Sunday, September 27, 2009

mm, at least something done

So went to charity run this morning.. around 7km.. i suspect i run around 40+mins... only the first 500 got medal... and haha!! i DID NOT get it..zzz

i was walking n running on the way back.. Glad that my darling ran also! :D so supportive.. heeh

After Run. I have a list of things to do:
1.) CHeck out the medical check up + PAP SMEAR package...--> apa lar, close shop..zz
2.) Fix my clock --> Yeah!! RM18, got it fix!! 3 months waranty!
3.) My hair dryer--> ish! dunno Y.......... suddenly smoke just come out...-> pending for darling to fix for me.
4.) Wisdom tooth--> went Xray my wisdom tooth, Doc said if it is causing trouble, and always pain, it is best that i pluck it off.. due to my tooth grow at the very end of my jaw.. and block by the bone.. i need to go through a minor operation.. migth cost at least RM400.... sob!! $$$$$$$$$$... not so much about the money though.. but are you sure, you are paying to SUFFER? arr!! i need to prepare my heart for this!!!
5.) Clean up my living room--> got the curtain hang up!! yeah!! NICE

Then we went to watch the Ugly Truth.. ahah! quite a funny show.

n went to SAKAE!! wow.. RM66.. sometimes, i think, things are getting more n more expensive out there... wahseh.. RM66 may be i can buy 3KG prawns and eat already... still left with some $$..haaha..

anyway! great weekend. :D Hope my cough faster recover........................................

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