Wednesday, December 01, 2010


i was quite busy the whole time...
especially today.. too many failures...too many phone calls... too many questionssss....

and my anger just hit the max when my boss called. :(

I am just confused on my direction.
I was about to decide on something and then thing turn the other way...
I started to like this thing that i am currently doing..but i also know it can't be long.
I am pretty sure i like something about this job that i am currently doing, but i know that thing won't last forever.

What i asked for:
- To be able to stay focus
- To be able to expose to outside world
- To be able to expose to project

and i got them all. God is good.

Next.. I am not sure where to go..What to do next.
So much so i wanted to continue and cling on to the status now............
but........... :( I am just confused..... What's best for me.

I wanted to stay.. I knew i can grow better here.
I knew i have learned a big deal here.
I knew i have found my passion.
I knew i have build some good reputation.
I knew this seems like the BEST situation for me to be in.

Perhaps, i am afraid of the unknown.
Fear of the unknown.
The Future.
The next Direction.

:( I need Him.

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