Thursday, November 25, 2010

before 30s

mmm, so by next weekend, i gonna be 30.. may be lotsa my friends are already 30+... so i really don't feel anything...

so 1 more month to go...

Prayers :
1.) To continue to pray for my good friend
2.) To continue to pray for my family
3.) Pray for God's direction in my career, decision in housing purchase, my dad's house, rental houses... (wow, lot of houses related..mmmmmm)
4.) Pray for both my careers.. things He want me to learn


Things need to be done:
1.) find tenants for his apartment
2.) purchase some necessary items for his house.. hope God will guide us in spending the $$$...
3.) preparation for my "dang dang dang dang".. hopefully able to get things sorted out..smooth...
4.) my travel expenses reports + claimts.. ( susah la.. )
5.) my broadband claimt
6.) my income tax payment

Things optional but i am keen to do:
1.) to plant the vegetables
2.) to get wedged bean seed and plant it
3.) to get my old bicycle with basket working so that i can ride to eat + to go to market
4.) to get the Gas Tong for his house + cook the first meal in this house...(hahaha)
5.) to get my car painted ( ahhh.... RM1600 wor...lack of $$$$... or should i just paint the car top la.. )

Planning to be made:
1.) my 2011 planning in both my careers
2.) my 2011 resolutions
3.) review 2010 resolutions

mmmm, must commit all plans unto HIS MIGHTY hands!!! AMEN

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