Tuesday, June 09, 2009


met up with pilot....for taiwanese desert..

met up with sweet girl.... whom invited me to join the NB klang half marathon...

got myself a 30% discount on NB1063...Rm300 at NB klang half marathon registration.. got myself MAN version coz 2 of my friend got the female version NB1063 .. I don want 3 pair of ORANGE shoes around when we run together..!!

Group of us!
Their record time..
1:55, 1:56, 2:10? (6th position in women category), 2:15 (9th position in women category), and me... 2:33 ( 16th position in women category)
And yeah! story bout my number... They gave me A181 at first... A= men category!! (ish)
And i got it changed during the race day... to D050....... and yeah!! the number got me a lucky HAMPER!! ehhe.. So.. No Trophy..but with Medal.. yeah right..at least i got something which i can eat..
:D Yeah!! and some achievement for me...

1.) Personal best time for 21km.. Improved from bridge run 2007 3 hours to 2:33. yeah!
2.) still can walk and run on the next day!! ahahhaa

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