Tuesday, March 09, 2010


did 2 businesses lately~ but under upgrade existing policies.. so i am still on 2/24... come on~

lately been busy too with searching for new housemate, since my korean housemate will be leaving by end of march. I need to pray hard again for new housemate,,, looking at the parking situation here.

But god is good... i currently have 1 confirmed guy who wanted the room. but he kept delaying me from paying deposit since last friday... he said he is busy busy busy.. mmm, and yesterday another guy came and he wants the room but he cannot pay me the deposit due to i told him that i need to confirm with the first guy first..... ah! so troubled.....

i sms guy 1 to let him know a time line, which is til tomorrow, no deposit, no room.
and i sms guy 2 to let him know if he still interested, i ll confirm with him tomorrow.

i hope that 1 of these guys will take up the room and end my housemate search.... come on~ now looking at the situation, i more hopeful that guy 1 will quit and guy 2 will take the room. ( to avoid delay of rental payment next time)...

ah.. best is to get marry faster and solved the housemate problem forever la..... hahahaha!!!!


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