Tuesday, July 07, 2009

15 GrandSlam.. He made it!

I am so proud of you, Roger!!! :D

Watching the wimbledon09 final was very interesting for me..
it caught my emotion swinging up and down just like a roller coaster..

after the 6-2 tie break fight from Federer.. He won the set! Unbelievable.. i admire his calmness.
3rd set.. ah! lost to Roddick.
And final set.. the 16-14 matches... just caused me to throw pillow on the ground...caused me to beat my darling's thigh.. caused me to pray non-stop to God.. to pray in Jesus name for him... to question God whether he hear me... and FINALLY, He won!!! :D hahaa...yeah!

Feeling a bit lost without the Wimbledon matches every night... mmm.. Time to get back to Work!!..

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ruiqing said...

U certainly r crazy bout him, aren't u?