Sunday, June 29, 2008

Freaking 55KG

today woke up morning..measure.. 53.5KG...
afternoon after eat...freaking 55KG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will keep fit become 51KG....... so the next time i blog, i ll blog i am 51KG..2-3weeks time lar...let's see..

walow.... freaking 55KG....

Friday, June 27, 2008


"Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or
ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest"
(Proverbs 6:6-8).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Made of Honour
mm, so i watched "Made of Honour" last night.
KE told me that this is a meaningful show and ask me to watch... mmm.. So with an anticipating heart, i went.

Few things i learned:
1.) Sometimes, when we are having someone so close to us, we seem to take them for granted, only until we lost them, the fear of losing someone surface up, and this fear might be confused as LOVE. So need to take some time to let the emotion fades and know the real feeling in the heart.
2.) Sometime there will be a man who seems perfect in everything, but we need to choose the one who is perfect for us only. Customized..

I cried in the middle of the movie.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

House Developer

Got a bit annoyed by developer.
Call no answer.
Sms, no return
Call to office got transfer around..

my sis just got pissed off totally!!!..
ha, i think she is pretty well-spoken lady.. 1 call to the office... kasih the boss...

straight away, the developer called back.

Do human only work that way??
Work by punishment?.. weird.....................

Lucky thing, i still able to talk to her in nice tone......however, i think some disappointment and mistrust are already there..... mm, relationships.. Hard to build, easily destroyed.... :)


I think i am pretty scared of people who nag...

when i said something wrong/just being playful, i was nagged for 1 hour in the room...
when i complaint about unsolved issue hoping to find a solution, i did not get a solution but.. "ok, you can do it.."... "i believe in you."... "i have this experience also..".. " i done this..i done that.."....... hello??? my brain almost got saturated..and shut off!!

nagging............... wow.. a deadly weapon..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Fly

Reluctant to attend the course, and someone insists that i go and he paid the full course price for me. I was touched. I knew that i ll learned something through out this course.

And i did.

1 very thing i have learned is about the power of words.
About time never wait for us.
Some people you love, when they are around, you don't appreciate them, they will just be gone suddenly.
I have played the game of 12 people i choose, to be with me on this earth, those that are not chosen, they will be gone forever and i will not see them anymore. I make a careful choice of 12. It was not hard for me.

And we were asked to take out 4 people, picture in our mind that we sincerely say sorry to them because we don;t keep them with us. And we are down with 8.

And again we were asked to take out another 4 people. Again we apologize for letting them go.
And the whole audience start to be really silent and i can hear some started to weep.

Down with 4. And among these 4, we were asked to only keep 2 that really meant a lot to us and we would want to keep them.

I heard the whole class of 32, about 95% were crying include our instructor. And it was a solemn moment.

I asked myself, why do i keep these 2 person with me.
1.) i choose No 1..because i wanted to treat the person good. I felt the person has really sacrifice a lot for me in my life and i would want the person to have a chance to know God and be with me in heaven.
2.) .. I was stunned that i choose this person out of the 12, and i really wanted to know why. I took sometime to think............. This person invests in my life. This person has make me a better person. I learned a lot from this person and i would want to keep this person so that i can continue to improve, appreciate and love this person.

mmm........ It was a really impactful course. I have decided that, i need to live a REAL WONDERFUL and IMPACTFUL life. :) A life with no regrets, A life which i know i have accomplish my mission on earth and leave a legacy behind. A life where i have impact many lives. :)

I thank God for this course. I thank God for the person who have invest me in this course.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Should i?


Today.. i am thinking of some decision...

being reminded of..

Isaiah 65:17 “ For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former shall not be remembered or come to mind. 18 But be glad and rejoice forever in what I create; For behold, I create Jerusalem as a rejoicing, And her people a joy. 19 I will rejoice in Jerusalem, And joy in My people; The voice of weeping shall no longer be heard in her, Nor the voice of crying.

mmm............. I just dunno how.........hope the weekend will enlighten me and recharge. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

22.3KM commando Training i did the 22.3Km training plan til OCT... Bridge run estimate to be held in OCT this year...

