Monday, October 05, 2009

the night before Labuan

mm, so i get to go to Labuan... a brand new place.. :D at least, i am excited.
Not sure how Labuan looks like but i guess, it must be diving-heaven. or at least..sea-food heaven?

anyway, i often thank God that i am blessed with this job. :)
Many asked me, do i like my job.. yeah, finally i can say YES!! :D

I am glad that i ve managed to settle some of the big issue i am facing lately.
and also started to train for my full marathon... haha, i am on 8km now.. at least..i can run 8km non-stop.. hahaha... :P 10km next(hopefully in the Labuan's gym) n 12km by friday outside Motorola.

again and again, i am being reminded of....

fear .. fear of losing something.. fear of anything... everyone has it.
It's how you handle fear.
It's how you handle losing.
It's how you handle failure that makes the difference in one's life.

yeah~~ go go go!! handle the fear..

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