Sunday, January 16, 2011

16days after 2011....and i am...

Well, i feel, i am LOST somehow.

Life seems to have NO meaning to me lately.
Weekday work.
Weekend spend time with bf, do wedding stuffs, sleep.
Constantly feeling tired, low energy, lazy.

"Life has no meaning" constantly cross my mind lately.
I feel somehow, bring a conclusion to my life now is not a bad idea at all.
wow, what happen to me???


A new Decade.
I need a change.
A change of thinking, a renew mind, a recharge energy level.
I need a goal.
I need a FOCUS point.

I feel like doing some MAJOR changes.
Change of Career.
Change of Direction in life.

Perhaps, i am TIRED of the preparation and pressures lately.
Let me PRAY and tell HIM.
He is always there. Amen.


ChaiHar said...

yin... may be it's just part of the process huh.... jia you!

Anonymous said...

yeah.. It's just a transition period, Sunnie.

I've been through this and you did listene to my nagging too right? :P well, perhaps you're not into this preparation thingy so you may feel dragged..

But it isn't as bad as you think one.. :) It shall be over!!

Go Go Go...

Lai sayang..