Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1 more..

oh no..1 more day to go for my first-ever UK + Italy Trip!! fu la la!!!!

Excited? mmm... yet to feel the heart beat.. ahhaa...
Finished packing? mmm.... as always.. last minutes person.. so it's gonna be ready the night before flying.. :D

Did i pack my running gear? YES. haaha~~ my stamina has reduced drastically since i completed the Ipoh International run 3 weeks ago... haha~~

4 months training for Full marathon.. So commence end July~~ which is......... NOW..!

oh ow.. is walking for site seeing counted?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2 more days..

wow.. 2 more days to go for the UK n Italy trip..
Just finish packing ALL the stuffs... ( ALL= unfiltered... usually girls end up with over packed clothing that need to be filtered out..) .. and need to report to my darling tomorrow at his house... zzz.. haha, since when arrr... he wants to check the stuff i packed.....?? given a packing-expert i am?? mmm.....

Yesterday was a day with BIG surprise.. ! grrrr!!
End up, i "fat lan cha"... and i was surprise that my darling called me 3 times and came all the way to my house to search for me.. ahhaa.. that's just does not sound like what a LOGICAL emotionless person to do?
Anyway... I was really GLAD.

And remembering last saturday church message about.. HOT, LUKE WARM and COLD christian.... arhghh!! I am i am in the LUKE WARM- category ...

..Only serve in kitchen ministry..(3 months once?!)
..Skip church sometimes for sleeping...

But i am not..
..feeling those HOT christians are crazy
..spending on myself(those NON-ESSENTIAL thing) more than i tithe...
..just a normal church goer and no heart for the Loss.... ( i still care bout the salvation of my friends and family)

mmmm.... I need to ask God to forgive me and show me a new direction.......... Perhaps.. a REVEALATION again after this trip. ;) as always~~~ I really hope i will not faint this time just like that last Hong KOng Trip... or Vietnam Trip................. arh!!

I run across this forwarded message today and i think it's meaningful.

It Depends on WHOSE hand it's in

A basketball in my hands is worth about $19
A basketball in Michael Jordan's hand is worth about $33million
It depends whose hands it's in!

A baseball in my hand is worth about $6
A baseball in Roger Clemens' hand is worth $475million
It depends on whose hands it's in!

A tennis racket is useless in my hands.
A tennis racket in Roger Federer's hand is worth millions.
It depends whose hands it's in!

A rod in my hands will keep away an angry dog
A rod in Moses' hands will part the mighty sea
It depends whose hands it's in!

A slightshot in my hands is a kid's toy
A slightshot in David's hand is a mighty weapon
It depends whose hands it's in!

Two fishes and 5 loaves of bread in my hands are a couple of fish sandwitches
Two fishes and 5 loaves of bread in Jesus's hand will feed thousands.
It depends whose hands it's in!

Nails in my hands might produce a birdhouse.
Nails in Jesus Christs' hands will produce salvation for the entire world
It depends whose hands it's in!

As you see now, it depends whose hands it's in.

So put..
your concerns,
your worries,
Your fears,
your hopes,
Your dreams,
Your families and
your relationships
in God's hands because...
It's depends whose hands it's in!!!

Wild Durian

The durian uncle gave me this wild durian when i purchased 3 durian from him... He told me it's WEIRD but it's very precious durian.... hehee.. he gave me the smallest one just for try..

smell like....cempedak+ some weird smell la... i did not eat at the end.. just curious and taste a bit.. hehee.. WEIRD..

Look.. orange-yellowish

so small..

so small..n GREEN!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What are in those bags??

mmm, So i had my performance review with boss today.. well.. as usual... i guess i still believe.. Action speaks louder than words.. i am actually quite lazy to explain things to people.. and i don't really admire those ppl who loves to speak a lot either.. NATO.. (No action, talk only).. haha~ anyway.. i am quite happy with my new job.. new challenges.. new exposures.. keep me going.

So 7 more days for England + Italy.... and i put down a list for shop..
1.) shirts
2.) slipper
3.) umbrella
4.) hair tie
5.) 3-suku shorts
6.) stockings

ta da!! and here are the things i got... hahha~2 bags.. FOS and CROCS!

