Thursday, June 11, 2009

KL Trip 2-11june 2009

Transiting in KLIA now.. let me write a summary of the trip..

1.) Running in Gym can be quite interesting.
-not sure since when i pick up running, since last 2007 bridge run with my nike air and got my knee hurt?.. the reason i like to be on business trip= Hotel's gym! yeah~

2.) Riding in the Gym can be quite interesting as well..

3.) Eating 6 times japanese food can be quite fun.. (yeah! low fat, simple, nice, yeah!)

4.) I can run a 2:33 half marathon. hahaa, still pretty happy for myself.. (though others can run WAYYY faster... who cares.. :P )

5.) God's timing is always perfect!
- little thing such as= buying a New Balance 1063, with 30% discount... yeah!
-little thing such as= having no access card to enter the building and i know HE will open the door for me... yeah! indeed.

6.) WOW, many strong n fit girls around me, which i got some of them added to my facebook account! yeah!

7.) facebook = the 1 thing i logged in each time there's an internet connection.

8.) My darling called me everyday........ wahseh~~ I used to complaint he is a passive man.. haha..

9.) LRT, Monorail, etc are so convenient!!!

10.) I just need to get to know some ppl better and things will turned out to be quite fun..

Ok~ Top 10. :D yeah babe.. i am still waiting for my Korea Business Trip.. hahaa.. boss boss..........

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