And I also did the 10KM training plan.. hehehee~~

So, anybody want the plan, just ask from me lar.. heheheh~~
Hopefully this year can finish the bridge 22.3km half marathon in 2 hour 30mins...

Negative lor

Haiz.. there's someone always like to throw negative thoughts to me.. sien lor...

"there's no free lunch one lar.."
"he sure want to wash hand one.."//

etc etc.

pengsan~~~ cannot say something nicer arrr??

Monday, June 16, 2008

God does speak!

Think i had a not quite nice encounter last night. Discouraged and upset...
And i decided to pray and commit to God's hand. Tell Him how do i felt because He is the only one who know me even before i was born. :)

Still, woke up and the first thing cross my mind..."you really sure by sleeping, you can get over it?"

This morning reading Numbers 17 told me to give thanks to God and appreciate what He has done and bless me with, rather than complaining. And i looked up to my resolutions 2008 to give thanks to how far He has brought me. I thank Him for the promotion He has blessed me with, the multiple trips to customer site that i had made, able to know my US big boss personally and share the same interest in diving.. :)

mmm.. And here i am , reading the Daily Bread... WOW....................... He really speaks!!!

***Adopted from 16 June 2008 Daily Bread
Strings, Rings, Troublesome Things
Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up. —James 4:10

Ray Bethell is a world champion kite flyer. He can make multiple kites twist and turn in such precision that they behave as if they are one. As I watched an amazing video of Ray and his three synchronized kites, I recalled a poem I had read many years ago.
In the library of Pastor Howard Sugden, I came across a well-worn book containing the works of John Newton. Inside was a poem titled “The Kite; or Pride Must Have a Fall.” The kite in Newton’s poem dreamed of being cut free from its string: “Were I but free, I’d take a flight, / And pierce the clouds beyond their sight, / But, ah! Like a poor pris’ner bound, / My string confines me near the ground.” The kite does finally manage to tug itself free, but instead of soaring higher in the sky, it crashes into the sea.
The analogy calls me to reconsider some “strings” that make me feel constrained. Vows. Promises. Commitments. Responsibilities. Although such things make me feel tied down, God uses them to hold me up. As James teaches, it is our willingness to be humbled (or held down) that God uses to lift us up (James 4:10).
Before cutting any string, make sure it’s not one that’s holding you up.Julie Ackerman Link
Though I am His sheep, I’m still prone to stray,
So Jesus in love sends afflictions my way;
The lessons that come in this school of deep pain
Will teach me to follow my Lord once again! —Bosch
A Christian rises against the winds of adversity.

Touched by someone

Just as i am asking myself............ Am i ready for a relationship? since there are still something that my ex did will easily touched my heart............

and here come my LK... said.........
"but u kum tong easily 1 wat..last time xxx do thing u ma kum tong.."

haha, come to think of it..........QUITE TRUE..! So, it's normal larr... yeah~

hehehee... thank you, LK... U r the best!

PS: Kum Tong= Touched

tears almost roll down my cheek.. errr

just as i felt discouraged a bit today...............
someone emailed me..........

"As long we honor God, God will honor us back and will make everything possible."

"remember that with God, all things are made possible and easy. Just believe in your prayer and have faith."

I almost cried. I just felt sometimes it's hard to have it all.......


i read a comment from somewhere last week..
It also started with the teasing of me with a guy from MGC..

"u sure u want the recipe to cook or not? later u spoilt the recipe lorr.."..he commented after i request the fried pau recipe from a mum...
"ee.. like that discourage me one.. how to marry?".. i said.....

come to think of it...... i think it's quite true.. Outside world is already full of discouragement and critisism.. and what is a family for?

A family is a place for encouragement.. a place where we feel safe to share...
A place for us to recharge once we fall down...
A place for us to support each other..

mm, the thinking of choose the right mate keep crossing my mind lately............

