Friday, April 30, 2010

i m LOST

i think i am LOST.
I give a thought last nite on.. what's the real life purpose?

I could not find it yet even though i asked Him many times.
May be i will only realized it after the day i die.

besides, working, earning, spending, eating, sleeping, marrying, giving birth, growing children, pursuing hobbies, pursuing dreams, sick, some events happen and need to cope with it, etc etc.....
what else?

I could not understand my REAL purpose.

I know i am most energetic when i am doing something new.
i love the sea, the nature, the jungle.
i love to see pretty and handsome people.
i love to see colorful modern arts.
i love to see different places which is close to nature n having fresh air or crystal clear water.
i love to be cool.
i love pilot because pilot is cool.
i love navy because navy is cool.
i love to korek siput by sea side.
i love to be alone at times.
i tend to avoid crowds.
i love attention when i am doing something cool.
i played karate because it is cool.
i love to camp but it depends on going with who.
i love holiday too and it also depends on going with who.

when i am alone at home, i love to read motivational books or books which i can acquire some skills.
I love to be useful.

mmmm......... so, define my PASSION?

I am kinda LOST.................

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