Monday, November 15, 2010

moved in

ok! finally, after a busy weekend, my darling have shifted into his new house..

too bad i was not there to help him clean up... ehhehe, but actually i also dunno how to clean la..coz non of the stuffs are mine.. so i cannot help him arrange ma, right.. later he dunno where i put the stuffs then how la? ( hahahaha!! what a perfect excuse!)

Pretty BUSY in KL...
Even Busier in PG...

oh my my.................

I was quite upset with some people performance today. :(
Just hard to describe..but i just simply hate it when things are not following the right path.. :(
Just hope and pray things will be great.

Oh, A testimony.

Today as i was working in the field..intended to help ppl flash the evaluation radio back to the original firmware before they can proceed to upgrade... Suddenly , my Laptop just give me the failure message.
:( and i knew it's due to last weekend, i changed some of the settings when i was connected to my company network.

Desperate, i searched in my PC hoping to have the particular file to enable the function. But :( none!!!!!

And i knew, i gotta connect to my company network to download the file...
as usual, my colleague will have his broadband with him, BUT.........................!!! HE FORGOT TO BRING TODAY!
:(... Desperate......... i was thinking what else i could do............

and..all of a SUDDEN.. my PC was connected to a SECURED WI-FI network happened to be the same name as my bf's house connection..... and.. i, it works!... and quickly, i download the file..and YEAH! Bingo!!!! my flashing worked eventually!

after i downloaded the file, curious, i was wondering..what a co-incidence that my bf might have his password set same as the connection i connect here......... but when i try to reconnect just could not connect anymore!!!!!

wow........... for this reason i wanna GIVE THANKS to GOD!
HE always knows what we need even before we ask!!!
Thank God!!!!!!!

So this is my little testimony today.

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