The 7 important qualities to look for...
1.) Commitment to personal growth
2.) Emotional Openess
3.) Integrity
4.) Maturity and Responsible
5.) Healthy self-esteem
6.) Positive attitude toward life
7.) Chemistry

I think besides 1-5 being important, i view no 6 as very important to me personally also.
I don't like people always planting me with..
"nah.. you cannot do it....."
"no no.......don do that.. i don think this suit u.."
"becareful...... this will hurt u.."
etc etc........ I always believe in.."You never Try, You never know"..."Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
And i need someone who can encourage me to go through life circumstances and obstacles...Encouorage me to sore to higher level..............

mmm........... i need to pray.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Once upon a time... Navy guys..

Browse through facebook today.. wah.. think they still maintain as handsome as last time.. good thing..

1,) dulu dulu taken at Lumut Navy base....

2.) Noel.. currently a Pilot for SIA..

3.) Heng... currently with the baby........... hahahahaa, joking joking..
Will gather more of other navy guys photos also.. hahaa..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love is Patient

I think i have forgotten some of the lesson i learned about LOVE.
Saw the blogs i posted regarding LOVE being unconditional, sacrificial.. I now realized, it is easier said than done.

I suddenly realized 1 thing, it is NOT good to be "too experience" in relationship. It means, involved in too many BGR relationships, do more harm than good.

I need to seriously pray about my future life partner.

**********************article from daily bread***********************

Our flight to Singapore was delayed because of mechanical problems. The 15-minute delay turned into 30 minutes, then 60—and then 3 hours. The ground staff was scrambling to calm the crowd, but people were tired and soon became angry. As the night stretched on, the crowd began to turn into a mob—screaming at the staff with harsh language. The pilot even came to offer encouragement, but the crowd turned on him as well.
As I watched the scene unfold, a Singaporean man standing beside me softly said, “Patience will be a much-needed virtue tonight.”
Life can be frustrating, even exasperating. Yet, many times impatience is just a reflection of our own self-centeredness in response to life’s disappointments. Real love is pictured in the Bible as self-sacrifice (John 15:13), and one demonstration of that love is patience toward others. “Love suffers long and is kind; love . . . does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked” (1 Cor. 13:4-5). It sets aside our personal agenda and seeks to model Christ.
Sound impossible? It is, if we attempt it in our own strength. But as we pray for help, God provides us with patience that reflects His love—even during frustrating circumstances. — Bill Crowder
When irritated and upset
Do you complain and gripe and fret?
Or is your life controlled inside
Because in Jesus you confide? —Branon
When tempted to lose patience with others, remember God’s patience with you.


The sentence spoken by my cell member last few weeks keep lingering in my mind.

"hahaa.. you don't tell me your weakness is over-sensitive, ok?"

And it made me think.

I remembered once, i was sensitive towards others' needs and i am always ready to help even before they asked.
I remembered i was trained in the navy to observe the surrounding and do what's neccessary.
I remembered i used to sense the changes in others and always provide comfort.

But i guess, through out the years since my past relationship. I have changed.

I have learned not to make assumption but clarify.
I have learned to be direct in telling others what i want instead of being indirect and get frustrated about the result.
I have learned to ignore some of the negative feeling i sense from others.
I have learned that human think more on their own problems rather than worrying on other people problems.

And since 12 june 2008, something is telling me...........
I have become ignorant of others most of the time and chose to be insensitive.
I need to start finding a balance in between.


I felt i am in a battle.
A decision to make...... living God's way/ Living according to the world's standard.
I must admit i failed at times & i felt bad....... then i decided to change, but sometimes, i fell repeatedly.

The past has thought me to becareful on decision we make at the very moment.
If He has set the rules, there must be a good reason why He did that.
Think of the long term effect.
Think of God's standard.
Refocus on His Love.
Fear Him.

