Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10more days to go for 2011

i have been trying to strategize on how on leave starting 23Dec til Jan 3.
Been very very busy here...

Been trying to talk to my direct boss, my project boss, my coverage boss...
Been teaching the juniors on how to do their stuffs..
Been arranging the team coming from Penang to flash the radio again..
Been writing reports and presentation slides...

busy, busy, busy.

And my PM called my direct boss, asking him to stop my holiday.
i notice things get settle after a while.

when people hear the news, they will reject it, try to defend it.. maintain the status quo...
perhaps this is due to our "inertia" theory, things tend to want to maintain at its same stage.
moving car will try to continue its movement when someone try to halt it.
static car will try to maintain it's static position when someone try to push it.


When i try to go on holiday, ppl will try to stop me.
after a while, after the inertia stage is break through, they tend to accept it.
and then, after a while.... they will be troubled by other issues and forget it. :D

good thing about inertia, vs Impulse.

impulse = m(vf- vi)= kg ( m/s - m/s) = (kg m)/s

the shorter the time, the higher the impulse.
In lay man term, the shorter the time given, the higher the impact it creates.
So, to reduce to impact, i endure a longer time.....................

and YESSS!!!

at the end of the day.. my Project Director walked over to my place..
" See everybody on Thursday!!!.....and oh, CY, see you in 2011 ! "

:D simply means...." I got my HOLIDAY!!!!!!!! woo hoo!"

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