Friday, April 30, 2010

when u r confused

ok, each time when i am confused and lost...... i take quiz...
this time, Career passion quiz

my result:


A creative job is most likely to be your dream career, so you probably shouldn't bother with formulas and bar graphs. You usually like the challenge of creative something out of nothing. It's a skill not everyone has. Maybe you'll design the world's fastest production car. Maybe you'll be a staff writer for a stereo manufacturer or create the first full-body airbag. Either way, your creativity will be the key. Making things, big ideas, new ways to do stuff, it's what you are best at. We'd tell you exactly what you should do, but something tells us you've invented some pretty good ideas already.

Creative + Sports

Art Director, in-line skate manufacturer

Copywriter, hang glider manufacturer

Baker, energy bar maker

Print Shop Specialist, sports card manufacturer

Designer, commercial and industrial, soccer equipment maker

Creative + Nature

Designer, commercial and industrial, stone quarry plant

Art Director, tent manufacturer

Copywriter, plant nursery

Model Maker, hunting supply manufacturer

Speech Writer, recycled lumber products company

Creative + Food

Designer, commercial and industrial, outdoor grill maker

Art Director, soda manufacturer

Copywriter, Halloween candy maker

Baker, donut shop

Print Shop Specialist, beer company

mmm,. weird huh.. when CREATIVE + (my interest)= i could not really get a "ding" on the job i would love............... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........

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