Saturday, July 04, 2009

26 more days..and half a year gone..

wow, i can't believe it's only 26 more days to go for my London trip..
hehe, on top of that.. i booked the ROME and VENICE tickets too... wahahaha!!!
Left the VENICE Hotel....... Yet to book~~ Hopefully will decide which one to stay... cheaper rate+ good...

My brain is on my Ipoh Run 21-KM tomorrow.. How fast can i run?
I used to mention that i will be happy if i can run 21km in 2hours30mins. Now that i achieved it in the SCKLM09.. eee.... And i am thinking to break my next records.. haha.. HUMAN!
人往高处爬。。。(human always climb to the higher ground).. This saying is SO correct!.. We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves.. to challenge ourselves... and to break through.

And i am on my RFP (Registered Financial Planner) course..Module 1.. Thinking should i take up the exam.. wahseh!! RM500 for 1st exam RM400 subsequently..and altogether, u must pass 7 Modules to get the RFP title..... RM2900 in 2 years... ! wow....... Should i go for it?? (Wahseh, the memory of me scoring 5/50 in Kemahiran Hidup-Accounting still lingering in my mind.. ).. I have improved, don't i? At least i can get a BALANCE credit and debit compare to last time.. ahahha.. :P

My 2009 resolutions were only 2.. to run the Full marathon + to get sales.
Both have yet to achieve.. not even 50%..! And here i am............. i can still smell JANUARY 2009... and it's already JULY 2009???

Wow time flies....... I was only 25years old when i break up... hahaa.... the TOP incident in my life so far that leave a SCAR in my heart.. and now i am heading to 29 years old..... wow.....! coming to 4years..... haah, i hope the next COUNTING for myself will be counting for how old is my son.. and how many WIMBLEDON he played.. hahahaha :P okok..hearer nearer....... may be how many years have i married perhaps?

Second Half of 2009....... God, please guide me through and help me to leave a positive impact behind. Amen.

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ruiqing said...

Enjoyed reading, just so that u know...and watever u aim for, hope u get there eventually.