Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day

It feels like First Day at work.

Kinda free. Not much for me to do yet.
So i submit my travel report.
2 more to go.

The journey from Workplace to my place was around 1hour.. :( Terrible jam. :( kInda not used to it.... coz i only walk 10mins from office to hotel usually... hahaha.

Today it's the first day i eat eco rice also.... It's been some time i did not eat eco rice.... I find out it's kinda tough to find eco rice in KL. But in PG, it's everywhere.

IT's the first time i feel PG food is way cheaper compare to KL..

And i went to TESCO just now, intended to steam a fish to eat.
But end up i bought half chicken and ate it all.. hahahahaa!!!!
So i stock up 2 drumstick + ladies finger for tmr and wednesday cooking. ( Oh i must have slowly turning into a housewife).

About the cars i am considering: (80-120K)
1.) Ford Fiesta 1.6 RM82888
2.) Mazda3Sport RM111,249 without insurance
3.) Peugeot 207 RM??
4.) Peugeot 308 RM??
5.) Kia Forte 1.6 or 2.0 RM85800 to RM 97,800
6.) Honda Insight RM98,000

These are just too common now, but they are still in my list
7.) Toyota Vios RM71,990 to RM92,000
8.) Honda City RM85,480 to RM90,480

Perhaps i should consider Ford Fiesta or Toyota Vios.....
Mazda3Sport is cool, but the $$$ seems just make me susah nanti...kekekeke....

So let's hope i faster settle my wedding..........
Rent out my Apartment,...
and Settle which car to buy..........
decide on my career path..........


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