Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Not sure have u ever feel that way... but i guess u sure did. haha~

sometimes, i am very upset with certain friends. Close friends especially.
In whom you hope...
1.) they will support you in ur decision.
2.) they will encourage you in certain way
3.) they will provide helping hand to you when you need it.
4.) they will not calculate so much with you.
5.) they will lend their listening ear and listen with their heart and empathize with your problem...

mmm, but all i get were..
1.) continuous putting down
2.) minimize your feeling
3.) envy your situation
4.) spreading of your news

at the end result.. i often feel even more discouraged...
even more down...
even more upset....

mm, so what's the point of talking to them?...

i think i really must exercise self-control in choosing the RIGHT one to talk to.
And i guess, the only RIGHT one is God~ :D

COme on~~~ Cheer Up!!

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