Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ugliest ever... haaha

Now only i know... Actually the "Sushi Sheet" cannot simply keep... it ll turned SOFT>!!! hahaa..
After a 6km run.......... Here's the result of sushi-making from a HUNGRY stomach.. ahahha! I am glad i still be able to finish most of them and keep 3 for this morning breakfast.. !! hahaa, they do taste yummier this morning. :P

物以稀为贵! ha!

*note! the only consistent soup i made... see the 2 bowl?? ahahha..because just need to pour hot water into the ready-made packet... :P
n did i tell you? My cawanmushi FAILED miserably again!! too watery!! ish!!!>.. failing 2 out of 3times..........WHY!!!!!!!!

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