Saturday, September 17, 2011


Nice to have rest day...
I cannot find my comb yesterday n I decided to trim my short hair again... (seems like it has been some time I did not comb my hair).

Went to the same shop but was full of ppl... So.. Changed to a further distance shop...

Haha... Self snap some pic..

N yeah.. I m going for smurfs 3d tonite!!

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Day3 evening

Wow.. I dunno they actually can grow so fast...
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Monday, September 05, 2011

Day 3 morning

So.. Check out how the ladies finger have grown over night! N my aster spring has germinated too!! Excited..... But... No sign of life from the basil pot..

Today a lot of pplS' birthdays.. Mmm... Am I moving into chap 2?.. I just wonder....
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Wow.. Amazingly fast!
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Sunday, September 04, 2011

New mind.

Finished reading this book. Quite interesting I would say as he described the all new conceptual age we r moving into from information afe.... The 3 questions.... The pleasant life vs good life... Just to name a few. I guess the whole concept of the book is once basic needs, material need are achieved.. Next thing human long for would be the spiritual satisfaction. The hole in everyone of us needed desperately to be filled...

Quote this fr the book... The ideal life is not a fear fueled pursuit of cheese(i guess the cheese as in the who moved my cheese book). It's more like walking a labyrinth, where the purpose is the journey itself.

Now... Go google.. Labyrinth.

N.. I attached few nice quotes I read. Enjoy.
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So... Ta da!! The ladies fingers r fast!!! Think very soon.... Will have ladies fingers to eat soon.... Hehe....

Just as I m very blue due to my long holiday ended today..... But this sprouting of my ladies fingers are cheering me up!
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Friday, September 02, 2011


Ok... My widged beans are happily crawling while I m still waiting for the rest to germinate... Check out the little pot... I think we ve just seen the ladies finger anxiously trying to win this germinating contests....
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My Raya Holiday..

oh boy, every good thing need to come to an end, needn't it?

These were my plans for RAYA before i enter RAYA:
1.) To REST and SLEEP until i grow mushroom
2.) To rejuvenate myself, spend time with myself
3.) Clean up the house
4.) Plan and build cabinets for house
5.) Review my sales progress and make plans
6.) Plant some ladies finger, flowers

Ok, so 2 more days to end this RAYA holidays.... Let's see....
1.) To REST and SLEEP until i grow mushroom---> Oh yeah!!! so NICEEEEeeeee
2.) To rejuvenate myself, spend time with myself--> Yeah!!!
3.) Clean up the house--> Just did the downstair..yet to clean up upstair!!
4.) Plan and build cabinets for house---> errr... haiz!! i guess our concepts are really beh ngam!
5.) Review my sales progress and make plans---> know my current position... need to plan next to.
6.) Plant some ladies finger, flowers--> Yeah! n i planted basils waiting for them to germinate!!!

mmmmmmmmmmm......... so 2 more days for me to clean up items i did not do........ n that clean my upstair!!

:D --> trying hard to smile..........
because, holiday is really NICE!!!!
n i hate it when my holiday finishes!! grrrr

Thursday, September 01, 2011

First sui kao

Haha.. I watched the taiwan 小吃the other day.. N saw this.. So... Using simple plain flour.. (copy fr mi hin kuih). I made this!.... Ta da!! My hubby sick n he don even wanna choi me....

But ok...

The good part:
+ can be eaten
+ the skin works

Bad part:
#skin too think laaa.. Ppl use the roller for a reason

Keke...check out the pics.
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