Monday, November 22, 2010


I am quite down now, as i totally understand how someone felt after a break up.

A good friend of mine broke up lately...
and the incident reminded me of 2006... the year i broke up with my ex.
Things were pretty tough in the beginning....
and my emotion swing was horrible.
I can be up on the sky at this minute and totally collapse the next minute.
I did not eat for 3 days and lost 8KG within a week.
It was 4 years+ now but i could still remember the scene vividly.
I remembered how tough it was.
and the very first time i felt.........the HEART is an organ that can really HURT.
My heart was breaking... i finally realized ....... the true BROKEN HEART feeling.

n today... almost end of 2010.... i totally understand how he felt.
I prayed for him sincerely, hoping God will send many good supports to him in the moment of needs.
that God will walk this path with him..
Hoping God will guide him through his life.
Reveal His higher purpose for him.
Lead him in the path that He wants him to walk.
Hold him when he is sad and mend his broken heart.
Grant him wisdom to know what to do at moments where he really cannot decide.
Shape him into a stronger person.
In Jesus name, i pray. Amen.

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