Let's check. So i got my Shirts... i got my stockings... i got my slipper.... yupe.. RM155.50( TQ for HSBC credit card giving me 10% discount)

No sign of umbrella, no sign of hair tie, no sign of 3-suku shorts...

and.. i got a pair of CROCS!!! yeah~~ Finally~~~~ tq darling...!

can't believe i am flying off next Fri!!!
Good Luck... May God shields all of us from H1N1..since it's widely spread without control in UK..~~ yu hu~~ Mask is good, but God is better~ yeah~~ double protection.

i need wisdom for my site investigation summary tomorrow!!

ar! seriously need a RUN... !

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's great to run again...

been quite depressed lately... for no specific reason i guess.

So i went to USM as usual, suppose to be for squash.. but end up, i jogged in the track for 3 rounds.. and chit chat with one of my friend for 7-8rounds.. did not really count..

My adrenalin is flowing again in my body..and it felt great. :D

I found myself quite lost for the past few days...
Lost in the sense of direction.. Not sure what's next.
Next Friday is my UK trip and i am not sure how i felt...
Having repeatedly nightmare about marriage.. which i am not sure why...
Disappointment with some people again.. ( i think i always have this issue.)

Well, after i run ,it does felt much better. :) Keep Running~~~

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

15 GrandSlam.. He made it!

I am so proud of you, Roger!!! :D

Watching the wimbledon09 final was very interesting for me..
it caught my emotion swinging up and down just like a roller coaster..

after the 6-2 tie break fight from Federer.. He won the set! Unbelievable.. i admire his calmness.
3rd set.. ah! lost to Roddick.
And final set.. the 16-14 matches... just caused me to throw pillow on the ground...caused me to beat my darling's thigh.. caused me to pray non-stop to God.. to pray in Jesus name for him... to question God whether he hear me... and FINALLY, He won!!! :D hahaa...yeah!

Feeling a bit lost without the Wimbledon matches every night... mmm.. Time to get back to Work!!..

Saturday, July 04, 2009

26 more days..and half a year gone..

wow, i can't believe it's only 26 more days to go for my London trip..
hehe, on top of that.. i booked the ROME and VENICE tickets too... wahahaha!!!
Left the VENICE Hotel....... Yet to book~~ Hopefully will decide which one to stay... cheaper rate+ good...

My brain is on my Ipoh Run 21-KM tomorrow.. How fast can i run?
I used to mention that i will be happy if i can run 21km in 2hours30mins. Now that i achieved it in the SCKLM09.. eee.... And i am thinking to break my next records.. haha.. HUMAN!
人往高处爬。。。(human always climb to the higher ground).. This saying is SO correct!.. We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves.. to challenge ourselves... and to break through.

And i am on my RFP (Registered Financial Planner) course..Module 1.. Thinking should i take up the exam.. wahseh!! RM500 for 1st exam RM400 subsequently..and altogether, u must pass 7 Modules to get the RFP title..... RM2900 in 2 years... ! wow....... Should i go for it?? (Wahseh, the memory of me scoring 5/50 in Kemahiran Hidup-Accounting still lingering in my mind.. ).. I have improved, don't i? At least i can get a BALANCE credit and debit compare to last time.. ahahha.. :P

My 2009 resolutions were only 2.. to run the Full marathon + to get sales.
Both have yet to achieve.. not even 50%..! And here i am............. i can still smell JANUARY 2009... and it's already JULY 2009???

Wow time flies....... I was only 25years old when i break up... hahaa.... the TOP incident in my life so far that leave a SCAR in my heart.. and now i am heading to 29 years old..... wow.....! coming to 4years..... haah, i hope the next COUNTING for myself will be counting for how old is my son.. and how many WIMBLEDON he played.. hahahaha :P okok..hearer nearer....... may be how many years have i married perhaps?

Second Half of 2009....... God, please guide me through and help me to leave a positive impact behind. Amen.

Friday, July 03, 2009

OK! here we are..

Of course.. i am always with Federer!!! Go Go Go Federer!!!!

Federer is finally through the quarterfinal

my life has been surrounded by Federer lately! Wimbledon 2009!
Yes..Roger Federer... !! The current Tennis No 2.

I hope he will win the Wimbledon!! go go go!! Federer...

How fast can i run the ipoh half?

just realized..1 more day, i am going to run another 21km!!

since the SCKLM.. my thighs' muscles have been quite sore....
and as the pain subsided.. i just realized, i got slight knee pain too..!! hahaa..
So i have not been running since last sunday!

Hope my knee pain will subsides coming Sunday...and here i am..Another 21KM .. to set a personal best? or to shed off 1300 calories?

hha, both are good choices.. :D relax,....