don't get that one lor...
i think i gonna ask my darling go n get it this week.. hahahahaa....
Since i like it so much..

Wanted to buy a watch as well..but... could not see one that's great.

Wanted to send my car for painting as well..but 2k lorrrrrrr... sob!!!
End up too busy and did not go.

Good THing...
Managed to visit CH and PC.. kekekeke.. Navy Reunion.

And today!!! yeap!!! the reason for posting......
is because this morning, was my wedding photos selection!!!!
i think it's QUITE easy for me to choose those photos...because i look so CHUBBY in a lot of pics!!!!
I wanted to delete a lot of the pics.. but my darling insists he wants them.
I guess.. usually......... things work the other way round for other couple...
usually Women will want all the picssssssss..... and Man will keep counting the $$$$$$$$$.... hahahaha, completely opposite!!

Anyway, Hope the confirmation of guests list can be done ASAP..
And next march will discuss about.
1.) Helpers list
2.) Childhood photos presentation.. ekkekee... CH..kekekekkee
3.) The rest of the stuffssssss....

Most of the things done by my darling... coz... he more YIM CHIM compared to me.. ahhaha, SURPRISINGLY!.. i am WAYYYYY too CHIN CHAI!!!!

:D Anyway....... 2 more months to go..... fu yo...

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Rabbit Year

Yeah! a great start for Rabbit year!

Managed to rent out FH's apartment finally... heheheheheheh!!!!
Woo hooooo..........!!! 12 feb2011

Snapped wedding photos on 10 feb...
tomorrow will be choosing photos.. hehee

let's see how the photo turn out to be.
Can't believe they actually need to alter 3 out of 5 pieces of my dress.....!!
add 1 inch looser... hahahahaa... CNY CNY!!!