Tuesday, January 04, 2011

4 days after...

it's 4 days after new year.
4 Jan 2011.

They gave me a suite this time.
Huge bathroom with large bath tub, 1 living room, 48inches LCD, 1 guest toilet, 1 king size bed... + a ordinary television.. 32inches??
the large draw back!!! grrr....

I wanted to lie on my bed for huge TV..but the LCD is at living room. :(

Don't really know what to feel.
May be because i am too tired.
been waking up around 1130am over the past 1 weeks + (holiday)... and i woke up around 7am today....
tmr need to wake up around 630am.. :(

Oh boy.
I wanted to talk to someone but just could not think of any.
Well, as what my friend always like to say.."no one seems to understand at all".

Time to kick start the engine for 2011!!! :D googogoogogogoogogg...

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