I read this in daily bread this morning.
Spiritual battles must be fought with the very weapons hardest to wield at the time: prayer, meditation, self-examination, and repentance.
Perhaps you sense you’re in a spiritual rut. Stay at your assigned task! Obedience to God—and only obedience—offers the way out of our futility.

If you sense your faith is unraveling, go back to where you dropped the thread of obedience.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

to Laugh it off/ to get annoyed with?

I had a friend............. that sometimes i really don't know i should just laugh it off or get annoyed with his reaction... haizz..


Pretty Tired n Under pressured lately... n he sent me this link... asking me don't be like this guy...

$%##$#$#%%#%= my initial response
:] = 5 minutes after...
errrr= 10 minutes later..
:) = 15 mins later..

Kerachut Camping...

So 8-9june kerachut camping.. what have we done ler.. hahaha... jumping....

attacking ham sap lou..........hahahaa

Welcome to the Diving World..

ooo.............. so happy my good friend--CH finally become a certified OWD diver.. heheheeh~~ Next time we can sama-sama go diving with my beloved kor.... oooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo, who is that romantic guy? wah~

i gotta break the 9-5pm work.........

arrhh!... i needed a break.. free as turtle............~~~

if can ar, i rather go other place piara ikan/ lamb... heeehhee~~ no need so much $$ also nvm wat...

Grrr.. Rat Race.. fast fast settle my housing loan then...i can fly again............ I cannot stand ppl keep bugging me......... and i cannot stand the attachment that ppl had on me...................eeeeeeeeeee...

Monday, June 09, 2008

Miss Irau

wah, i am missing Mt Irau today............ Had so much fun last time~~ mm, i must visit Irau again....
working here just felt... $#%#$%$%%$.... a bit.. err.. %$#$%#%... but i just work lar.. haizz.. zzzzzzz......... complained to my CL.. hahaha, looking at the cartoon he drawn....... funny lar......

Live an impactful life...

So saturday message was about.. asking the question......"What have you done to leave an impact on other's life?"...

mmm.. what have i done?? err.. sometimes, i guess i am not too sure...
Had quite a good meeting last saturday... kinda change my thinking a bit.. and i am hopeful i ll be able to make it..

Quite a great weekend also.. Kerachut camping finally become a reality.
The overnight at the kerachut jetty in my sleeping bag was really niceee.. hahaaa...
LK complained said i sleep like dead ppl....... totally dunno surrounding at all!.. err... I kept dreaming bout haunted house..keep running running running..........

Thankful for the weather... it rained right after we come out from kerachut.. ehheeh~~

6 days Nokia

haha..after 6 days with my Nokia................ i have parted with him.... on SE now........ but SE is dead also............. no charger... ish ish~~~

sob sob...

Dunno Y.. yesterday afternoon... awaken from my nap....... the fact of dom n jen leaving suddenly hit me. :(

oh no..they are leaving............. i am not seeing them anymore in short time... :(

sob sobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb..................... :~

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Public Transport

I agreed wholeheartedly with this article.

If there's LRT here in Penang, i would have opt for, church, camping, outing, shopping, watever........

and YES..definitely, government need to seriously look into the maintenance.. and also the competition between transport company.. no point having too much and doesn't serve the purpose.. i rather a monopoly of one that could give me excellent service. MRT is singapore/ hong kong are rather convenient,and nice. :)

Friday, June 06, 2008


yeah~ Human is smart! heehhee.....

see hope~~ at least we still have wisdom~... yipee~~~
fixing our own issues..

mmm, with the many worries arrised these few days.................... i guess some within our circle of influence...such as...( petrol $$$, reducing global warming, save energy, ....)... we can cover it by innovation, self-awareness....

but for those that out of control......... Natural disaster, Sickness, Virus, Uncured desease, etc........... We can only PRAY to God.

Looks like we need to find a balance................... Acting to solve issue, while continue to seek Him each day. :)
Amen~~ ehehheeh~~

Sunday, June 01, 2008


my V3 is dead today.

replacing with..