Saturday, March 13, 2010


mmm, i am praying for a new direction... Hopefully God will answer me according to His own timing.
Of course i do not want to rush the timing.

God, please help me to held my integrity as well regardless of the world's standard.

I was quite upset for certain events happened in life.
I was just being honest but i was accused :(
And the whole matter make me think that, it's time for me to wake up and go on with a total new course. Hence, i am praying while doing. ;)

I hope i will get a GOOD testimony soon for my dad's property. :D

But, of course, i wish to thank God for the many things that He has blessed me and guided me.
-housemate search
-house search
-career planning

ah yes, let's see if i am able to marry before i turned 30.... heheehhe~~~ :D

Looking forward for a total new course of life~ gogogogogoogogogog!!

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