Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What are in those bags??

mmm, So i had my performance review with boss today.. well.. as usual... i guess i still believe.. Action speaks louder than words.. i am actually quite lazy to explain things to people.. and i don't really admire those ppl who loves to speak a lot either.. NATO.. (No action, talk only).. haha~ anyway.. i am quite happy with my new job.. new challenges.. new exposures.. keep me going.

So 7 more days for England + Italy.... and i put down a list for shop..
1.) shirts
2.) slipper
3.) umbrella
4.) hair tie
5.) 3-suku shorts
6.) stockings

ta da!! and here are the things i got... hahha~2 bags.. FOS and CROCS!

Let's check. So i got my Shirts... i got my stockings... i got my slipper.... yupe.. RM155.50( TQ for HSBC credit card giving me 10% discount)

No sign of umbrella, no sign of hair tie, no sign of 3-suku shorts...

and.. i got a pair of CROCS!!! yeah~~ Finally~~~~ tq darling...!

can't believe i am flying off next Fri!!!
Good Luck... May God shields all of us from H1N1..since it's widely spread without control in UK..~~ yu hu~~ Mask is good, but God is better~ yeah~~ double protection.

i need wisdom for my site investigation summary tomorrow!!

ar! seriously need a RUN... !

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Jenn said...


It's been quite cold lately, so make sure you bring at least 1 warm jacket okie? night time is especially cold! are you bringing any long pants? but if you are wearing your jeans here, that should be fine. :)